59Hartbeespoort, South Africa
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My self-summary
I find myself inspired to transform the African continent into a permaculture food forest, including the Sahara desert. I cannot do this without divine help. That is why it is my calling. I've started by installing home permaculture gardens for clients, conducting research relevant to the bigger picture and motivating for a more holistic approach to town and regional planning in the local authority and at international conferences.

My analysis of the results of several personality tests - graphically displayed on my personality - shows that my thinking mode preferences differ in the working and in the intimate interactive environments.

My career personality is a combination of 'The Mastermind'(INTJ) and 'Mystic Writer' and empathetic councillor (INFJ). However the more intimate my interactive environment becomes the more my perceptive abilities and spontenaity turn on (INFP - The Healer) and I become increasingly extraverted (ENFP - The Inspirer).

If you want to see how well we may get along take care not to compare apples with oranges. To see how well we may work together open the stangely accurate personality test from my test page and write it. If you may be curious about our potential for a more intimate partnership open the sexuality personality test from my test page. Your personality my also differ in these different interactive environments.

If you are looking for a lover then take care that you are not actually discerning an ideal bussiness partner - your brain waves may become quite different when you become affectionate. Millions of people are being misguided in this way so please help me to relay this insight to as many users as possible.

Several thinking mode tests have been classified according to the interactive environments to which they apply on personality_x_environment. You can then check compatible personalities for your results on compatible personalities and on http://www.massmatch.com/MBTI-2.php?id=3.

My interests include: impact of land cover and vegetation on climate and more specifically the meso-climate, the use of ecological implosion to precipitate the greening of arid environments, the harnessing of increased carbon dioxide concentrations for sustainable food production and the greening of arid environments, renewable energy, recycling, the application of cyclical successionand the role of mineral accumulating species in automated rotation systems and natural spiralling succession in food forest establishment and regulation, continuity cropping, eco-hydrology, biodiverse food ecosystems, swales, eco-villages, solar passive, solar passive architecture, companion planting, continuity planting.

my latent super power test

I am idealistic, rational, and calm
What I’m doing with my life
I have a dream

Bruce Wilkenson's "The Dream Giver" in a nut shell: everyone has a dream, occluded by social pressures - because everyone's dream is always impossible to accomplish without divine help - that's how we know it is our calling.

Bruces' book brought back Bill Mollison's lesson on how the whole Sahara Desert can be reclaimed. " if you do this James you will become known as Saint James of the Sahara". He was making fun of my long hair beard and sandals to keep the classes' attention, but then "many a true word is said in jest".

At the time I couldn't imagine where the money was going to come from, but when I read Bruce's book I recalled all the miracles that I have experienced, like mapping 10 Ha of major swales and then a complete stanger phoned and about R 100 000 of earthmoving got done - without any funding - and I knew that I am Saint James of the Sahara in the making.

I'm not a saint yet. I have noticed that the people who have had the greatest healing influence in my life have suddenly passed on - just when I had got to really value them - because they were ready - the rest of us are still down here learning our lessons. My life is not about what I accomplish but about God sactifying me. It is in maintaining this attitude that our lives bear much fruit.

I have started by installing home permaculture gardens for clients in the Fourways and the Pietermaritzburg areas. I am presently developing a permaculture food forest at the Brookby Healing Centre in Pietermaritzburg. These activities are described in greater detail in my jounal.

The depth and the darkness of the moonlit sea Have all become a part of me And all I do and say All my fooling and dancing and laughing Is but the white froth Dancing in the rays of the moon Above a deep and restless ocean

Let me swim in the ocean of my soul Forever let the currents of experience Erode me And deposit me On a thousand different beaches Let the salt Sting And toughen my wounds

Then let the forces of nature Within my internal sea Sweep me together again And remould me In maturity and wisdom

For as my creator Formed the massive geological powers Powers of steady change and development So he designed the sea of my soul So that it could flow to perfection
I’m really good at
If Bruce Wilkenson's 'The Dream Giver' was the most liberating thing I ever read, Depak Choppra's 'Seven Spiritual Laws of Success' was the next most liberating - especially: 'everyone has a gift and a unique way of expressing it'. If we dare to put giving our gift first everything we require to fulfil our calling will be provided - because it is Gods gift to the world in us.

My natural talents are creating self reguating edible rain making ecosystems with powerful healing properties, developing strategies for applying these systems on a continental scale and being a big brother to pets and people when they are feeling insecure.

Leading personnel consultants, Meyers Briggs, have recognised that the discernment of natural talents is more impotant than learned skills in determining an employees potential performance. Herewith a summary of my results for three natural talent discernment tests:

Personality Test Results from:

The Personality 100 website:

Many people are afraid of silence and of self-reflection. You are not. You tend to think without talking, rather than talk without thinking. You reason with a level of clarity that is hard to find. People find you to be a good, active listener and value your advice thereby.

You are more loyal to the things you believe in than most people are. Your perseverance and single-mindedness are of value. Your balanced way of dealing with your emotions is a guiding part of your personality.

From the Meyers Briggs website:

Temperament you rated highest: Rational Thinker: Comes up with strategies, inventions, plans, and ways of rearranging reality. Biggest strength: ability to connect facts in unique ways.

The temperament you rated 2nd: Idealist: Want to make the world a better place. Trust their intuition, imagination, impressions. Focus on developing potential, fostering and facilitating growth through coaching, teaching, counselling, communicating.

The friend finder website:

which must have been biased towards the side of my personality which comes out in personal relationships found me to be:

The Healer Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiver (INFP) only about 3 percent of the population
The first things people usually notice about me
I have a kind face and smiling eyes. I'm earthy eccentric. Strong and gentle. The inside of the cup shines through whatever I am wearing.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The Permaculture Designer's Manual, Bob Flowerdew's Complete Guide to Companion Planting, Fertility Farming, The Dream Giver, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Production without Destruction, Living Energies.

Movies: Faith Like Potatoes, The Passion of the Christ, Brave Heart, Ghandi, Once there was a Forest, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the Gods must be crazy, Leon Schuster's movies, The Life of O'Brian.

Music: North American Indian Spiritual, Christian Worship Music, Gregorian Chanting, Singing in Tongues.

Food: Whole grain permaculturally grown raw. Honey in milky coffee.
Six things I could never do without
The freedom to implement my ideas (feeling somewhat suppressed in this area), my computer with its GIS programs and broadband internet connection, my permaculture garden, my sand stone cave in the basement (or improved equivalent in the form of my own earthship homestead), my favorite food and books, peace and quite for creative thinking and contemplation most of the time, harmonious relationships and love.
On a typical Friday night I am
Designing continental food forestry projects in my GIS system, researching and writing about this concept or searching for like minded contacts on the internet.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
A good down to earth woman who I can share my life purpose with is what I really want. You are something extremely rare and unique .
You should message me if
You may be interested in cooperating with me in any way in achieving my life purpose, even if its just in sharing information.

My most compatible work partner personality types are ENFJ the inspirer, champion, ENTJ the innovator or visionary, ESTJ, ISTJ, ISTP, ESTP, INTJ.

My most compatible intimate partner personality types are INFJ the mystic writer, ENTP, ENFP, INFP, ENFJ, ESFJ, ENFJ.

You share any of my interests listed under my self summary.
The two of us