38Rochester, United States
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My self-summary
Since the main point of this site is to get to know people, here is a bunch of information about me so that you know if we may be a good match.

My Personality:
Funny (at least some people think I am)
Easy Going
Good Morals
Trusting (Too much)
Determined sometimes and unmotivated at other times
I set high standards, goals, and accomplishments for myself
Detail oriented, logical thinker
Slightly romantic
I get along with almost everybody
Reliable (except with being on time)

My bad habits and personality traits:
I have bad time management
I sometimes procrastinate
I am bad at keeping in contact with people
I am sometimes indecisive
I hate washing dishes by hand
I try to please everyone
I tend to let people take advantage of my kindness, but not so much anymore.

My Personal life:
I have a daughter who is the world to me.
I like playing all sorts of games (board games, video games, making up games, sports, etc)
I like movies (comedies and action movies) and rarely watch horror flicks
I play soccer on city, work, and amateur leagues
I play semi-pro football as the kicker
I enjoy music and appreciating art even though I am not good at them
I use the internet for about everything, but don't live on the computer
I like going to events such as concerts, sport games, demolition derbies, carnivals, renaissance festival, etc...

My Work:
Software Engineer
I love my job and I am dedicated to it (but more dedicated to family)
...and I won't bore you right now with any work stuff :)

My ideal partner:
Female roughly within 6 years of my age
Generally 5'7" or shorter
Not married - obviously
Likes children
Athletic but not too competitive
Similar personality traits as me - see above
Rarely complains
[I will add more to this later]
...but there are exceptions

My turn-ons/turn-offs:
These are not necessarily requirements :)

Kindness/sweetness/innocence but not goodie two shoes
Positive attitude
Belly button ring (I know this voids some innocence but they are sexy)
Good with Children
Cute face, great hair, nice body
Beautiful singing voice
[I will add more later]

Covered in tatoos or piercings (a couple are okay)

Ideal dates:
Almost anything. Its the people make the date good, not just the activity. Although first impressions are important, being ourselves is more important and appreciated.

For those who like specifics:
1st date: Coffee shop or maybe a trip to Paris
later dates: Comedy club, paddle boat, walks along the beautiful Rochester beaches (haha), ice skating, any special events, art exibits, movies, live music, wine tasting, etc...I'm open for almost anything.

Additional information and tidbits:
Yes, I am close with my mother and I treat her well
I look just like my dad, so you can see what I will look like in the future
I know a little bit of French
I am a professional actor - okay, technically I only performed for one play, but it was a major role and got paid to re-perform :)
I was the Student Government President in College
I sometimes volunteer for local things (such as Habitat for Humanity)
I am an Eagle Scout
I am in good health but had childhood asthma
I have never smoked a cigarette or used illegal drugs
I don't drink too often but not against it
I'm one of the few guys in Minnesota that doesn't hunt or fish
[I will add more later]

I am Fun, Nice, and Positive
What I’m doing with my life
Balancing family, work, and play
I’m really good at
Being a father, listening, helping people smile, my job, sports, any other types of games...I am NOT good at writing stuff about myself.
The first things people usually notice about me
You tell me <= This line is ripped off from another person's profile. Thank you to whomever that was.

From this site, well over half of the initial emails that I get say something about my smile, so I'll go with that. Oh, and for any future emails, you can still comment on my smile...I like it when people say what they want to say and not feel pressured to come up with something original. But this means not to penalize me either when I compliment you on something that everybody has already mentioned. :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Comedies (Three Amigos, Dumb and Dumber, etc.) - yes, I know I should be embarrassed to list these two as my favorite)
Action (Mission Impossible series, Wanted, Ocean's 11-13, etc.)
Music = Almost anything, not twangy country, not opera, not bluegrass
Food = Pizza, of course. And Cheddar Cheese Goldfish crackers
Books = Greek Mythology ??? I rarely read for enjoyment
Six things I could never do without
Besides the necessities:

- Computer
- Internet
- Laughter
- Dishwasher
- An optimistic future
- I'll leave the sixth one blank so there is always a spot for something I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...what to write in these things.
On a typical Friday night I am
Wishing I would have made some super fun plans before Friday got here. Haha

If I am playing coed or indoor soccer, then those games are usually on Friday nights. Otherwise, half the time I will go out with friends and the other half I will chill at home. I am flexible with plans as long as there isn't something really important going on.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ummm, I have a profile on a dating website :)
You should message me if
...you are Publishers Clearing house and have a 10 million dollar sweepstakes check for me :)

Or if you actually read my profile and think we would be a good match and/or have fun hanging out.
The two of us