34Spring, United States
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My self-summary
I was born on Friday the 13th as was my father before me. And,
as the fated day denotes, my life so far has been a coagulation of
madcap hijinks (hijinx?) bizarre coincidences, and
woe......(woah!) I really can't stand the typical humdrum one
usually writes about oneself. the stuff like "Hi! My name is Sara.
I have a dog and a cat. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I like
music, books, video games and computers." blagh!!
people who write things like that tend to lack personality.
Only those who really know me can ever hope to know me. Y'know?
anyway....... My name is Sara. I have a dog and a cat. I like music
and poetry and reading and writing and video games and
the letter "P" and treasure hunts, and riddles and shadows
and sunbeams and cold winter nights and danger and excitement
and people who confuse me , and people who make me laugh and
sausages on a stick and knick-knacks you find left in parking
lots,and flying kites before a rainstorm, and that one shoe you
always see thrown over telephone wires, and out of state license
plates, and doing accents, and mysteries, and
rollercoasters, and people who love without condition, and
chinese stir-fry, and suburban subversion, and politics, and
anti-politics , and really good movies that few people have
seen so you get the joy of showing it to them for the first
time...and the marx brothers.....and lightning bugs......and
you...and you....and you queenofthenite66

I am unique, tangible, and 3-dimensional
What I’m doing with my life
Finishing up college to be a....... (drum-roll) High School English teacher. I know....such a glamorous lifestyle. I also continue to work on music with my buddies. Nothing serious just playin around for the joy of it. I'm also currently working on both a novel and a screenplay in vain hopes of subverting a new and exciting perspective in our decaying culture. Most importantly, I try my hardest to inspire people around me whenever possible, and I feel this is my main calling in life.
I’m really good at
singing....no really I'm an awesome singer. I can mimic most other
singers voices. I can sing everything from jazz to opera, and I
love it. I'm also a fair hand at writing poetry and funny little
stories. if youre nice and I like you I'll write you a story....if
I REALLY like you I'll write you a poem. Im also good at making
cheesy short films. oh, and I'm very good at riddles.
The first things people usually notice about me
people notice that I'm different.....most of the time they don't
even know why....but they notice nonetheless ....and the
hair...they notice my hair...I have a lot of it....a mountain of
the stuff perched atop my noggin. wild shaggy lions mane.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
a. the little prince,jhonen vasquez, squee, jthm, neverwhere, harpo
speaks, anything by kurt vonnegut, talisman, terry pratchet, terry
goodkind, edgar allen poe, mark twain, aesop, abarat, wrinkle in
time....and oh so many more...just ask me...if it's a good book,
I've probably read it

b.this is even harder..I'm a movie FREAK!! I truly have tried to
see every decent movie ever made, the most recent good movie I saw
was wild strawberries by ingmar bergman (who is a GENIUS!!
seriously, he was light years ahead of his time) I'll just randomly
name some of my favorite movies as they pop to mind; harold and
maude, nightmare before christmas, waking life, spirited away,
labrynthe, THE holy grail, I know this isn't a movie, but I love
black adder, TONS of foreign movies, amelie, most of the good
zombie movies ESPECIALLY the original dawn of the dead, on that
note, evil dead and all associated, truly madly deeply, chicago,
good night and good luck, sin city, lost in translation, the life
aquatic, I c. oh great...and I thought the last bit was hard..ok
gosh....ummm I love bjork, tom waits, devendra barnhart, brian
wilson's smile, tons of weird stuff friends tell me to download,
jazzy things I can sing along to, regina spektor, emilia torreni
(oh I can never remember her name), radiohead (especially the song
"wolf at the door"), I tend to be more into individual songs than
artists......ooh!! ledbelly!!! video game music, tori amos, joni
mitchell, carol king, cat stevens, the song "estando contigo"
because it embodies my secret dream to put fruit on my head and
sing with a live band at a mexican restaraunt........I'm spent....
just ask me

d.everything that's deliscious or unique. I love foreign foods,
love COOKING foreign foods and love going to very awesome
Six things I could never do without
1. Music 2. the freedom to any random thing when I wanted, like
roll in the grass, or play in the rain, or talk like a pirate
3.intelligent conversation 4.laughter 5. friends 6. imagination and
creativity 7. the ability to express myself 8.LOVE 9. learning
something new every day 10. smiles on the faces of people I care
I spend a lot of time thinking about
philosophy, you know the BIG questions in life like, does the pope
shit in the woods? seriously though, I love deep conversations. I
also spend a lot of time daydreaming wild fantasies to faraway and
impossible places. I think a lot about what other people might be
thinking....because cool people fascinate me to no end.
On a typical Friday night I am
amassing my goblin hordes and plotting the attack on the nearby
kingdom of Devoncheshiretonbrenland. One day the throne shall be
mine I tell you!! MINE!!! (maniacal laughter), truthfully I spend a
lot of time planning wild hijinks with my fellow chums. and other
times I just sit around watching movies and playing video games.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
im a hopeless romantic...utterly, thouroughly,completely...I want
to meet a man who will melt me into a little puddle of sara goo.
and it's difficult being a hopeless romantic when you joke around
all the time....people have a hard time believing theres a serious
side to you....but oh there is!!

more private than that, and on a very somber note....my beloved
brother, best friend, and confidant, Joshua Cole Melvin recently
died. It's been tough getting through this....and I've come along a
great deal.......but I'll miss him for the rest of my life. He was
the greatest person I've ever known.
You should message me if
you need a wacky and genuine friend
The two of us