48Atlanta, United States
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My self-summary
I have been told I have an effervescent smile. And a delightful giggle.

My friends say I’m the daring one but I can be a bit shy at first so its best if you make the first move.

I love the turquoise blue of the Caribbean. Paddle boards. Mangoes. Sand between my toes. Honesty. Authenticity.

I use the word LUSCIOUS a lot. It's how I like my life to be.

Dangle good dark chocolate in front of me and I will do almost anything.

I’m spiritual but not dogmatic about anything but kindness. Definitely kindness.

I try to leave a little more love & beauty in the world each day.

Kissing. Lots and lots of kissing. And more kissing.

Professionally I unfuck people, helping them figure out where they want to go and what’s in the way. Which means I’m a consultant with my own business and I travel a fair amount. I also do this magical thing with markers… (and my work isn't geographically based so I'm open to relocating for the right man)

Something I just started doing: wildly sensual intuitive painting retreats that immerse women into their bodies, intuition & creativity because the world needs more women who have awakened their untamed inner goddess.

I will know that I’ve arrived when my work-day consists of me wearing a bikini and a sarong. (Still working but in my ideal attire, ideally in the Caribbean.)

Like most chicks: yoga, pilates, dancing (5 Rhythms).
Unlike most: I used to be a daytrader.

Kayak. Hike. Bike. All the sports with skiis. Sailboat racing. Next up: learning how to surf.

I love wind. Must come from my Chicago roots.

Fresh snowfall delights me. So does driving a convertible at night in the northern New Mexico desert, stars inking the sky from one horizon to the other.

There’s something about kissing while the wind is caressing your skin or when your toes are sinking into sand and waves. Take me someplace gorgeous in nature and I will be a happy grateful girl.

I believe in love. Yes, even after everything. True love. Deep love.

The best sex is both sacred and profane. (see David Deida for more on this, AKA my owner’s manual.)

I think a lot about the delicious differences between men & women.

I crave witty, funny, sexy conversation that goes deep, because I’m an INFP.

Connection. I want the kind so entwined that I feel you before I see you and I know you’re with me even when the miles separate us.

I might be a little bit naughty….shhhh….that will be our secret.

I believe in the transcendent power of flesh as a prayer mat (thank you Anais Nin) and the poetry of intimacy.

I want to explore my edges with a man who can guide me beyond them.

I want a man who brings out my best self, who sees my flaws and loves me anyway.

Appreciation. I need to give it & get it (trust me, I know how to give it and I will learn the particular ways you like to receive and teach you mine).

I want a man who lets me be his refuge from the world. His safe harbor. His balm. Let me be the girl who’s radiant smile vanquishes the hardness of your long day, who’s arms you can’t wait to come home to, who’s kisses make you forget the stress of all the battles you’ve fought. The one who makes it all worth while.

I want an alive and evolving partnership that is creative and purposeful and real. I want to be surprised. I want magic. I want an intimacy that’s raw and true.
What I’m doing with my life
Consulting, strategizing, designing & facilitating using visual & creative processes.

Reinventing myself.

Daydreaming about compromising positions.

Scoping out locations in the Caribbean for painting retreats.
I’m really good at
Fast Scrabble + visioning + singing Thunder Road a cappella + sexting with my man (not random strangers so don't ask me) + driving fast (not at the same time the sexting and driving fast) + taking photos + taking naps (not as often as I would like) + creating a home that feels creatively delightful and peaceful (I’m a Cancer so its part of the package) + making breakfast: fresh juice, omelette, blueberry name it + listening + dancing for you + taking sexy selfies + racing sailboats + paddle boarding.
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile, my giggle, my blond hair and my radiance.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm a DJ so my music is all over the place. Share some of yours with me. I'm endlessly curious.
The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Yes, The Pillow Book, Rory O'Shea was here, Charlie Wilson's War, Out of Africa, Shakespeare in Love, Lars and the Real Girl, Becoming Jane, The King’s Speech
Nayyirah Waheed, Audra Lorde, The Signature of All Things, West with the Night, All the Pretty Horses, Cold Mountain, though I mostly read non-fiction these days, everything by David Deida
This is Us, Downton Abbey...sigh, anything by Aaron Sorkin--West Wing, Veep, Silicon Valley, Billions, Homeland, House of Cards, Outlander
Six things I could never do without
my family, especially at Thanksgiving
the ocean & my bikini
dark chocolate
laughter, the kind that makes you snort thru your nose
kissing...I really love kissing and then what comes after...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to make American kind again.

Related: how can I be a better ally.

Why I keep getting hit on by 27 year olds. (I don't really spend a lot of time thinking about this its just funny that I do.)
On a typical Friday night I am
Could be any of these things: dancing, drinks & dinner with friends, flying back into town, hanging out in my neighborhood at an outdoor dance party, barefoot in my kitchen pouring champagne and cooking something up for a lucky someone.
You should message me if
You are able to be present, truly present, with a woman. (I could stop here because this is so much it could be everything…)

You have a mission, whatever it is you are making the world a better place than when you found it.

Your friends would say you have a generous heart. A clever mind. A quick wit. Integrity. And a sexy smile that will turn my insides to goo.

You are good with words. Instead of saying what you think a woman wants to hear, you reach into your heart to tell her what you truly want to say. You also know the aphrodisiacal power of words wielded well.

You know how to take charge. Make a plan. Shake a good cocktail. Make me laugh. And lead us into temptation (because I will follow willingly).

You also know how to let me feel like a girl because after being a successful woman in the world all day, I just want to be a girl. Your girl.

You can wipe away a tear, turn a frown into a smile with your kisses and hold me when I fall apart without trying to fix me because sometimes just the feel of your strength around me is the comfort I need.

You may be a bit of a rebel. A trailblazer. A man who’s always challenging himself, the one who others look to for wisdom.

You have an edge, a gentleman who is not always a gentle man.

You are evolving. Self-aware. You’ve had doubts and failed relationships that left you wondering if you would ever find a woman who could see all of your wild and still want to stay, and that’s okay because I’ve wondered that too… if I would find a man who wants all of me, the full deep spectrum of my feminine heart with all of its storms and sunrises.

You appreciate a woman’s confidence but you love her more for her vulnerability.

You are willing to see into my depths, my doubts, my fears and dwell there unafraid of what you may uncover. You are able to remind me of whom I am at my core and hold me compassionately when I forget.

ps- I get A LOT of email. Monosyllabic greetings/compliments and sentences less than five words typically don't motivate me to respond. Neither does How was your weekend? C'mon, you're dealing with a creative intelligent woman here, hopefully my profile inspires you to write something that's more than the linguistic equivalent of a grunt, yes? (that's a hint) :)

pps--I'm really 52 but use 48 for search purposes partly because I'm defying my age and because a lot of men have written off women over 45. Just don't expect a typical 52-year old.
The two of us