35Nijmegen, Netherlands
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My self-summary
~~I go from zero to cross-eyed in 0.o seconds!~~

~~ Current addiction: ~~

~~All the English stuff is written without the use of any dictionary or translator, so yes, I speak English, as it states in my details. It seems people still feel the need to ask me whether I do.~~

~~If I had a choice to bring someone to survive on a deserted island with me, I'd bring Ray Mears. Unlike Bear Grylls, Ray always finds tasty critters to eat.~~

I like things, I also hate things. I try to balance those two aspects about me. I don't always succeed.
What else can I say that I have not said in other versions of my ancient OkCupid profile?
I guess I'll just rearrange the words and thoughts and scribblings and scratchings that I used before.

I like to think that I am a loving and caring person, but when people meet me, they ofttimes think I am an enormous gib. I can be, honestly I can. I can be extremely cantankerous and I actually find this a funny trait of mine. When I have a hangover, I am actually quite funny and energetic (until I obviously crash and burn.) I find all these contradictions intensely amusing.

My sense of humour is black, sarcastic, cynical (my Rh might be the most positive thing about me), absurd and sometimes it evolves around the daftest puns. I can get extremely tired with myself when I am punny, it is not beyond me to facepalm because of my own behaviour.
I like to think of myself as an intelligent person, but I sometimes totally misunderstand sarcasm in others, or have other naive spells. I find it cute that even after all these years of turning more and more curmudgeony, I can still be a silly little girl. Which I am, but without the pink, or glitter, or unicorns, and I hate fluffy things, and chihuahuas, and getting my nails done. I am not a girl after all. Let's just stick with woman, which I am. Very much so (I've been told).

I am also loyal, honest, precise, fanatical, vocal, thoughtful, careful and slightly neurotic.
What I’m doing with my life
I am one of the chief editors of a local online entertainment/lifestyle/event calendar, where I mostly edit reviews and previews of events. All ranging from theatre, to music via festivals, food and literature.

I am officially a licensed history teacher, but I haven't used my degree for anything other than decoration. I must have it somewhere. I did teach Dutch to illiterate, immigrant women for a few years.

I like to hang out, work out, lash out...
I actually like to push myself when working out, however: almost fainting when doing my last work out made me decide to take a break from it for a while.
Other than that I often go to pubquizzes (and win or rank high, with my team obviously), to a pub, play card or board games with friends (I designed/devised/invented/concocted an educational board game I would like to publish). I do some crafts and arts as well as act (theater) and I sing sometimes (in the pub, where there are other people, they seem to like it too!), my social life is more than ok. My sofa is too.

I do have the ambition to develop history lesson plans, (educational) board games, or work at a historical or anthropological museum.
Aaaand to write prose. I have written several columns that have yet to be published (like so many aspiring authors, obviously) and in preparation I occupy myself with bothering other people about their grammar and/or spelling. It goes without saying that people really love this hobby of mine.
I’m really good at
Photography, languages!!!, judgement of character, helping people emotionally,cynicism, sarcasm, Teaching, driving people away, bragging, being hard on myself, grammar and spelling.

Mezelf ophemelen en neerhalen, voornamelijk tegelijkertijd.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I am an arrogant bitch that is also stuck up and keeps a distance. Until people get to know me that is, then they realise I am that and some other things. ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
a) British classics, Dutch classics, some fantasy (Southern Vampire series, A Song of Ice and Fire), Marina Lewycka and Mark Haddon are my favourite comedians. I also love comics, or more bandes dessinées. I am a fan of several series; Thorgal, Eagles of Rome, Succubus, Murena.

b) Intouchables, the French one. That made me cry. It made me realise I am human. Just like Amelié often does, and other films. I love comic adaptations, usually. And Monty Python. Gotta have Monty Python!

c) Fado, Irish folk, traditional music of all kinds, hardrock, symfo metal, Tool!, A Perfect Circle!, industrial, Ásgeir Trausti, Wintersleep, Nina Simone, chansons, rock, new wave, 60's 70's music, Simon&Garfunkel and loads and loads more

d) I am addicted to tangerines and pesto, though I try to not consume them simultaneously. I also love red meat, Turkish cuisine, veggies&fruits, mango, cheese, chocolate, Coca-Cola (no other cola for me), carbonated ice tea, water, regular tea, beers (micro brews), pasta pasta pasta pasta..........and then some more cheese.
Six things I could never do without
Good food (preferably lardy goodness)
Obsessions (I have periods of being totally into something like series or a hobby, only to zealously abandone it shortly after)
Tasty fluids (sometimes water actually is tasty)
Many much a lot of sleep
Loved ones
Internet/home- they should be inseparable

Voedsel, vocht, onderdak/internet (hoort bij elkaar), geliefden, slaap, gezonde (tijdelijke) obsessies
I spend a lot of time thinking about
* Why am I not an auditory learner? I can easily learn a language by reading and speaking, but when listening, it's all Greek to me.

* When will I get to go on my grand tour with my beloved backpack?

* Why do electrical appliences die around me? My initials are not EMP....

* Why is my body intent of having its own ideas about how to live my life, so obviously contrary to my beliefs?

* Why one of my rats was so obviously less intelligent compared to the other one.

Hoe ga ik mijn leven indelen? Waar gaat mijn volgende reis naartoe? Wanneer ga ik weer eens op reis? Wil ik wel kinderen? Wil ik wel een relatie? Wil een relatie mij wel? Wanneer heb ik eindelijk mijn eigen huisje en niet meer mijn studentenkamer? Waarom blijft iedereen hardnekkig Holland(s) zeggen als het Nederland(s) is? Waarom lijkt tegenwoordig niemand meer fatsoenlijk te kunnen schrijven? Waarom ben ik zo snobistisch? Praat ik te veel? Zeg ik te weinig? Hebben dieren een hiernamaals? Hebben mensen een hiernamaals? Zou ik niet eens werk maken van een rijbewijs? Welk boek zal ik nu eens lezen? Wanneer had ik die afspraak ook al weer? Waar ligt....? Waar vind ik een kabeltrui voor een man? Heb ik nu genoeg geschreven?
On a typical Friday night I am
At home or out, those are the two options obviously. Is this a ploy to figure out whether I am the pubbing/clubbing kind of person? I am, sometimes, pubbing that is.
But it is not limited to friday nights, I can go out wheneeeeeever I like, but sometimes I prefer loose trousers and the couch. And a blanket.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I hurt myself on a daily basis, because doorframes, thresholds, walls, trees, tables, chairs and couches won't get out of the way.

Ik heb volgens mijn bokstrainer hele goede coördinatie, maar al mijn blauwe plekken denken daar anders over.
You should message me if
You want to, crave it, feel inclined to, feel obliged, if I seem like your dreamgirl or perfect foe.

Don't message me if; you're looking for a housewife, an obedient slave, or a girl that just sits there and has no opinion, if you think Steven Seagal movies are good.

Je daar zin in hebt, en niet iemand bent die een makkelijke doos wil hebben. Zin in cyberseks? Ga iemand anders vervelen...
The two of us