28Baltimore, United States
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My self-summary
Above all, my passions lie in music - Early Music, Classical, Jazz, and many modern varieties. However, primarily, I am a violinist and a lutenist and I'm currently enmeshed in study in a Masters program at Peabody Conservatory, focusing on the Lute and the Theorbo!

Banter, references, and horrible puns (as well as Oxford commas) are a must around me! I have little interest in hiding things or trying to impress beyond my means; I find that doing that tends to come around and bite you in the ass one way or another (unless you're INCREDIBLY careful with it, but that requires too much unnecessary effort most of the time).

Also probably should have mentioned, I'm occasionally long-winded! I just take delight in nuance and accuracy in meaning so sometimes I just can't help myself when designing a thought!

And if you're into Myers-Briggs types and such, I'm apparently very much an ENTP.
What I’m doing with my life
Gladly slaving away on my Lute, Archlute, and Theorbo for a Masters of Music degree. If you don't know the instruments, you should check this out -

Otherwise, I'm keeping occupied with Taekwondo when possible.
I’m really good at
Understanding and analyzing music! I also have perfect pitch and can analyze a whole symphony by ear.

I'm also pretty solid at most games. But don't worry, though I truly enjoy metagaming, I'm not uber-competitive.

Playing devil's advocate and also finding something (usually darkly) humorous about nearly any situation.
The first things people usually notice about me
My sarcasm and references are unending, I'm very optimistic for a cynic, and I tend to be humming a tune.

More than anything else though, people seem to notice notice a fairly well kept, red beard!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
In terms of most anything I tend to go for a lot of Scifi, Cyberpunk, Historical Fiction, and Fantasy. Still I'll try out most any kind of movie or show.

Favorites followed by runners up (note the punctuation)!

Firefly. Code Geass, Lie to Me, Fate/Zero, Futurama, Sherlock, X-Files, Star Trek: Next Gen.

Fifth Element, The Red Violin, Ip Man. Bond, Watchmen, Doctor Who: The End of Time, Clerks.

Kage Baker's The Company series, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel. Ender's Game, Dune, The Silmarillion, Hitchiker's Guide, Good Omens. Also Shakespeare and Horace!

Music though, now THAT'S a conversation! Though I was raised on Classical and still love it probably the most, I've come to enjoy anything between JPop, Electronic, House, Jazz, Chiptunes, and Progressive Metal. Honorable mention goes to Flight of the Conchords, Professor Elemental, and Epic Rap Battles.

A wild game section appears!
Zelda: Majora's Mask, Dota 2, Portal. Civ 5, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Mass Effect, Golden Sun, FFVIII, Bioshock. Also board games like Puerto Rico, Settlers, and Dominion!

Ah but in terms of food, though a good steak is always at the top of my list, I've come to love a great many cuisines. Definitely looking to increase that variety! I love teas, particularly Earl Grey, Dragonwell green tea, and oolong varieties. However, with alcohol, I have a very strong preference for good scotch at all times!
Six things I could never do without
My violin, my archlute, the internet (it's almost the collected sum of human knowledge after all), my cat, my ipod, and naturally good company!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Music most of the time - I tend to have a constant soundtrack in my head that I'm always reanalyzing and probably humming.

The technological singularity and what form it might take.

Also I keep thinking, "how am I going to feel about this when I'm older? Did I actually live or did I waste my youth entirely?"
On a typical Friday night I am
Occasionally hanging out with friends, sometimes at a bar or sometimes at home playing board games.

Otherwise I tend to be off playing one of my many instruments or reading a good book while drinking tea.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I can easily be brought to tears by a good orchestra
You should message me if
You're looking for some wit and some banter mixed with a heavy dose of sarcasm. If you'd like to chill and talk poetry, philosophy, or art. If you're looking for a night out at anything between a bar or the symphony. Or even if you're looking to play together, in music or games.
The two of us