65Denville, United States
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My self-summary
first , i always put the seat down and i like to cook...isn't that
enough? i feel much younger than my chronological age, in
body and spirit.
in my ideal, intimate relationship:
conversation flows easily between us and there are lots of questions asked--not to challenge, but to understand. eye
contact is easy and often.
when we are dining or gathering with friends and enjoying
our separate conversations, you may reach for my hand or
connect your knee or foot to mine as a sweet reminder of
our connection. you openly share your opinions and passions
and encourage me to do the same. you are gentle, kind and
open minded and like to laugh, if not at the joke, at yourself.
i know you're out there...
i enjoy playing many, ping-pong,
volleyball, softball. outdoor activities: biking, hiking, gardening, sculpting my
living space, tree hugging, swimming.
good hand/eye coordination gives
one confidence in other facets of life-- my sons are a testament to that (in my unbiased opinion :-). both have amazing athletic
skills, and are confident, well adjusted young men. i never had to be that "frustrated athlete" father, who tried to live it through his kids--my kids have given me (and themselves!) some of the most memorable athletic moments in our lives--plus many others as well.
i come from a talented, eclectic, artistic, and musical family.
i try to view situations, people, the world as 'objectively' as possible, while being aware of my own personal biases. maybe i'll be a judge someday when i grow up.
you have to work pretty hard for me not to like you or give you the benefit of the doubt.
in general, i try to be a responsible citizen of the world.
i am truly humbled by the beauty (zion national park) and
forces (sandy and katrina) of nature. if it's not too late, maybe we can actually get on a path to leave at least a semblance of a sustainable planet to future generations.
i am the father of two young men, 26 and 28, of whom i am very proud.
i have a great support system of family and close friends, many of whom go back 20, 30, 40, and more than a few 50 years.
i'm told that i'm funny...humor is in the eyes, ears, nose and throat of the beholder!
i'm also told that i have excellent kissing skills---try me!
my ambition is to find a 50 to 60-something, confident, caring, intelligent, honest, fit, passionate and compassionate woman.
i'd like to make it to 80+,
healthy and happy...sharing it with the love of my life.
What I’m doing with my life
trying to keep my small business afloat.
trying to stay in shape.
maintaining an active social life with family and friends.
working on plan b: creating a unique and evolving art form--already on exhibit in a few select galleries, lobbies, eating establishments and residences.
'putting myself out there' to find a meaningful relationship.
I’m really good at
making people feel comfortable, many sports (except golf)
laughing, listening, music trivia, kissing,
playing devil's advocate,
assessing physical and musical skills
keeping and maintaining long term friendships- many for 40-50yrs.
The first things people usually notice about me
easy smile, green eyes, shiny head, laugh lines, being friendly and polite... and left-handed, if you're really astute.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
this is my stream of consciousness section................................ books--mystery, murder or political thrillers for escape, historical novels, sci-fi,
interesting bios... a wrinkle in time, the goldfinch,
ludlum, michener, steven king, asimov, baldacci
lee child, hunger games, rachel maddow, naomi
klein--shock doctrine, 'the panther'-n. deville
(my mother was a librarian for 30 yrs.) npr, 60 minutes,
movies- silver linings playbook, argo, lincoln, life of pi, american hustle, sound of music,
intouchables, casablanca, african queen, gone with the wind, it's a wonderful life, adjustment bureau, matrix, gladiator
the sting, close encounters, aladdin, enemy of the state, coen bros., john huston, hitchcock, rod serling, bogey, di caprio,
woody allen, daniel day-lewis, meryl streep, george clooney, jack nicholson, will smith, ed norton, jon stewart, colbert, robin williams, billy crystal, whoopie goldberg, amy schumer,
sarah silverman, chris rock, lewis black, more of course.
almost any broadway show, music: jazz, classic rock, blues, bluegrass, classical, reggae, big band, american songbook, --- ella, nat king cole, bonnie, b.b. dave mathews, allmans, pink floyd, u2, chick corea, al di meola, weather report, return to forever, bela fleck, lyle lovett, satchmo, k.d. lang, joe pass, tommy emmanuel, victor wootten, paul simon, kenny rankin, johnny cash, johnny hartman, norah jones, diana krall, tull, king crimson, sinatra, ray la montagne, pat metheny, beatles, stones, of course, the who, hendrix, clapton, traffic, sam cook, tchaikovski, yo-yo ma, wynton marsalis, led zep, mark knopfler,
bing crosby's voice, steely dan, joni mitchell, michael franks, karen carpenter's voice, carole king, james taylor, c,s,n,y, santana, grover washington jr. coltrane, miles, moody blues, dylan.... so many more.

i've seen many, many concerts during the 70's and beyond, (most of which i actually remember!)
not into much hard core country, today's metal and
very limited rap... most ethnic food, italian, thai, indian, portuguese, mexican, middle eastern, ethiopian,
moari (just kidding), shrimp on the barby, anything
i cook on the grill.
Six things I could never do without
family, my boys, music,
close friends to confide in,
being involved with sports,
reading, the sunday times,
being around interesting people who like to
laugh and play,
I spend a lot of time thinking about
ways to redistribute (yes, i said it), with minimal financial pain,
a sliver of the wealth and resources of
this country and the world, so that EVERYONE has at least the minimum: food, clean water, shelter, education and some kind of healthcare. ("get off that soap box, you liberal commie bastard!!")
the partisan, hypocritical, paralyzed state of politics.
improving myself--physically and mentally.
new artistic ideas.
memories: pleasant and not so...mostly learning from, not dwelling on.
'i,ve been searchin' for the daughter of the devil himself,
i,ve been searchin for an angel in white.
i've been waitin' for a woman who's a little of both-
i can feel her but she's nowhere in sight.'
On a typical Friday night I am
happy that it's the start of the weekend!!
up for anything!
even relaxing, with a book or watching a game
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i have a...... occasionally.
i also have a sweet tooth, but balance it out with one from the other side that's just as sweet!'s private!
You should message me if
you dare, and are looking for sincerity, a little humor, unabashed honesty (thanks mom!) and share at
least some of my interests....

if you got this far, you might as well message me now.
The two of us