40Portland, United States
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My self-summary
Raised in Portland, Or. I embody the progressive ideals people associate with my hometown along with some of the more blue collar/country perspectives my folks brought to the table.

I travel constantly for work (and in general) and am most likely in town for that.
What I’m doing with my life
Enjoying it. Feeling as though I live a charmed existence.
I spend a lot of time in motion. Constantly moving around, but in the same places often. I'm loosely based in Oakland/SF during the summer months. I work a few jobs; one that takes me all over the States and sometimes Mexico as a guide for an adventure-travel company, the other tour managing and/or driving tour buses for bands.
I've spent the last few years cultivating stronger friendships with those I love, while focusing on myself and what I need as well. It's been incredibly rewarding and fun. Lot's of good times and adventures.
I’m really good at
•judging character
•calling you on your shit
•finding common ground, and understanding why we do what we do
•seeing the humor and absurdity in almost any situation
•holding conversation
•advice (people call me when they're in a bind)
•accepting when I'm wrong
•functioning on too little sleep
•road trips (seriously, its in my job description)
•cooking for large groups of people
•shoving eight quarters up my nose at once...yup, I'm good at that.
•city life
•country life
•adjusting on the fly and having a good time when plans go to shit
•using spell-check
•living out of a suitcase
•making camp & starting fires
•working with my hands
•daydreaming about what's next
•getting it all done in the last minute
The first things people usually notice about me
Not sure.
I'd like to think people can immediately tell I'm real.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
All five of these things are an ever evolving process of discovery and transition.

I usually have a few books going at once, and have a stack next to my bed that I never really seem to get to; magazines too.
I'm reading three books now that do a fine job of representing the stuff I'm into:
Just Kids- Patti Smith.
Sometimes a Great Notion- Ken Kesey.
Imperfect Offering- James Orbinski--former director of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)(a friend working for MSF recommended this book as I'm about to apply to be a logistics coordinator for them).

All over the place-everything, kinda. I'm drawn to genuine expression and like a good story. Storytellers, dreamers, poets, bullshiters all make great music.
60/70's rock and country, hip-hop, pre-war blues, folk. I grew up in Portland in the 90's, so all that stuff too. Still love a good house show, or sitting around the living room drinking wine and listening to my friends play.
It's hard to speak of favorites, I move through things-the list is long and ever-changing.

Though I know there are some damn good shows being made these days, I try not to get sucked into them as they steal waaay too much time. I haven't been able to resist a few though: Deadwood, The Wire, Californication. Some 30Rock, Always Sunny, and First 48.
Haven't started a series in years and plan to keep it that way.
I spend a lot of time starring at YouTube & Vimeo.
In the 80's my young and impressionable mind was shaped by the likes of The Dukes of Hazzard, A-Team, Knight Rider, Macgyver, the Bionic Man, and Evel Knievel.
I crushed out hard on Punky Brewster, Alyssa Milano, Justine Bateman, and Lynda Carter.
For what it's worth, I no longer have such a definable type...

Once again, I love a good story, and the art of story telling.
Big fan of documentaries, dramas, and comedy. Not much of a fan of horror as it's always pretty predictable and ridiculous--some are good though. Also, not big on fantasy or sci-fi, but I appreciate it more and more.
I like gritty, down-on-your-luck stories of outsiders and outlaws-free-thinkers. ..Been watching a bunch of shitty 70's motorcycle and trucker movies lately.

Love the social aspect of food.
Because I'm constantly traveling I eat out a lot, but I look forward to preparing a meal in with friends when I can.
I've gone the route of vegetarian and vegan before-but not anymore. I'm not a picky eater, I mostly eat healthy, and I love to try new and interesting things.
No fast food joints, and I really strive to eat at places that are not chain. I'd roll the dice with a sketchy mom-and-pop in the middle of nowhere-Nebraska rather then a predictable chain restaurant. I'm not a foodie, but I do think it's an extension of how you live your life. I'm adventurous and enjoy the whole spectrum.
Part of my job is to create, purchase, and implement meal plans for large groups of people. Through this I've come to appreciate the social aspect of having a few drinks and preparing a meal with friends. Despite cooking for large groups I feel I'm just scratching the surface-winging it really-and look forward to learning more and becoming better versed in the kitchen.
Six things I could never do without
•some form of transpo
•good food & drink
•fresh-air & water
•real connections with other people/community, idea exchange & exploration
•beauty, art & aesthetic
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I'm good at living in the moment, though I spend a ton of time thinking about where I want to be in a few years. How to balance what I have now with what I want for the future.
My next big thing.
Things that would make a great/fun business. Starting a business.
Song lyrics.
If and when I should buy a cabin in the woods/floating-home or shoot for a place in the city-and who's coming with me.
Taking said cabin/fh/city-thing and holing myself up for months writing, creating and listening to music, drinking whisky & wine, growing & making food, chopping wood for the sweet ol' pot-belly stove, ..stuff like that.
When I'll actually get around to checking off those long-standing things on my list.
What it is that I really need to be happy; what I can do without.
What it all means.
..and who's down?
On a typical Friday night I am
Good stuff. Not working for the weekend.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'll admit to it all.
You should message me if
•If you value aesthetic and it's many forms.
•You're a good communicator, and enjoy talking circles around an idea. You know communication is key in any relationship.
•We can teach each other something.
•You're witty and crass, but still a lady.
•You see the humor in life and don't take yourself too seriously.
•If you're a city girl who needs fresh air and nature, or maybe you're a country girl who needs the energy and madness of the city.
•The idea of living in both Brooklyn or some little woodsy/coastal town appeals to you.
•You're down for real adventures; maybe willing to (naively?) throw caution to the wind and dive into something like learning to sail, then buying a boat and sailing somewhere warm and slow, long motorcycle and backpacking trips through other countries...stuff like that.
•You value stability AND change.
•You don't necessarily want or need a conventional lifestyle.
•You'd like to learn to rock climb or surf with me.
•You want someone to ride motorcycles with.
•You clean up nice, but you're tomboyish and not afraid to get dirty (I know, we all probably want this).
•Don't be overly fragile or timid. I like tough and challenging women, so long as you do have a softer side.
•Maybe you like to push the boundaries a bit too.
•A little mystery is good. ...I'm hesitant to say this but, so is a little crazy, sometimes.
•You want to make meals together.
•You value friendships and connection.
•You're still friends with your exes.
The two of us