34Montpellier, France
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My self-summary
Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.

― Alice (Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland)

Hi you,

and welcome to this profile, wonderfully crafted with the love of nature.

Me ? Funny, sarcastic, ambitious, easy-going, happy, crazy.
Maybe kind of like you ?

I love :
- the smell of the air after a rain in Spring
- picking unknown random food at the restaurant for some new experiences
- walking, in cities, out, anywhere, anytime
- kicker/table football - I always love to make my tiny players win !!
- barbecuing - let's grill dinosaur drumsticks!!
- playing board game and card game - Catan, backgammon, Uno... you name it, I like it.
- creating some board game/card game. It feels so good.
- reading about startups, and getting inspired
- inline-skating - every time I finish a ride, I thank the world I am still alive
- writing with bullet points
- going to a rock or/and electro concert - Yeah !!!
- partying. But not with high heels
- camping - fresh air, bears ; nature, vulture... I like it.
- cheese, avocado, shrimp, cooked fresh spinach, fruits in spring/summer. But not cooked all together.

And you, what do you love ? What are your passions ?
I’m really good at
- writing too often with bullet points
- playing cello / starting composing music
- creating board game
Six things I could never do without
- a pen and a paper to write ideas
- cuddles
- my sleeping bag. Adventure, here I come !
- a blender, a wok and a good sharp kitchen knife . For cooking, not creating a horror movie
- a fucked up sense of humor
- Life. That would be hard time if I didn't have that. But a zombie-state alternative would be OK.
The two of us