34Paris, France
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My self-summary
Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.

― Alice (Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland)

Hi you,

and welcome to this profile, wonderfully crafted with the love of nature.

Me ? Funny, sarcastic, ambitious, easy-going, happy, crazy.
Maybe kind of like you ?

I love tones of stuff. The smell of the air after a rain in Spring. Picking unknown random food at the restaurant for some new experiences. Walking, in cities, out, anywhere, anytime.

I always love to make my tiny players win while playing kicker/table football. I am keen on grilling dinosaur drumsticks on the barbecue. I am a fan of board games and card games - Catan, backgammon, Uno... you name it, I like it !! I am so into that that I love creating my own board game/card game rules. It feels so good.

My mind also reads about startups, and getting inspired about it. My body love swimming and inline-skating - every time I finish a ride, I thank the world I am still alive.

I love to party, and also going to a rock or/and electro concert - Yeah !!! But I am not into high-heel. Not that I HAVE to wear high-heel shoes and I dislike it. I mean, I am not into chicky-micky glossy parties. That's what I mean.

Camping - fresh air, bears ; nature, vulture... I like it.

What about food ? Anything should be tried at least once. You have sometime the opportunity to try something just once in a lifetime !! If you don't grab the opportunity, pffiuuu, it's gone. Forever. Like the Amanita phalloides for instance. You can try it only once in your lifetime.

I am found of cheeeeeese, avocado, shrimp, cooked fresh spinach, fresh FRUITS in spring/summer. Swiss' Guyère or old Comté is THE BEST thing on earth. After good cuddles, naturally.

And you, what do you love ? What are your passions ?

PS: You know Amelie, the movie ? They can do "Return of Amelie" and pick all these tiny loved things described above, and picture Amelie's life with it - just as they do in the first one. I guess Amelie would be more of a masculine, but it'd be great all the same.
I’m really good at
- writing too often with bullet points
- playing music : cello or ukulele / starting composing music
- creating board game
Six things I could never do without
- a pen and a paper to write ideas
- cuddles
- my sleeping bag. Adventure, here I come !
- a blender, a wok and a good sharp kitchen knife . For cooking, not creating a horror movie
- a fucked up sense of humor
- Life. That would be hard time if I didn't have that. But a zombie-state alternative would be OK.
On a typical Friday night I am
There is no "typical Friday night". There is no "On a night". There is no "I am" either. There is nothing. Just nothingness.
(well, far fetched one... if you get it, extra point)

Well, I like going out in a bar getting a beer, or dance to live music, or try anything random & original.

Keep your Friday Funky !!
The two of us