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Tests they’ve taken (18)

Test Their result Your result
The Dating Persona Test The Sonnet (DGLD) Take it!
The Politics Test Socialist Take it!
The Death Test Dead at 88 Take it!
The Slut Test 51% slut Take it!
The Love Styles Test 71% Eros, 21% Ludus, 57% Storge, 50% Pragma, 57% Mania, 67% Agape Take it!
The Best Personality Type for You Test INFJ - The Counselor Take it!
Big Five Personality Test 91% Extraverted, 88% Agreeable, 51% Conscientious, 24% Neurotic, 78% Open Take it!
The What's your sexual style? Test TYPE P Take it!
The Kink Spectrum Analysis Test Blue (450 nm) Take it!
The Introvert/Extrovert Test Quietly Extroverted Take it!
Howard Gardner's Eight Types of Intelligence Test Spatial Take it!
The 3 Variable Funny Test the Cutting Edge Take it!
The Perception Personality Image Test HFPS - The Humanitarian Take it!
The LONG Scientific Personality Test ENFP - The Champion Take it!
The Left or Right Brain Test Developed Right Bias Take it!
The How Well-Read Are You? Test Incredibly Well Read Take it!
The Lover Style Profile Test The Liberated Lover Take it!
The Sexuality Spectrum Test Straight Preference Take it!