32Pasadena, United States
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My self-summary
Cliff notes: Born and raised in Modesto. Got my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Chico State. Now I'm living and working in the LA area. Looking for a partner in crime to share adventures in this new land.
What I’m doing with my life
I work for an engineering consulting firm. Currently on an engineering staff augmentation for Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser) at their Van Nuys plant (off the 405...not the 210. That's Miller). I work as a contractor to help manage A-B's packaging engineering projects. How does the beer get in the bottle and then get into the 12-pack, then out the door and into your grocery store? There is a lot more to it than you might think...
I’m really good at
Wise ass comments purely for comic effect, math, spilling my drink at parties/the bar, and thinking I have a good sense of direction.

I've always had a passion for figuring out how things worked. Starting with taking all my toys apart as a kid. Hence, my degree in mechanical engineering. I love fixing things. Although nowadays it's very difficult not having a garage for all my tools in my tiny apartment. :-(

I also like road cycling, snowboarding, camping, hiking and golfing. Okay, not "really" good at golfing, but I do enjoy it. FORE!
The first things people usually notice about me
My gray hair. Yes its real. They call me The Frost. Also how terrible I am at golf. What is it about this damn game that keeps me coming back and trying to be better?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I can't say I've read many books lately. I did recently finish "Bad Monkey" by Carl Hiaason. A satirical novel about a (former) detective living in Florida, as he follows a bizarre murder case. It had its good parts. I do most of my reading by the pool, or on the beach.

I do enjoy reading the news (as depressing as it mostly is) and articles I find interesting. I suppose I like to stay on top of current events. I also enjoy crossword puzzles, sudoku, and other brain exercise/problem-solving games.

Some movies I like: Grandma's Boy, Wedding Crashers, Shawshank Redemption, Gran Torino, No Country for Old Men, There Will be Blood, Boondock Saints, Citizen Kane, Pulp Fiction. The list goes on. I enjoy good movies. Definitely not a fan of sequels and (most) remakes.

My folks didn't have a TV in the household most of my youth. I grew up spending a lot of time outside, you know, playing (kids these days have to be forced to go outside?). I do like The Daily Show and a huge fan of SNL (sad to see some of my favorite cast members leave the show this last season). I also like Seth MacFarlane's creations (Family Guy, Cleveland Show, and American Dad). As an engineer, I dabble with Modern Marvels, How it's Made, Myth Busters, and Top Gear. I do like to watch sports, although I don't follow sports in detail. I will say that I am an SF Giants fan.

Music is probably something I couldn't live without. I listen to a little bit of just about everything. Most notably, classic rock. Recently, my Pandora station has been stuck between Pink Floyd and AWOLNATION (just to give you an idea of my listening bandwidth). I'm always a sucker for live shows, no matter what music style.

I'm not a picky eater at all, although I try to consume a little more healthy nowadays. I'm not afraid to try new and interesting food, as long as it doesn't contain peanuts. Yes, I'm allergic. I can, however, have tree nuts. I will say almond butter is my new guilty pleasure; my bagel's best companion every morning. Can't say I'm a fan of fast food (big corporate chain types). I do love spicy food. I'm not sure what they put in that Sriracha sauce, but it's got me hooked.
Six things I could never do without
People, exercise, a job, music, weekends, and sleep; not necessarily in that order. My morning commute is not complete without my cup of joe and a good radio show.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I moved to LA about a year ago. Although I didn't know that many people in the area at the time, I really feel this was a good move for me, both personally and professionally. There is so much more opportunity here than the small town up north where I came from. I suppose my only complaint at this point is things are a bit lonely outside of work. I've really been wanting to get a dog to care for and keep me company. Unfortunately, the amount of time I spend away from home during the week, the poor dog would lose its mind. Plus, it's not like I have a whole lot of room in my apartment for a dog to feel comfortable.
On a typical Friday night I am
The people I know in the LA area are few and far-between, so my Friday nights aren't much. I mostly just relax with a good brew after a long week. Considering how close I live to Old Town Pasadena, it's not difficult to venture out on the town.
You should message me if
You share some of the same interests, fun to be around, sarcastic sense of humor, and not afraid to share adventures and new challenges. Major bonus points if you are into cycling and snowboarding.
The two of us