22Florence, United States
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My self-summary
ok i guess it time 2 write my profile vaguely seriously for no goddamn reason and ignore the way i cut my words sometime bc i do it for my own entertainment

my name luca & im 22, i do know how to use apostrophes i just usually dont, i work part time at a store called gabe's which is cool

im a nordic polytheist slash roman catholic which is weird but religion is weird faith is weird spirituality is weird and i am stewin in a pot of my own soul noodles utterly lost and surrounded by spices

i dont have much of a social life bc im v guarded around people irl if i dont get to know their beliefs re: politics and society early on and then its either befriend happily or incite argument whenever possible

im extremely poor and i hate capitalism in both theory and practice

not in school but i wanna go back for theology/psychology so i can counsel religious lgbtq+ kids so they dont have to go thru what i did

if i find out u hate women then i hate u

im insecure about my tall/big combination so i like to date people who are taller and stronger than me
What I’m doing with my life
working as best i can bein disabled and whatnot and trying to get in a position where i can actually save money to:

a) go back to school
b) eat at least two meals a day
c) make sure my dogs eating enough too
d) pay my rent & bills on time
e) sometimes be able to buy a thing that catch my eye
f) go back to being able to homecook everythin
I’m really good at
being angry abt the maximoff twins, cooking a food, somehow being a radically liberal southerner, religious discourse, watchin kids, playing with a doge, naps
The first things people usually notice about me
my hair is extremely damaged from coloring but i promise u im trying, i am good at a makeup but not as good as i think i am, i have better hips than u, and yet terribly janky ass teeth
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

books........... carrie, xanth, lotr, harry potter not so much anymore? i actually read a lot of books on gnostic christianity and feminine mystery lately
included in books is comics in which hank pym is my child and pietro maximoff is also my child because magneto is my husband and i am somehow kin to every trash man in marvel except fuck tony stark throw him in the goddamned garbage

movies...... i saw big hero 6 for the first time today and that was cool. i like animated movies and documentaries more than anything like i will watch any documentary pls learn me a thing

shows. shows, i dont watch shows a lot bc i cant afford tv, but i do like elementary a lot

music... varies a lot. i like nicki minaj, and kanye west, and azealia banks. at the same time: pearl jam, alice in chains, stone temple pilots. also: triakel, gjallarhorn, ranarim. also: malena ernman, emma kirkby, sumi jo.

food.... yes...... yes
Six things I could never do without
flavored carbonated water
gel eyeliner
I spend a lot of time thinking about
my trash ass kinks
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i have a recurring yeast infection in my left armpit in warm weather because i almost died from a mrsa infection in the same area several years ago so i guess every now and then my bacteria are just kinda like wE WILL RISE AGAIN and im like lol no cornstarch bitch
You should message me if
u cool w/ all this and not grossed out by the above tbh
The two of us