50Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
What's that Coup song? "I'm here to laugh, love, fuck and drink liquor/And help make the revolution come quicker?" Or at least I aspire to that. I'm some combination of un-Seattle-ish earnestness and frivolous, geekish escapism.

This profile needs to be updated as I wrote it several years ago. But I've been in a long period of ambivalence about dating so I've not put much thought into presentation here.

I've been in Seattle for several years now, and I'm starting to feel at home with my network of friends, like the group of troublemakers I had back in Texas. People that share political ideals and are also good drinking buddies and hiking partners.

It was quite a twisted road that brought me here from Texas. While I loved the northwest and Seattle from my first time here, protesting the WTO, it's taken time to collect all the pieces to make a full life: work, friends, home, meaningful passions. Now I hope to be more available for a partner to share with.


I'm looking for: Someone who cares about the world and is willing to do something about it, but still takes the time for herself and those around her. Someone who is independent but not afraid to love. Someone with an open and adventurous mind...and a body that follows. Someone who can share or at least admire a radical critique of this world and a willingness to work for change. And likes dancing.

Edit: You'll also have to tolerate my transition period from being a professional computer geek to being a nurse. This transition is taking longer than I'd planned and has had higher financial and emotional costs. Onward through the fog!

A word on polyamory:
I hope to someday find a long lasting primary relationship. Whether that relationship is poly or monogamous is not as important as the connection I'm hoping to find.
What I’m doing with my life
Finding a balance between my activism for a better world, self-improvement to be the me I want to be, living in and enjoying the HERE and NOW......Which is why I'm here now. Currently I'm going back to school. Spurring my transition from computer geek to nursing is a desire to get away from being alone on a computer to actually working with people. I found it difficult to be political at work when I couldn't even be social!
I’m really good at
Listening. Being accountable and honest. Caring about the world and those around me. Giving backrubs and hugs. My cats love me.
My housemates think I'm an awesome cook (they told me I should write that) and I think I make great bread.
The first things people usually notice about me
Hmmmm... I'll have to ask someone. I'm pretty friendly. Bald head? Red beard? Smile? Glasses? The leaflet I'm passing out?
Edit: Lost the beard
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I suppose there's worth in finding cultural tastes in common, but does it really define us? To me it's too close to using what we consume to define who we are. That's what Madison Ave would have us believe, and fuck them. Others might ask, what do you do? Some would construe that to mean, "what's your job?" and that won't do either. How about: what is your dream?

Having said that, heh, I'll make a short and incomplete list.

Music: asian underground, funk, world music, folk, and some punk... like the Clash and Gang of Four. So old school. As someone else said, 'there is life beyond Joe Strummer.' But is it worth living? heh. I've got a djembe but it's been too long since I've been to a drum circle. If my schedule permitted, I'd be in our local labor chorus, singing those old Utah Phillips songs that Ani Difranco so wonderfully re-mixed.

Media: I'm almost always reading something, even if I should be concentrating on school. I have a TV but I only play what I download.
Six things I could never do without
Friends I can enjoy and be honest with (#1!), causes to fight for (no shortage of those), geekish smartphone (yeah, I try to do without toys but keeping in touch with all those friends is a priority), frequent escapes and things I haven't seen or done before.....
I spend a lot of time thinking about
feminisim, moving people beyond liberal, helping people be more politically active in their own interests, how to be a revolutionary in non-revolutionary times, what does it mean to be a socialist as compared an anarchist if anything?, when will I go out dancing next?, finding time and the peace (piece?) of mind to read more marx, listening to world music, how many times can I watch firefly?, listening to Pacifica andthis american life, not being a hard-core vegetarian, living life to be social as well as committed to social justice which shouldn't be a contradiction, xenophile, Intentional Communities, ORGANIC, social movements, Barbara Kingsolver, Poisonwood Bible, community, gay rights, social political issues, current events, affirmative action, abortion, labor movement, unions, democracynow, radical democracy, revolution, Karl Marx, Amy Goodman, the revolution, communism, cuddling, Nader, justice, anarchism, labor organizing, Talking Heads, LeGuin, radical, Chomsky, leftist, dark comedy, left handed, spicy food, protest, Guns, Germs, and Steel, progressive, Jon Stewart, cats, environmentalist, green, marxism, labor, union organizing
On a typical Friday night I am
Oh, it varies: I often go to the gym, catch up with friends or see a movie. It's a time to go someplace I've never been, try something I've never done. Any suggestions?

Sometimes it's a quiet night reading or writing. I do try to use the time to relax and unwind but don't feel the pressure to 'make something happen' as I did when I was younger.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm getting therapy. Hey, it helps. If you get to know me, you'll enjoy the benefits of my hard work ;)

I have NO IDEA why the damn survey doesn't think I'm horny - unless it's my determination to not compromise values for cheap thrills, darnit. OkCupid must have some bad procedures somewhere.
You should message me if
You think you'd like to get to know a commie pinko dancing fool computer geek living in a commune.
The two of us