28Lutz, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a pretty unusual guy, but I'm really good. Urban dictionary 'phil' for some interesting facts about me. I keep myself well entertained and busy. I'm a thrill seeker. Boring is like the worst possible thing anyone can be. I'm off the wall random during the fun times and transporter professional when I need to be serious. I'm amazing at putting together dry humor and a natural entertainer.

Although I enjoy hanging out and socializing with others and new people, I must balance with time for myself as well. I never chase. More than ever, I'm really interested in finding someone I can connect with though which has brought me here. I fantasize lately about a great counterpart whose thoughts and feelings resonate well with my own. I like to think it would be pretty awesome to have someone close that I can trust too. I'm pretty stubborn with several aspects of my life and finding the right one for me is def one of them. I WILL WAIT AS LONG AS IT TAKES. I don't settle easily--but it will happen.

I get things done. I work hard and I take my time very seriously lately--but I still allow myself to get wild. I can rage with the best of em.

I've grown up playing golf my whole life. So I'm pretty damned good if I do say so myself. I'll shoot high 70s low 80s never playing.

I CRAVE THRILL. Skydiving is fun but honestly was kinda lame tandem. Six more jumps then I can jump by myself but tbh not worth it IMO there's bigger thrills out there! Hopefully soon I will have had the chance to base jump and acquire a motorcycle.
What I’m doing with my life
Always working on something--we sagittarian are always moving. Projects I am working on most lately remain top secret at this time. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

Currently a "computer science student" @ USF, Tampa--but it really seems like a waste of time and money. I'm really not the type to open a book, read chapters at a time and then be tested on the information. I'm more of a learn as I go hands on kind of guy. But I can't say I would be who I am today without it, nor working on the bright tangents from the curriculum that I have steered myself towards.

Computer troubleshooting. I have been doing it since I was about 12 for family friends and still pickup jobs here and there for side pocket until I start bringing in the real dough. I can fix about anything. Psst what I do is google what I'm trying to figure out, then I find the solutions and it always works DONT TELL ANYONE :P
I’m really good at
Mechanical stuff
Dry humor
Being fearless
The first things people usually notice about me
Solid physique (Abs/chest if beach or pool)
Cool easy going personality, balanced views
Blunt, brutally honest
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
No favorite book
Too many favorite movies
I like all kinds of music. There's even some country songs that arent bad to these ears now. Lately I listen to ambient trancy stuff. I like the dubstep but its kind of mellowed out to much softer sounds at present.
Steak, chicken, pork, fish MMMmmmmm. I have been on meat every day of my life. Many days with multiple meats rofl. I want to be a vegan by the time I am 35. It's going to be really hard but I think it is possible. Do some research. For the individual and the planet, it is the most efficient and best for us all in a number of ways INAPPROPRIATE FOR OKC SO I STFU ABOUT IT.
Six things I could never do without
1) Bed
2) PC
3) Car
4) Internet
5) Super-glue
6) -_____- this face
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life, the world and the future (technology, education, communication & career)

How to better myself--mostly efficiency. Is time wasted when your getting wasted? Unfortunately, it is possible.

Why we are here. Purpose. Individualism.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either gettin loud and drunk or working on something
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Nothin I wouldn't admit to anymore. ASK and I TELL.
For example: I haven't been laid in 3 months. Now that this is no longer private. Another example: I have gotten off to photos of cars and even a tree once to prove it could be done. Dat trunk

*Update* haven't been laid in 30 hours
You should message me if
Your looking for the man of your dreams
Your looking for a friend
You are a creeper (YES chicks can be creepers too and its encouraged throughout the straight male population)
You wanna chat, debate, hate, hang out late, date, hibernate, bar hop, party, skype, beach, kayak, fish, bike ride, golf, sky-dive, uhm IDK be creative
The two of us