69Austin, United States
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My self-summary
laid back, enjoy dive bars more than clubs, good mexican food, cold ice chest beer,and days out in the country, all kinds of music (seriously), from old rock n roll to alittle bit country.

I am very honest, intellegent, and funloving

now do you dare venture into the absurd? i've slipped a gear with my old-timers disease and just gon'a do what i want. i'm writing it all down for posterity or just because. i know its not the recommended way but if you wade through all my bs you might be patient enough to tolerate me. if you find it interesting and enjoy it we're bound to have something worth looking into.
What I’m doing with my life
In 2006 at 58 i took early retirement due to a disability. our state and federal governments said I was no longer able to work and I was happy to agree with them. i haven't lost any digits, limbs or my senses (at least that i'm aware of) but i'm not going to be running any marathons or cliff climbing in the near future, even though i really do enjoy my time out in nature. in '97 I had a heart attack. I've had no recurrences since then but this has lead to chf in '06 which makes me short of breath and i therefore have no endurance for physical exertion.
I've been adjusting to being able to do the things i want to do without the need of going to work. i've been painting and reading quite a bit and taking some hill country day trips. i'm also planning some more extensive travels in the future, hoping to find more good subjects for my paintings.
well retirement hasn't been quite as freeing as i thought it would be. there's always something interfering with my other plans. kids, family and friends still have their lives going on and keep getting me involved. I have a thriving babysitting business with two frequent clients. the pay is rather low though and I probably could qualify for a tax free status if my daughter would pay me and if it was enough to need to pay taxes. I love the kids and it's pretty remarkable watching them grow up. one of my buddies commented that he actually feels closer to his grandson then he did with his son at the same age. I figure since he's not working full time he has more time and is more relaxed now then he was thirty years ago.
i'm still planning on taking that big trip, the old travels with charlie thing, mostly to paint some of the remaining wilderness areas. I'd like to go up one side of the continental divide and back down the other, and then to the northwest. i'll just have to tell the family i'm going to be gone and will be back later.
I’m really good at
good with my hands and good with my mind. good at planning, organizing and managing most projects. I was a registered architect and have built projects in seven states besides texas. in the years prior to getting my degree and licensing I worked a lot in construction so I know just about everything needed to build a home from the dirt and foudation on up through the roof, vents, and chimney. i've worked with concrete, steel, wood frame, adobe, straw bale ( a pueblo style home outside Prescott, Az.), and log ( an 8,000 sf cabin outside Spokane, wash.) and know how to do most of the work with my own hands. i hope i'm pretty good at a lot of other life experience areas also.
The first things people usually notice about me
three and four year olds think i look like santa claus. otherwise its probably my blue eyes, my blond beard which used to be red, and my red/auburn hair.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i love reading, music and movies so it was difficult to come up with favorites. i considered a short list might be best for here but decided to include the whole shabang. i'm sure i'm still missing quite a few. BOOKS: The Holy Bible-King James version from front to back. i found a little more understanding but not enlightenment.; i prefer historical fiction and non-fiction about the early u.s. and west and native americans such as Fehrenbachs Comanches, and Lone Star, Michener's Texas and Centeniel (also Hawaii), Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove (and many of his others, both western and more contemporary), Cormac McCartry's Pretty Horses and Blood Meridian. also Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth. as far as mysteries i like Tony Hillerman (read all of his Navajo policeman novels),J. A. Jance (her novels about a female arizona sherriff), Neveda Barr (her novels about a female national park ranger), and Patricia Cornwell (her novels about a female coroner in D.C.). also Rick Riordan (novels about a san antonio p.i.), John Grisham, several of Tom Clancey's books and also Arthur Conan Doyle. as for sci fi i like Heinlien, Heese, Orwell, Kurt (and Marc) Vonegutt, Dan Brown, Dean Koonz, and Micheal Crichton's Timeline.

MOVIES: wizard of oz (first saw it in a theater when i was seven), close encounters of the third kind (dreyfuss going insane), braveheart (mel gibson as an early road warrior), the searchers (john wayne), also the old black and white version of a christmas carole, jimmy stewart in its a wonderful life. then the thirteenth warrior (antonio banderas), lock, stock, and two smoking barrels, killing zoe, blue velvet, buckaroo bonsi, mariachi (r.r.), suburbia, slackers, dazed and confused,(all three are linklater's). next are butch cassidy and the sundance kid, the wild bunch, bullitt (steve mcqueen), easy rider, no blade of grass, blade runner, animal house, bird on a wire, death becomes her, hook, the professional, oh, brother where art thou, and monsters inc. i don't care much for most horror or slasher movies even though i do like rob zombie's devils rejects (great soundtrack) and from dusk 'til dawn. i definitely do not watch any satanic or demonic films. why burden yourself with evil, there's enough in the world without acting like you enjoy it for entertainment.
also want to add kevin cosner's dances with wolves, and i must be one of the few who really liked waterworld and the postman.
ok, i've done books and movies, now for the really hard one, music. i like almost everything, except i don't think rap or hip-hop are really music. i don't care for hair rock, heavy metal and i hate disco because it killed rock-n-roll and was the near end of real personal creativity and musicianship in most of the world. other than that: i like old folk music, woody guthrie, classical in small doses, 40's swing, 50's r-n-r, 60's soulmusic, mitch ryder and the detroit wheels, old time gospel, a little touch of the 80's. dire straits. cindi lauper. red hot chili peppers etc., and even some mexican techno like kinky, and also the pinker tones. but my real loves are rock from the mid 60's to the mid 70's and an awful lot of the progressive or outlaw country of the 70's.
so i'll start: all the beach boys stuff, all the beatles even the solo albums except for yoko's screaming, wings, bangladesh and so on, all the stones, doors, canned heat, the real ccr, janis, fevertree, moody blues, quicksilver, cta, the grateful dead, its a beautiful day, shiva's headband and greasy wheels (both local) lot of old and newer blues, b b king and freddie and albert king also, johnny winters, commander cody and the lost planet airmen, frank zappa and the mothers, cream, blindfaith, old elton john, rod stewart -gasoline alley, the byrds esp.-sweetheart of the rodeo, dylan, eric clapton, the faces, the small faces,
willie nelson, johnny cash, waylon jennings, and emmy lou harris, old merle haggerd and hank williams, the marshall tucker band the band , crosby, stills, & nash and c,s,n and young, doug sham, one selena album, sheryl crow, joan osborne, and on and on. while my interests are wide spread, there is a unity to me. i like good music and good ole time rock-n-roll.
Six things I could never do without
things (not people?), not the obvious air, water, food...then to tell the trurth theres not much but six i would not want to live without would include family and friends, nature, music and the arts, mental stimulation, pleasure and humor and finally i would really like to find the one true love for the rest of my life.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
art and new projects, and travels i want to make. and also still think a lot about my kids and grandkids and how best to help them along.
On a typical Friday night I am
not going out socially or i wouldn't be on here. often watching the grandkids or a movie, sometimes with family or friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
why does everyone make a big deal about this one? its worded so well. most private you're willing to admit. you set your own limits, probably 90% will lie about it anyway. am I cynical?
for me the most i'm willing to say is as an adolesent i was a "late bloomer." in high school i thought the other guys were just with stories to make themselves sound big. but i caught up quickly.
You should message me if
if you have really read this whole thing and aren't bored to death, or even better if you find it iteresting and compatible to how you think. if you might like to get out and enjoy austin texas and then roam around the backroads of the hill country, then the southwest, then the rockies.
The two of us