44Gainesville, United States
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My self-summary
"Never trust a man that only knows one way to spell a word."
-Andrew Jackson

Have patience with me. I really do plan on completing the profile and posting a few pics, but.... I have the attention span of a bag of cheese nips. That and i'm having a hard time accepting that my life has devolved to the point of posting an online personal! O WELL!!!
So it's the worst self taken bathroom mirror picture ever taken. I would imagine that is what mugshots would look like if inmates had to take them themselves. I'll work on coming up with something better.
What I’m doing with my life
Still trying to figure out what i want to do with my life! Yes, I know what your thinking and your right. The thing is that i had spent 20 years working a job i hated. I really do not want to spend the next 20 doing the same. I left that job two years ago and went back to school. So, my life at this point consists of school and trying to raise my Son. I'm a double duty single parent so that takes up most of my time. NO, I am most definitely not looking for a mother for my boy!
I’m really good at
I have always been good at fixing things. I'm an excellent judge of character. My first impressions of people are usually spot on. Making people squirm when they ask what I think. The last one isn't intentional but i have a hard time with the whole politically correct thing. CALL IT WHAT IT IS!!!

YES!... I truly excel at saying the wrong thing at the right time.
The first things people usually notice about me
No!!!! I do not play basketball!!!
You wouldn't dream of walking up to some random fat person at a store and asking, "Competitive Eating, right?"

I've been told that look angry a lot. I'm really not an angry person at all! That's just my thinking face.... And im always thinking about something.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I will eat just about anything that's placed in front of me. It kind of fits in with some of my more canine qualities.
-On a side note, I find it very hard to believe that every woman here loves sushi. If the statistics of this site were accurate, there would be a sushi place on nearly every corner in the country!
... Just an observation!

My television is usually on but strictly for background noise. Even when I sit down to watch something, I am typically doing something else at the same time... REALLY short attention span!

Reality television makes me sad for all of humanity!!!

I'm not a really big reader. If I had to name a favorite author it would have to be Jack Kerouac. Gotta love a man who can turn a collection of run on sentences into an American classic. Seriously! Grab a book and pick a page... Only one period per paragraph!

Music... Please no country. Nothing personal, but I just can't take it. Other than that its pretty much anything.
Social Distortion radio on pandora has been my latest stand by. My music tastes vary with my mood, the occasion, the weather, which sock I put on first that morning... Yes, I guess I'm pretty flexible on that one.
Six things I could never do without
I'm a pretty adaptable person. Other than the obvious, there is pretty much nothing that i can't do without. In fact I tend to deprive myself of things once I decide I can't live without them. It's a self implemented test of my convictions... All you arm chair psychologists, have a blast with that one!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend a lot of time thinking about random stuff that drifts through my head. Life is full of little distractions and i have a habit of chasing after every one. A little ADD can make life a fun place!

Have you ever wondered who decides how many holes should be on the top of a salt shaker. Is there a table out there that some over paid engineer compiled to calculate proper hole size and number? All in an effort to ensure proper salt dispersion. What is the probability that said engineer was bribed by pharmaceutical companies to make sure high blood pressure rates continue to rise? There by allowing said companies to rake in millions off increased sale of blood pressure medication.

Yes... This is how things roll in my head.
On a typical Friday night I am
Home wondering why I'm not doing something else.
Quite possible right here psychoanalyzing people based on their profile. "You all some sick bastards!"
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I find myself rolling through the quick match and rating people based on my own special rating system.

5 stars: really awsome dog picture
5 stars: you actually said something original. (Sadly, uncommon)
5 stars: really cool tattoos. Gotta give props to the artistic skill.
5 stars: I think your crazy hot! (Yes shallow, but I am only human.)
5 stars: something in your profile told me you needed a little ego boost. (every woman needs to no be complimented on a daily basis... Yes, I honestly think this)

I don't give less than five stars. I don't want some poor OCD ridden woman loosing sleep over what was lacking from their profile.
You should message me if
After speaking with several women here... I can assure you that I will not send you a single picture of my penis. Yes, it is sad that I feel the need to address this issue but it appears that this has become a common and (mostly) unwanted practice.
O WELL!... put your hat in the ring and you'll have to deal with the clowns.

-If your a fan of Jim Carrey... STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME! You have no sense of humor and are a very bad person!
-Your not easily offended
-You find humor in things that most people don't
-You couldn't care less what people you don't know think of you
-Your not totally insane, but if your not at least a little crazy that would be just boring!
-You must find intense joy in people watching! (Remember: As long as you can laugh at the folly of your own actions, it's O.K. to laugh at other people.)
-A truly sick sense of humor is an absolute must! If you don't see the humor in my "private" submission... There's probably no point in messaging me.

-In all seriousness, I'd love to hear what you have to say. I do love hearing other peoples point of view.
The two of us