48Sayulita, Mexico
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My self-summary
Creative and artistic - in my career and in all other areas of my life as much as possible.

Loyal - to my friends, family and the people in my life who have earned my loyalty and respect.

Kind - compassionate towards people, animals and the planet

Witty - enjoying the everyday humor of life

Intelligent - progressively introducing new information and gaining new insight into the many things that intrigue and capture my attention

Sincere - Honest, open and genuinely committed to the people and shared moments that deserve nothing less

Adventuress - always up for a new challenge or experience that provides growth on my journey
What I’m doing with my life
Understanding and living the term having "it all"; which for me consists of a career that brings me joy everyday, pursuing additional talents and creative passions that interest me and making time to find and maintain balance in my life.
I’m really good at
enjoying the simple things
keeping perspective
living in the moment
allowing myself to explore and develop my emotional growth
appreciating the magnificent beauty of where I live
seeking the truth
staying open minded
following my instincts
adapting to any situation
free thinking
free speech
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Food - I have Italian blood in me... so anything that contains pasta, a delicious sauce, fresh ingredients and a suitable bottle of red wine.

I also love to cook, which for me, is a very important trait that I am looking for in a partner. There is nothing better than creating and preparing a wonderful meal with the person that you most care for.

Books - my main genre of reading is anything that expands my ability to learn and understand more deeply the human existence, our life experiences and our fundamental obligations to ourselves and our relationships on every level.

Movies - love them! Especially independent films that touch on the human experience. Comedy, adventure and anything in between that brings quality entertainment. (and the chance to eat movie pop corn - one of my secret ritualistic habits :)...)

Music - huge fan of most all genres. I am a dancer at heart/ ex-ballerina, modern (not stripper), so I enjoy music in many forms. From classical , to disco, to salsa music...

Shows - I have deep respect and loyalty to the arts and to those who participate in them.. so yes, I am a fan of the opera, symphony and ballet. (and it would be ideal to meet a man who also truly enjoys them as well)
Six things I could never do without
My lungs that breathe new life into me every day.
My sight that allows me to see the beauty that is all around me.
My ears that grant me the opportunity to hear beautiful music and other enchanting sounds.
My palette which provides the tasting ground for delicious food, tantalizing sweets and decadent wine.
My nose that enjoys the divine fragrances of succulent aromas.
My heart that beats strongly and is filled with love and passion.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to live as consciously open minded and present as possible.

Honestly, on a daily basis I am amazed at how many people don't live in this manner and I question the values (and the lack of) that our society has created and demonstrates so frequently.
On a typical Friday night I am
Generally at home, cooking, probably enjoying a movie and a glass of wine... or out for a lovely dinner in Sayulita with friends.

And to be honest, Friday is really just Friday... I have personally experienced some amazing adventures that have occurred on a typical Tuesday evening. (and to me, those are the best... I have coined the term "champagne Tuesdays" for a reason! I believe in "living" everyday!)
You should message me if
You're honest about who you are and really know what you are looking for in a relationship (friend and/or partner).

You are emotionally in touch with yourself... this is a must.

You enjoy life, your career and are seeking to explore new opportunities for growth and adventure.

You are an open minded, free thinking individual who enjoys the little things in life and has passion for what brings you joy.

Bonus points if you are creative in the kitchen, enjoy the arts and have rhythm in your soul.
The two of us