34 Maryland Heights, United States
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My self-summary
I was born in St.Paul MN, and have called Madison WI, home. I have been a contractor for more than 7 years, have managed a PC store for 5 years, and another 2 years doing on-site services. I spent most of the summer before flying to many huge tourist spots, installing WiFi.

Currently, I am a production technician for a corporation in St. Louis, and I hand make hardware components used in their products. The products I help make, are used to keep time at athletic events. Chances are you have used one of these products and not even been aware.

I am an INTJ. Most find INTJ to be quiet and withdrawn, I am not. I am not normally outgoing, I do not like being the life of the party, I am usually at home. I prefer making friends over finding romance. I like those who are ok with my talking and even seek out those who can keep up and throw it back. I do not complain others talk to much. By the way, my father is deaf, I don't sign, but I do tend to gesture a lot when talking, and this gets mixed reactions.

179lbs. No gut I swear, not less I want it stick it out :-p
What I’m doing with my life
Learning, Inventing, Gaming, Building new things.
Working hard every day, so that I can repay my debts and gain new tools to carve out a better future for myself.

Looking forward to the new machines I have my eyes set on. Laser Cutter and desktop injection molding! Better 3D printer too :-)
I’m really good at
• Soldering: it gets me good jobs, but it is NOT my love.
• Invention: working on that one. Always something new.
• Not getting sick: Very good immune system.
• My hands working with: what can these hands not do?
• Conversation: I will never complain you talk too much.
• Survival: I cannot fend off a militia, but I will survive the zombies.
• Cooking: used to think I was better. In the worlds eye, I am novice.
• Patience: It's hard to break but even mine has limits.
• Tolerance: If only there were an award for this.
The first things people usually notice about me
No beer, no wine, no vodka. "He doesn't drink?" -No I do not.
-and I am sorry if that ruins your plans. I have no intention of being your fun.

Hands smaller like my mothers, and they get cold easily too!
care too much, as one put it, I care so much it makes me angry that others don't.
extreme patience for learners and those as stubborn as mules,
likes black clothes, I have color but no one notices,
doesn't drink, every one complains,
talks a lot, I like friends who talk too,
has crazy ideas, says my boss,
eat lots of Chicken, says every one

Complimented by an ex for having the patience to put up with nearly anything and any one, that she said for her would have been gone after the first day. I have enormous patience and am not insulted easily. She said, most of us including herself, make quick choices and ignore anyone who does not pigeon hole into their expectations. Sadly, I wish this made up for other defects but it does not, if anything others are more judgemental.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I listen to almost anything. Used to post a YouTube link here. But gave up. No one ever looked.

PC, PSone, PS2, PS3, PS4, NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii, GameBoy, Gameboy Color, Game Boy Advanced, Virtual Boy.

Mario, Zelda, Metal Gear Solid, FFVII, FFXI, Destiny, Pinball, Ace Combat, Sim City, Minecraft, Dune, Abyss, Avatar, Legend, Labyrinth, Last Star Fighter, Fern Gully, WallE, various OST, various 70's-80's-90's Rock, Americas Test Kitchen Tv and book., Kitchen Nightmares, This old House, Physics & Chemistry handbook, Great book of Amber, Changeling, Madwand,

Started to fatten up the game list on my PS4. Hope some more good stuff comes down the line. Still hope for some kind of a social thing like PS@Home used to be, like Second Life on PC. So far lots of great online stuff but no local multi player other than Mortal Combat...

I don't have cable. I have no intention of ever getting cable again. Though my ISP is charter. Hulu Plus is all I need for most things. The rest can be found on YouTube or downloaded from iTunes, Google Play or PS4. Though I have to admit frustration with the new owners in HULU patronizing the cable conglomerate structure by requiring viewers to have cable TV in order to watch various content.

Will eat at Indian Buffet, Chinese Buffet, American Buffet. I like Denny's occasionally. I do cook, soups stews, fried rice. I can cook very well, but on my own it's pretty rare. Most of my solo cooking is some combination of beans, rice, broccoli, chicken, Eggs, corn, green beans. Pasta, and shrimp too. Fresh veggies are served with Spicy Ranch and bacon bits. Also serve up a nice roasted chicken, with carrots, potatoes and white onions.

I am no stranger to the kitchen and it's been proven if I say something is good, others agree, though sometimes it can be hard to get people to try things they think they already know. But this is one time I win almost every time, good food.
The six things I could never do without
water, air, sun, pencils, screw driver, magnet

thunderstorms, snow, ice, warm sunny days, flowering trees in the spring, birds

computer: 8GB, 2.5Ghz Quad Core i5, Canvas X 15, Multisim Blue, Open Office.

CNC, 3D printer, Laser Cutting machine, CAD.
I spend a lot of time thinking about

Politics, Physics, invention, Biology, Global Warming

How long it will take before we destroy the world in the name of keeping our *** hole country safe, in the name of a shapeless action less GOD, in the name of unfettered capitalism, in name of national security against enemies we deliberately create while policing the world!

Will we discover some form of star drive technology first? Probably not. Wishful thinking, but I am sure the earth will be uninhabitable before we discover a way to leave it behind.
On a typical Friday night I am
I will be at work most nights. Just a fact of life, I am salary. Will be a late night every night till some one asks me to join them.

Seriously I can take off work. But I am not going to do it without actual discussion.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Most men say they dream of women, but I usually dream of magic. The only trouble with dreaming about magic is the frustration of not being able to use it when I wake up. Though I have dreampt plenty more and am happy to share those stories I can remember.

If you are looking for dirt... you wont find much. I am quite boring I assure.