40 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a software engineer, I amuse myself by taking photos underwater, and I am a fan of enchiladas.

I've had this profile since 2004. It has not been particularly productive and I think my experience might be typical. The way it usually seems to work is that you write about yourself in as attractive terms as possible, message or get messaged based on whatever sounds good, and then spend time and energy dealing with false positives. I ran out of patience for that, so I nearly deleted my profile, but instead I decided on a new experiment. Below are some areas that I'd be interested in connecting on, and all of these would require some basic level of compatibility in any potential partnership. Give me a shout if there is resonance for you.

- Healthy eating, especially minimal-oil vegan diets per Esselstyn, McDougall, Greger, Forks Over Knives, etc. (However, I'm not strict -- I do eat meat sometimes, maybe once a week ish?) I placed this one first because eating seems to be such a major social activity. It would be a refreshing change to spend time with someone who likes to eat and cook similar kinds of food.

- Creative interests like art, photography, philosophy, writing, woodworking/metalworking, etc.

- Personal development or spiritual growth outside of dogmatic frameworks. Example paths: Buddhism or ACIM. (Atheists/humanists can of course qualify for this! I normally identify as agnostic.)

- Outdoor activities including: hiking, cycling, skiing/snowboarding, scuba diving. And/or, an interest in gardening or growing indoor plants. I like green things, but I sort of have a black thumb.

- Investing, saving, or personal finance.

- Computers/technology, e.g. software development or IT. Geeking out on Android, building simple electronics, discussing the social impact of technological advances, etc.

- Space travel. Just kidding. OK maybe.

Here are some qualities that would be red flags for me: emotionally invested political stance at either extreme of the spectrum (left or right); victim mentality; living beyond one's means; anger or grudges; anti-vaccination views or credence in homeopathy; reluctance to give a partner alone time and space to work on independent interests; low levels of intellectual curiosity. No judgement implied on any of these -- they're just not part of my trip.