31Berlin, Germany
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My self-summary
Let's just say im a DOOTGCCNCPCWS5LAIAHDAOCPAO. (Dorky One Of The Guys Crazy Cynical Non-Conformist Punk Chick Who Speaks 5 Languages And Is A Hopeless Dreamer And Obsessive Compulsive Perfectionist And Overachiever) That would about sum me up.

I'm a geek. According to the geek test i am geekier than 100% of the other females my age who took it. so i guess that makes me the geekiest female 23 (make that 25 now.. guhh) year old in the whole system. I choose to see that as a -good- thing.

Actually, I'm a gnork (geek/nerd/dork), and the fact alone that i came up with this should prove my point.

I like animals more than i like people.

You either love me or you hate me. There's nothing in between.

It's all about the art.

I'm the posterchild for being misunderstood.

I am dorky, dark, and twisted

I'm. Not. Emo.

I strongly support LGBT rights.

I'm a drag king and I'm not opposed to a little kai kai. ;)

The glass is always half empty. And cracked. And I just cut my lip on it. And chipped a tooth.

ich bin zu faul das jetzt alles nochmal zu uebersetzen. fragt einfach.
What I’m doing with my life
My whole life pretty much revolves around music, school, work and my band. I do musicals. I also have a rock band. Music is my passion. Aside from that i spend all day at school and all night at work. At some point i go home to my PC...I mean dad. Whenever I've got the rare luxury of free time I spend it with my friends. I have like two of them. Maybe three.

Update: I graduated magna cum laude in BS psychology. So it's just work and music now. I'd forgotten what sleep felt like. Good stuff, this sleeping thing. Good stuff.

Update: I have no life now. 3pm-12mn shift. No more time for music. Now it's just work. -_-

I'm originally from Germany but am currently stuck in the deepest darkest depths of Asia trying to claw my way out (although i'll miss the goats and the stolen phone cables =w=). So at this point all I can hope to find on this site is some intelligent conversation (I'm terribly deprived of it over here). Maybe there will be more once I successfully claw myself out of here, but for now, this is all I can offer. Some good conversation and if all goes well, lasting friendship.

Now, if you have a problem with any of the above, don't message me. I'm tired of people losing interest once I tell them where I really am. Does it make a difference? If it does to you, do. not. message. me.

Update: I'm in Germany now. :D I do miss the goats.
I’m really good at
making gay people have sex. math. freaking people out. singing. acting. being funny - or so i'd like to think. procrastination. manipulating people into doing my biddings. making people cry. winning. also i have a really finely tuned gaydar.
The first things people usually notice about me
the scary way i look

i emit a strange menacing aura that makes people wanna stab forks in their eyes and howl at the moon

also i've been told i have an uncanny likeness to mika nakashima

(as an afterthought.. considering that i'm madly in love with her.. does that make me a narcissist?)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: anime manga, books by stephen king, anne rice, dan brown, and dean koontz, the fire and ice series, tales of the city, tales of the otori, the alchemist, poe, wilde, moe yo ken (and probably anything and everything else by Shiba Ryoutarou if I could read it orz), memoirs of a geisha, harry potter, books about serial killers, die drei ???

movies: fight club, sweeney todd, moonchild, ffvii: advent children, NANA, transamerica, dorian gray, interview with the vampire, donnie darko, 쌍화점 (frozen flower), 아저씨 (the man from nowhere), 비열한 거리 (a dirty carnival), park chan wook's vengeance trilogy, most movies that johnny depp is in i'll probably like, also any movie that has samurais or ninjas in it, also i LOVE independent films - especially gay independent films.

Tv: Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, The Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, Rupaul's Drag Race, Queer as Folk, The Nanny, Criminal Minds, SeaQuest DSV, Spartacus, The X-Files, Friends, Shameless, Desperate Housewives, Forensic Files, Will and Grace, 거침없이하이킥, 지붕뚫고 하이킥, 논스톱 (ALL seasons), 성균관 스캔들, 우결, 연애편지, X-맨, 서인영의신상친구, 서인영 카이스트, 슈퍼주니어쇼, 예능 등.., and an indeterminate number of anime.

actors: benedict cumberbatch, johnny depp, leonardo dicaprio, norman reedus

music: QUEEN, MUSE, the gazette, alice nine, miyavi, gackt, larc~en~ciel, dir en grey, hyde, sug, antic cafe, nakashima mika, epik high, the trax (the old stuff), super junior, seo in young, simple plan, green day, newfound glory, yellowcard, blink 182, nofx, tokio hotel, sex pistols, nirvana, no doubt, adam lambert, johann sebastian bach

designers: alexander mcqueen, vivienne westwood, rei kawakubo, christian siriano, seth aaron henderson

drag queens/kings: bianca del rio, detox, raven, raja, adore delano, courtney act, jujubee, pandora boxx, manila luzon, sharon needles, chad michaels, alaska thunderfuck, rhea litré, landon cider

comedian: hal sparks. daniel sloss. watching the man do comedy gives me a boner.

magician: dan sperry. *w*

food: pasta, curry, sushi, korean (street) food, i eat almost everything, i'm not picky. just don't like olives.

yes. i eat. i have thighs the size of mexico. now if you'll excuse me, i must get back to my pie.

i also have an unhealthy obsession with serial killers.

oh i also i have a list of people i'm allowed to sleep with if i were to ever meet them regardless if i'm seeing someone or am married (god forbid).

1. Detox Icunt (actually met her and she licked my face - close enough)
2. Raven
3. Raja (actually a Detox x Raja threesome would be desirable)
4. Sharon Needles
5. Courtney Act (met her, too. she didn't lick my face)
6. Adore Delano
8. 희님 (Heechul)
9. Gackt
10. Miyavi
11. Johnny Depp
12. Jake Gyllenhaal
13. Gale Harold (threesome with Hal Sparks optional)
14. Ryan Gosling
15. Andrej Pejic (it's like having straight, gay AND lesbian sex all at once!)
16. Aaron Paul
17. Bill & Tom Kauiltz (at the same time!)

Oh and maybe Seo Inyoung *cough* *cough*. Scratch that maybe. I'd definitely do Seo Inyoung. And Nakashima Mika. <3

Also, this list keeps getting longer. -_-;
Six things I could never do without
dr pepper
yaoi =3=
I spend a lot of time thinking about
raping heechul.

other than that i think about irrelevant things like why they only painted half of the hump in front of our house (it can't take several- weeks- to dry). i have a lot of free time. i never stop thinking, really. my brain's always on overdrive.

stupidity and how to remedy it.

update: they finally finished painting that hump!

oh and world domination.
On a typical Friday night I am
raping heechul
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i devour men and feed off their souls
You should message me if
-you haven't been scared off.

-you're willing to teach me how to pop/lock or beatbox.

-you work for the FBI

-you will give me alexander mcqueen shoes

-you want to be the will to my grace

-or let ME be the will to YOUR grace

-you'll watch old (and new) sci-fi/fantasy series with me all day

-you are heechul

-or anyone on my 'list'

- you're gay

- or a drag queen

- or drag king

- or all of the above

- you're in any way queer

- you're hot and straight -- let's respect the minorities.

(Jokes aside message me regardless of gender identity / sexual orientation)

I do NOT respond to "hey" "how's it going?" "hi" "whats up" "suck my dick" "do you speak english?" (i mean, REALLY??) and the likes so save yourself the time.

i didn't think I'd have to point it out but apparently I do. "hi, how are you?" falls into 'and the likes'.

i also don't answer people hU WrYt LyK DiZ.
The two of us