70 Dunedin, United States
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My self-summary
I am back from traveling somewhere. Where are you?

Please read this first before writing me. I am honest and up front about who I am. I am complex and personable and bright (not brilliant). I have answered a lot of questions to give you a sense of who I am. While waiting for you to arrive in my life, I am living my life very fully on my terms with very few regrets. When we are together, our life together will be on our terms - a blend. Blending is good. Simply put: there is my stuff, there is your stuff, and there will be our stuff. And, some of our stuff may already be your stuff. An example may be our spending relaxing time together while sitting by or swimming in a swimming pool while soaking up some Vitamin D, getting some pool exercise, or reading. Not earth shattering or alien.

Friends first and forever is my goal. Too often, a first date seems almost like a job interview with lots of stress. Hard to feel romantic. So many woman think a passion bell is going to ring. Yeah, right. How often did that concept work for you in the past? It seems that too often people are looking for things that they felt were important at age 16 or age 22. Hello. Life changed. If you didn't up date, then skip me. Anyhow, it is easy to find reasons not to go forward. Humans seem to be wired to do that. We like to demonize others. It avoids facing our own realities by findings faults or shortfalls in others. But, give the process a little bit of time and effort and the rewards do appear. In my opinion and experience, that is the difference in being truly available in the here and now. I am an optimist and haven't gotten discouraged.

Where I live in the world doesn't matter. Whom I am sharing the adventures with and what we are doing does. I am willing to modify my life. Are you??? It is a two way street situation. Amazing how many folks tend to forget this aspect. You gain by adapting to new adventures. I find too many woman have set up life choice walls (often first developed as teenagers) without realizing how that process limits and excludes. For a while I did the same. Time did educate me to be more open to the world's opportunities. So, don't get angry with me for shaking up your own world self view. Instead, celebrate that I get it. Did you? Let me know if you get it.

I now live in Dunedin (north of Clearwater) in a new-to-me 1970's era villa. I did a complete gut rehab to modernize it. My current goal is to always live in a warmer climate area during the year and travel. For now, I continue to have a small summer time cabin near Annapolis. MD. It is up for sale. I want flexibility to spend time doing OUR stuff.

When left to do things by myself, I tend to do Celtic theme activities. Most of Europe is a mix of Celtic heritage and gene pool. I have four kilts and a great attitude about having an active social life. For example, at the St. Pete International Heritage Ball last April, I attended dressed in Black Tie, formal jacket, and kilt. We closed up the place dancing to all forms of American Music. This year is a Valentine Ball (I call it my birthday party Ball). No moss on my rolling stone.

Day time in Florida is a natural for walks, kayaking, biking, casual breakfast and coffee and .... In my bucket list is a desire to learn how to cook differently for a healthier lifestyle. I am learning to enjoy a vegan style breakfast right now. Besides traveling, I enjoy looking at urban development ideas. One of my two masters degrees was in Urban Development. I enjoy sunbathing, swimming, socializing, reading, and either doing stuff on the internet or watching TV (not in any order). In years past, I have done theater arts but today I would rather be part of the audience, be supportive, be entertained, and then go out for dessert. Life is too short to rehearse that much.

In general, life is like a big candy store (or box of chocolates). I like to feel like I am living life fully. To paraphrase Henry David Thoreau: "To suck the marrow out of the bones of life". Normally, I expect and want to dance - not just watch others dance. In semi-retirement, I want to do as much as I can with few regrets.

And, I would like to share many of them with you if you are that Mostly-Right-for-me individual (not perfect - just a great pair-up at this point in time in our lives). Let our future history together decide if it was our ultimate memorable relationship. If not, then we still found someone to be a great friend, created great memories, and share the here and now with.

boB (reversed on purpose - anyone can be a regular Bob)
What I’m doing with my life
I am doing my bucket list. No excuses (explanations are okay) - only solutions are encouraged. To the bold goes the gold. Got an event, let me know. It is always more exciting to share it with someone. Then, it becomes OUR bucket list of things to do.
I’m really good at
I am the real McCoy - a keeper. There is a fine line between being arrogant and self confident. I am real.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have a wonderful smile, a twinkle in my eye, a great sense of humor, and a well rounded emotional intelligence. People find themselves at ease around me. I like most people and find them fascinating. They feel affirmed when around me and tell me they look forward to seeing me again. I tend to collect "characters" that reach out and do things beyond the ordinary choices in life. They tend to step up and do more, not less. I am often one of their best cheerleaders. Isn't that what friends do? So, I am looking for real friendship as part of my long term dating direction with an end goal of sharing our lives together. Your first step is to contact me. Do it now. Don't wait for me to discover you. I may miss you. All I do know for sure is that you didn't miss me because you are reading this at this moment. So now is the time to act on it - not later.. to the bold goes the gold. .
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Life is a candy store. I am still learning and open to all possibilities. Choices are a two way street so be prepared to be flexible, exploring new adventures, and helping us find our blend. I expect that our adventures and memories will fill a book.
The six things I could never do without
1) A water bottle to stay hydrated with; 2) a sense of the general direction we are heading and understanding the flexibility needed in life to tweak that course; 3) doing something that has an opportunity to generate a smile while fulfilling a dream; 4) a desire to share time and space; 5) a need to be affirmative by nature and not just tolerate differences in people; and 6) to be available for a real relationship.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What else can I do right now or fairly soon that is in my bucket list. Not everything is an expensive event. Many bucket list items are often simple local things. Got an event? Let me know. Intimacy is about sharing.
On a typical Friday night I am
For now while I am on my own, I tend to attend the Scottish American Society of Dunedin Friday night Ceilidh Party. They happen on most Friday night nights in Dunedin during the winter season. It is open to the public to visit. BYOB and snacks. I am also active in the Dunedin-Clearwater Elks Lodge. The Elks has live music dancing on Friday nights along with dinner. Off season, I am comfortable being at home on a Friday night. The natural extrovert in me wants to play and share adventures. Can you come out to play? Can you just chose to come over and hang out? Or, can you chose to just invite me over to hang out and share time and space together? Life is not complicated but it is about making choices. No decision is still a decision. No regrets and no prisoners - happy participants only. Don't be afraid to risk being happy. I don't bite (maybe nibbling while doing pillow talk - LOL).
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am what I am and that is all that I am. Sometimes the most simple explanation is what it is all about. Being honest and upfront is about risk taking and risk management. If you understand that risk taking is a key part of the affirmation and relationship building process, then you get it. It is part of my love languages.
You should message me if
If you get it - easy peasy.