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My self-summary
Update 06/08/2014:
phewww.... haven't been over here for almost two years now... well... what can I say... it has been a rollercoaster for me... Just came back to Krakow last week after spending 3 weeks in Gaza city, working as a volunteer there.. it has been tough over there, makes me think of things in a completely different perspective now, but I am glad I am back nevertheless...
So you see a lot of things have changed... so I guess I need to update my profile... but I managed to add few pics of me as well as some wonderful people I have met through out this past period... so please be patient for my profile info update, but feel free to message me nevertheless I DO NOT BITE.... ;)
Krakow has been so nice and hospitable to me thus far.. I managed to make a whole lot of friends, and we normally hangout in the Kazemierz area, which I am growing to adore as time goes by.....
Feel free to drop me a line if you feel chatty or would like to meet for a few drinks..
-End of update-

Update 30/10/2012:
In Poland at the moment... Krakow to be exact... I love that city especially the old town part of the city... magnificent place to be...
A lot of snow outside at the moment, something I am grateful for after spending almost a whole year in the deserts of Arabia...
Only downfall about this is the fact that I don't speak the language and somehow things are being done in a strange way this part of the world....but I will get around it.... >;-)

Update: I am getting ready to leave this part of the world, and packing up my bags for my next expedition in Europe.... I will start with touching down in Krakow, Poland where I am planing to spend some time before the road takes me somewhere new.... :-)

Where can I start? I am just a normal human being, who I guess have seen a lot, encountered a lot, and here I am still standing....
Have to admit...sometimes when I think about it, I feel though my life could be a very good script for a movie.

I have done a lot of things throughout my life, things I am not too proud of, where I suffered the consequences for, and was hurt and caused people pain through the process, but that's all in the past, and what is important is living the moment, but learn from the past and not to dwell on it, or so is my philosophy.

I am currently working and living in Saudi Arabia, but I am not Saudi though. Been here for a few months in this country and it is somehow different that other countries I lived in or been to, but it's an experience for me.

Don't really know what else to say, I think it is better off to find out yourself.
What I’m doing with my life
Update 06/08/2014:
I am currently not working for almost 2 years now (Don't worry, I have plenty of cash to support myself) I'm just taking it easy for sometime to enjoy, relax and rediscover myself...
-End of update-

Nothing but slave with a tie on....
I currently work as a business soft skills trainer as well as an English language lecturer in the university here in Saudi Arabia....
I’m really good at
Speaking my mind.... being goofy most of the times... ohhh yeah, and my favorite, NEVER GROWING UP...I guess I am still a kid in heart
The first things people usually notice about me
You should ask them :-)
But I think most people take the impression that I am a hard headed, sarcastic and yet very very persistent person, although my sarcasm is my way of dealing with hard and strange things I see around me everyday.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite books:
I love novels so much, and I have to say that to me personally, I think that Charles Dickens is the number one novelist in the world.
My favorite book has to be A Tale Of Two Cities by CD, I must have read it a million times, and will continue reading it.

I like Hemingway, Steven King, William Golding, James Paterson, Anne Rice, Robert Greene, and many many others

I like horror movies a lot, but the good ones and not those sleazy ones with lots of unjustified blood and

I LOVE BRITISH FLICKS, especially these psychological thrillers...

I also am growing a fan of underground psychological movies, and some low budget flicks with a good story to tell...

South Park is my favourite cartoon show ever... yeah I am a geek, stop judging.. :P

My favorite food has to steak, cooked the way I like it, which I am pretty good at preparing.... :-)
Sushi and sea food will be my second favorite.

Don't watch too much TV at the moment, but i try to follow the news, just to see what's going on around us in this world, but if there is a show I like, I really enjoy watching House, the simpsons, American dad, the cleavland show, CSI, and yes, I like
And of course my all time fav... BREAKING BAD Kicks Ass...!!!

Metallica (my favorite band), Pink Floyd, Disturbed, Korn, Nina Simon, Nirvana, Anathema, Cradle of filth, Dimmu Borgir, pretty much, Rock'n'Roll as well as heavy metal
I also like house music, some hip hop
pretty much any good music
Six things I could never do without
Update 06/08/2014:
I no longer use a tablet so I have to take that one off the list... maybe replace it with a camera... ;)
-End of update-

My Tablet
Massive amounts of caffeine
I spend a lot of time thinking about
If the letter W is a 'double U's' then why isn't the letter M a 'double N's'??
Where I will be next
The existance of God, and if people really need a religion to tell them how to live their lives
My dog's sexual orientation
Why do people worry a lot about 'saving the environment', when they should worry more about saving lives, as I am pretty sure the environment can take good care of itself...let's face it, we humans are the ones proven to be extinct!!!!
was Frodo gay?
What's next...?
Are we living in a real virtual world after all?
My existence....sometimes....
A lot of what ifs....!
Stuff... :-)
On a typical Friday night I am
Chill out with a nice bottle of red... maybe watch a movie, or go out with friends to dance... don't know... depends on a lot of variables....!!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It's very private...but I can say that I do have some secret crush towards
And I am scared shitless of spiders and bugs... specially Polish bugs..!! :o
You should message me if
You would like to make new friends...

You can hold up a conversation...

You are not into this whole virtual relation/friendship thing... I mean come on.. who wants to have a relation/friendship with his laptop???!!!!
If you want to have a relationship then you have to really know the person... so be friends first :D :D

You are NOT a drama queen...
The two of us