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My self-summary
I'm having the hardest time answering OKCupid questions nowadays. I always thought I was straight -- but I love my partner, who is a woman. Am I single, because I am looking to add a guy to that mix? Because that's what I really want. Never thought that I'd look to be part of a threesome, but there you have it. I don't want to give up my life with her -- I want to add to it. I really want to fall romantically and goofily in love with a guy.

Whether this turns into a classic threesome... is up to all of us (you included). Are you interested in me, and possibly in us?

I'm the one putting myself out there, so I'll be as straight-up honest as I know how to be -- I want a guy in my life. I am terrible at faking anything emotionally, so I'm pretty much a what-you-see-is-what-you-get. I'm a homebody who would like to get out more, someone who loves to ramble on for hours about the stuff that interests her who also adores listening to other people talk about the stuff they are passionate about.

Stuff I'm passionate about: History. I can talk (okay, more like gossip, but they've been dead for centuries so it's all academic) history for hours. Created worlds (fiction) of TVs, movies and books. The TV doesn't have to stop your brain from running if you use it as a tool to keep thinking.

I've said before in this space that I'm a hedonist, and I'll stick by that. I enjoy my senses. I like listening to music, watching TV, eating good food, the feel of silk or velvet, the sight of a fine painting or a really cool movie explosion. Anything that appeals to my senses and my emotions is likely to evoke pleasure in me.

Which means that sometimes I go for the cheap thrill, the easy hook. Crying at movies? Yup. Fireworks? You got me. Loud rock music? Bring it on. I live in my senses, and most of the time my senses are about 6 years old going, "Ooh! Shiny!"

I suck at lying, playing it cool, knowing the "right" thing to do in every situation. This makes me de facto way too honest for my own good.

There used to be a long story in here about going to San Diego ComicCon (yes, I'm a media geek) and getting my feet rubbed by a near stranger and surprising him by saying things like, "Ooo, that feels good" and "I really like that", rather than making him work for my opinion. See above re hedonist; playing it cool.

Let's see, other ways in which I am seriously nerdy but a lot of fun: Ren Faires. Genre TV shows and the in-depth discussion thereof. Discussing medieval British history as one long, involved soap opera at the drop of a hat. Playing Kingdom of Loathing and getting most of the references. An undying adoration for Legos.

Online circles and communities are a bit part of my life. Most of my friends I met due to interest in various fandoms, but our discussions tend to expand (and expound) on everything under the sun.

I am emotional, intelligent, and silly
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to create. By writing, mostly, although I take stabs at jewelry design, gardening, singing, sewing and graphical art.

Lastest: Knitting (very soothing) and, as part of my writing, participating in NaNoWriMo (won two years in a row!!! -- and then didn't win two year in a row, alas.)

For a living, I work for the one Internet web hosting company that still acts like it is still the 1990s, and no one has every heard of the Dot Com Burst. We all act like frat boys (doing shots at work -- fine, as long as it doesn't affect your productivity!) I troubleshoot websites on Debian Linux and am a semi-expert at intermediate WordPress problems. Qualitatively speaking.
I’m really good at
Remembering seemingly useless information (such as names and dates) about people who have been dead for hundreds of years. Making truly bad puns.
The first things people usually notice about me
My enthusiasm. My height. My hair -- it's hip-length again. At least one of the pictures I posted was from when I had about two-thirds of it cut off.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

Books: Ask me to pick a favorite cell in my body, about as many to choose from. I like to read huge honking doorstopper fantasy novels that look like they could kill someone if thrown with adequate force (although I burned out on Robert Jordan on the fourth book). If you haven't read Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series: read it. Smatterings of urban fantasy and scifi (mostly Bujold). Romance novels as my reading bonbons.

Movies (and TV): Something where someone is telling a good story well. It doesn't have to be a very deep or profound story. Well-done fluff is preferable to poorly-done "art". Shakespeare in Love is an excellent example of my perfect movie; the dialogue is entertaining, the characters are engaging, and it engages both my emotions and my intellect. The Mummy (1999) is also a perfect movie (not "great art" but perfect) in that it perfectly fulfills what it sets out to do: an excellent B-movie. However, I'm pickier about my TV watching, because I'll give two-three hours of my life to a movie but possibly full *days* to a TV series. Right now, my two favorite shows are Heroes and Russell T. Davies' update of Doctor Who, both extremely well-written shows about people who are flawed and interesting because of it. In my time, I have obsessively watched: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff Angel, Firefly (Joss Whedon), Farscape, and a few others that I am going to not mention for fear of coming off as a complete and total geek. Wait, too late. I am a complete and total geek, and I love discussing the motivations of characters from TV shows about as much as I love discussing the motivations of people from history.

Music: "Eclectic" covers it, meaning I listen to everything from angsty teenage boy alt rock, classical of all stamps, new age ("floofy") music, 80s rock (my childhood) and, well, just about anything. I just got a new car CD player that lets me play MP3 CDs, so I can load ten hours worth of music on a disk and go (I have a long commute, so lots of music is essential).

Foods: So not picky. So very much should not indulge. So little willpower.

Six things I could never do without
Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon... wait. My family, my friends, my coffee... wait. Is there a way to answer this question that isn't banal?

Let's say, barring sustenance and loved ones, the six things I love most are: good red wine, good dark chocolate, good music (of many kinds), good storytelling of any stamp (movies/TV/books), and we'll reserve the sixth for anything that comes along.

I spend a lot of time thinking about
Social issues, politics, economics, you know, the heavy stuff. Well, that, and whatever books/tv shows/movies I am currently enraptured by. History, from the viewpoint of a shameless gossip. Religion, both as a detached observer and a passionate participant.
On a typical Friday night I am
At home, probably watching various TV shows. Although without a great deal of effort, I could be talked into a quiet dinner out and a movie.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've seen people make jokes here, and I've seen a (very) few people complain that it's left blank. I think it's a brilliant question, but there is a dichotomy in asking "What is the most personal thing you would post publicly here?"

Maybe I'll just fess up at the fact that I've never had a serious romantic relationship with a guy in my life. Crushes, hanging out, unrequited, etc, but never had that romantic connection with some guy who had it back with me.

I live with a dear friend who is also my life partner. It's a complicated relationship but... I envision spending the rest of my life with her and being crazy old ladies together.

But what I want is to feel a romantic connection with someone (a guy by preference!) So I want another life partner, to make it the three of us. Not trying to define it any more than that (sex? no sex? all of having sex? I don't know!), because it depends on who that guy is, if he wants to hang out with both of us, and make a life with both of us. Yes, this makes my life complicated. And when should "complicated" become a reason to not try? :)
You should message me if
You like talking about esoteric topics.
Mindless fun is also good.
You don't mind that I like and need my own space sometimes.
You can deal with the fact that I reflexively make up puns and/or take things in the dirtiest way possible.
The two of us