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My self-summary
Okay, ladies this is a very serious prequel to my "silly" profile notes. All the things I've written on this profile, the "two of us questions", the tests, as well as this profile and pictures of me are honest. Just so you know, I'm actively doing what it takes to maintain a youthful health, like taking about 20 years off my biological age, so I really do need to have someone who can actually keep up with me in the sensual arena, not to mention the other aspects of life (I said not to mention them!), so, if you're my age or even older and have taken good care of your health, etc. then, by all means contact me! I'm open to any age who can actually KEEP UP WITH ME!! Seriously! ... and no apologies for the foregoing statement. And age is just a number!!!... especially when one is younger than one's chronological age!!! Unfortunately, most (both sexes included in that statement) don't take care of their health, so tend to age prematurely which brings me to my point...I generally am more attracted to the younger ladies ONLY because the older ladies (my age) are not able to (GENERALLY speaking) keep up with my life style. Okay so I'm a bit weird, but I'm also a real who does intend to spoil the dickens out of that special person that I finally do find and fall (grow?) in DEEP love with... I'm looking for that ONE special diamond lady! I have also, in the seminar and Church attendance I have recently been a part of, discovered more fully what a man is supposed to give to his mate...sacrificial love...a love where the man sacrifices his will for the well being of his mate. Okay, that is ME! Don't know if there are any women out there who want that kind of a guy on their string or not but that is me...

Oh, and I discovered why some of you ladies (not all) don't like interferes with the games YOU are playing against the guys!!! Had a few played on me!... and I agree with you...really not fun at all!

On with the adventure:

A note to all y'all slow readers: I typed this whole "About Me" thingy VERY SLOWLY so you would be able to keep up when reading it...Just tryin' to be helpful... (to anyone thinking this was a rude comment, it isn't! It's a joke! That means think about it... then laugh!)

I look at the age thingy, put in 69 and think, "But...but...but I'm NOT that age! Come on!!!... I don't look OR feel it. Inside I'm MAYBE pushing 39 or 40 (gotta get 30's in there somewhere, har, har), but 60's? Oh well, my intellectual maturity has that age to it, I guess. If I could do some things over I would. But since I can't I'm taking what I HAVE learned about male/female relationships and benefiting my someone very in spoiling her to the max, at least. That is what should be done with one's mate anyway...spoil her, as in make her feel like the most special, precious woman on earth! And she should be you know. That being said and off my chest I can go on with other subjects (Did that skinny up my chest?...Just a minute gotta go look in the mirror... Hope not, lol...Nope, we're okay, whew!). And, anyway, isn't age just a number to keep track of how many times one has circled the sun?... so if I happen to be ahead of you in the race around the sun, big deal, ha. Besides, I will probably be able to outrun y'all in about any adventure you want to name anyway, I don't care what your age is, har, har!

I entered "mostly Kosher" on the food check-box, but that is because I like meat in my diet ... as well as the veggies, which I like heated but mostly on the crunchy side of the "tender scales". I also find that shrimp are delectable! ...Hmm, I don't think they appear on the Kosher list as an edible delight though, har har.

I'm a 4 in the Enneagram...pretty much a heavy romantic! -I don't mean by that statement that I myself am heavy. Just my romantic attitude is. Did I make any sense?...If I did message me with the explanation so I can understand what it was I just said...

I presume that this next statement is going to land me in the "Shallow Hal" box (ouch, no padding in the box), but I'm thinking I must include it about me anyway...Here goes: Both paternal and maternal sides of my families were thin, so to speak, so all I've known throughout my short life is "thin". I say that not to hurt anyone but to inform you that thin is all I've known all my life so I relate thin as part of the love-chemistry equation of my pea-brain. At 5'-10 and 1/4" (that 1/4" IS all important, you know! Hey, I used to be 5'-11"...I have NO idea who stole the 3/4" ...Father Time?) I weigh in at around 163 to 168# ... depending on what part of the day I take my measurements, and which way I'm leaning when I view the scales. Someone once told me if I turned side-ways and stuck out my tongue people would think I was a zipper...Go figure...pretty dumb looking zipper if you ask me...crazy.

About the kids...says over there on the right that I have children. Well, yeah, I mean, they didn't just all of a sudden disappear when they got married you know...just a long way for me to say that the nest is empty over here in Jefferson... So, did THAT make sense...I am an incognito blonde...really! My brains are blonde... and by the way, under Obamacare I'm covered with paternity pregnancy insurance, as well as dental coverage for my "ghost kids" ... ???? ... Of course my own personal coverage was reduced in order to cover them...go figure????

(By the way, and this is in the category of being very SAD! I lost my oldest daughter to a truck accident the 8th of August, 2016! One second she was alive and well...the next second she was dead! just like that! I didn't sleep for three nights straight! and have trouble even now getting rest! I'm now down to just one living daughter out of three!)

The religion box indicates I'm Christian and very serious about it. I'm thinking maybe that statement might could scare y'all away from contacting me because MAYBE I'm one of those preacher types. I refer you to notes down below (in the profile notes, silly, not...(now I'M red-faced)) regarding my belief in preaching, which, in a thimble is that I'm a preacher to an audience of one...ME! And, in case one might wonder about one's sexual appetite as a Christian...I suggest you notice a few of the crazy tests I've taken on this equally crazy site. Now, I'm not preaching here, y'all, but in order to make it clear as the muddy Mississippi river to you about my beliefs regarding keeping my wife happy (you know, "HAPPY" in ecstatically happy (you figure it out)) I refer you to I Corinthians 7:3-5 which, to heavily paraphrase means I have no power over my own body...meaning, my wife can do whatever she pleases with my sorry flesh and it would be a sin for me to use the "no" word with her (which means I'd best be careful who I finally get serious about as I could conceivably end up in a dungeon someplace hanging from the ceiling, upside down..."help"...which is another way of my saying I don't think that would be any fun (for me) at all!). Another interesting reference for any Christian to check out is found in the Biblical book on sex: The Song of Solomon! (What? You didn't know the Bible had a book devoted to THAT activity?) The translators had red faces doing this book into our language! What's so funny is they even purposely mistranslated at least one word in there (7:2) they were so red-faced...NAVEL...indeed... I thought navels were higher than that, LOL! That book is a totally INTERESTING read once the reader strips away the false modesty of the translators, plus, the language is completely BEAUTIFUL!!...sexually so!!... and has absolutely NOTHING to do with making babies! This also brings up the point that is lurking in almost all of you ladies minds (the ones who have read this far, at least) about me or anyone who claims to have the Bible as their instruction Manual for living--and that is most think that being a Christian and being sensual are incompatible. Not so, and so I invite you to a chat if you are concerned about that because I'm not of a monk mentality, thank you.

As to fixing things around the house, I'm what one could call a "tinkerer", that is, I like for things to work and so if ya need somethin' fixed I'll probably be a-fixin' it for ya. Just a heads-up in that case that is a question lurking in the crevices of your brain somewhere.

I'm looking to meet up with a slender, or open to its possibility (all my relatives on both sides of my family are slender, remember?), good looking woman who can keep up with me...or I with her (pant, pant ... hey, wait for me!) I would like her to be as sensual as am I (that's a lot) and also able to have lively, scintillating conversations on any topic. I want my "rest of my life" partner to be one who will end up adoring me as much as I plan on adoring her! I need a lady who is my equal intellectually...and who can be and is my inspiration to be all I can be in life...Hmm, I don't know if the world is ready for us as a couple...we'd drive our community nuts with all the fun we'd be ya think? Where's the kid in ya?

More later as "more" comes to mind...By the way, did you know that love could be regarded as friendship set to music?...and do I ever LOVE to play, do, dee do, do..Can you hear the beat? Can you FEEL it? ( I recently bought a drum set (I had NO IDEA how to play drums at the time...but have done a reasonable job of making decent rhythm since buying it...and I'm happy I bought it!)
What I’m doing with my life
As related in the section below I'm writing a book or two, taking care of two lovable kitties (one of which is a little brat, which is an adorably cute trait to have in a kitty, don't you think?) and spending time (way too much time!) in this incredible website! ... I'm looking for my completer!!
I invented a game designed to place adults and children on the same level so that it is more fun and interesting for the adults to play with their kids. Also, the kiddies realize that they ACTUALLY WON, i.e. mom and dad didn't "let" them win. Can't you just imagine what that does to a child's self esteem? Now all I gotta do is convince some legitimate company to publish the cotton-pickin' thing...

Been writing songs. Also have a couple books in the works, which have been on hold now for far too long. Need to get them publisher ready...

Also, I was gettin' my roof cleaned of moss. I usually do that once or twice a year, but skipped last year due to a torn ham string the year before. Been up there in barely-there clothes in order to take on a sun know, doing' two thngs at once. Come to think of it, I hope the neighbors don't mind...Hmmm. Been told more than once that I have pretty legs for a man (Boy, I hope that information doesn't get spread around!)...Yeah, I guess you ladies like my butt too, for some reason...don't know what one can possibly do with a butt...just kinda is there...come to think of it, a pair of jeans would look pretty silly if one didn't have a butt in there to sort of fill them a chair would probably not be as comfortable to sit in. Oh yeah, and I'm guessing, nothing to pinch, swat or kiss.

Got a couple songs for sale on cdBaby and Amazon, among a few other sites...under the stage name Vern Burje' (in case your curiosity gets the better of careful though, they are very heavy on the romantic side. Don't want to cause a heart palpitation......or something).

Oh, and I'm also searching for the film to my photographic memory..Have you seen it?

I'm ready for a wonderful lady to be a part of the rest of my life. Everything about me up until recently has been about entertaining other people in an audience.. Now, I think I would like to entertain YOU!

The income I show is is slated to increase...more than slightly...

...More ...later...maybe...This is beginning to look more like a short story than a blip.
I’m really good at
...Performing live shows (especially for private parties)!
Here's a video of a live show I did very recently at the Springfield, OR Eagles:
...Freestyle dancing, so I've been told by dance partners...
...Making people sound good over a sound system, whether at Church or in a live entertainment setting.
...And fixing things around the to tinker (need I say more?)
...Oh, and proofreading...
Dare I say this? ... making YOU more ecstatically happy than you ever thought possible!...but only if you happen to be my mate!...Thought I'd best make that distinction...
...Kissing. full body massages.
...But I suck at finding photographic memories...
The first things people usually notice about me
My bedroom eyes (when I'm singing to the ladies during a floor show)...The cops think they look like a drunk's eyes...Humph, all in the eye of the beholder, har, har...What do they know?...and no, I wasn't singing to no cop!!!

Should I relate this? oh what the heck...I'm always being told (by the ladies, of course) that I have a cute butt, lol. Now I'm all red-faced...OH COME ON, I have clothes on when the comments are made...good grief! ....Hmm, I mentioned this subject could imagine ...... nah....
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This probably sounds hokey but I've been reading my Bible more of late. I'm reading it for me and not for that other reason...I AM trying to improve my life. In other words, no preaching...except to myself. (I'm trying to extricate that log from my eye...boy, is it ever a big hummer!!...see it? it's right there...a little to the, more to the left...there, ouch, oh, thanks for the help...)

I read a book entitled "How We Love" by Milan and Kay Yerkovich. Plus, I engaged in a small discussion group (Christian) that is discussing the implications of the information in the book. (Hey, I am trying to become a better deal for my upcoming, future mate!)

I am also in the middle of writing a novel...actually, a couple
novels. What is on paper so far is interesting, according to my
friends who have read what I've written to date. I'd welcome your suggestive input...once we're together, as, we are a team...

I really enjoy movies with romantic endings. Indiana Jones, Star
Wars, the Trek movies and series also come to mind. Comedy is fun too, like Jeff Dunham and his puppets, especially Walter and Peanut...

..."Lone Star State of Mind" is a movie I would recommend to anyone with a tickle bone lurking in their body somewhere that needs tickled! and don't forget that Bob Hope, Jane Russell and Roy Rogers (also Trigger, ha) comedy, "The Son of Paleface"...if'n ya don't laugh involuntarily while watching that one your tickle bone is either asleep or dead! (I picked it up at the is a classic movie, so that is probably the only place one can access it...)

And don't forget Chonda Pierce! -I think it must be the female in me that loves her...hee, hee? (or is it...her, her?)...I don't know. My favorite one of her shows is the one with the apple on the cover...can't remember the name though (I have a photographic memory, remember?...just no film.). I love how she pointed out that Adam was standing right there beside Eve when Satan was in the middle of deceiving her and never once did a thing about protecting Mother Eve from Satan's deception (Genesis 3:6). My thoughts on that one is that Adam was the first scientist...he wanted to see if Eve would really die! What an idiot!!

A required book during high school days is still in remembrance, written by a woman during a time in history when female writers were not considered intelligent enough to write anything worth reading, so she penned it with a male name, George Eliot. The book?..."Silas Marner". An excellent read! I also saw the movie of it on PBS...Great movie, with awesome actors!

Other required books during high school that I am glad I read were "The Merchant Of Venice", "Hamlet"; "Romeo and Juliet" by you know who (You don't know? Google it. It'll give you something to do besides reading all this drivel I'M penning).

Another book that I thoroughly enjoyed which was written by a woman was "To Have And To Hold" by famous author Mary Johnston. I read this one twice it was so intriguing! know, once for each side of my blonde brain...otherwise there would have been an argument ensue between the two halves..."roknrobin likes you better, blah blah blah."

In the food department...the fresher the better. I like my food so fresh it has to be slapped at least twice before it can be eaten. I do the cooking (haven't been able to teach either cat how to turn a pancake or any other useful thing like run a can opener in the kitchen yet!).

The most recent thing I threatened my kitchen with was putting up 24 quarts of what started out being Italian style zucchini and ended up being the whole continent plus some of the United States thrown in for good measure. I even had a bit of pineapple from Hawaii doing the hula in the mix. All my friends (so far) have thought I have outdone meself with this concoction. Hmm, maybe I should go into business and sell the recipe...just can't seem to get that photo memory to work when I want it where did I put that film? Oh, that's right...haven't found it the first time yet, darn...

I love making spaghetti sauce with onions, celery, garlic, mushrooms and other fine edibles thrown in and barely it that crunchy feeling in one's mouth. Then, a meal mixed with a fine glass of red wine is divine, especially if YOU, my Dearest, are there enjoying it with me!, WHERE ARE YOU??? Get over here!!! ...You're late for your being spoiled appointment!!
Six things I could never do without
1. Most importantly is Jesus! He's my Dad, my Friend, my big Brother, my Savior! ... (I'm glad He has endless mercies. Otherwise I'd be toast by now!...and pretty well charred I can tell you!...He keeps scraping the black, sinny, smelly stuff off my corruptible mental hide, ouch, ouch!)...and my soon coming King...imagine that!!
2. A life mate/partner (where are you? GET OVER HERE!!)
3. The lifegiving elements.
4. My God given vocal talents (Welllll, some people think they're talents).
5. My funky health...
6. My intellect. You know, thoughts and ability to communicate with others. How else could I kid around and make people laugh (or...make y'all want to strangle me.)?

In a nutshell, the six things are: Faith, family, love, music, health, laughter

Didn't include the necessary life sustaining elements as I think the question related assumes those things as a given...or my photographic memory...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life and...having a lifetime partner to complete me in all aspects of my life (I really do need someone to chase around the house...the kitties got bored with me chasing them and stopped running!)...(besides, I need someone on two legs to chase...more fun when you're caught! -wink-). Someone who can actually keep up with me and challenge me, har, har... (or, I keep up with her and she challenges me?...pant, pant, pant..."Hey wait up!").

...finishing my song that the judge ordered me to wanna know about it? Then email me for typing's sake! You do know how to peck the keys don't you? Yeah? Good...I'll be expecting your question...Hmm, now I gotta dream up an answer...

... finishing the writing of my books., I have a couple art projects that I've been seriously thinking about. I could do them myself but I think I would rather be the inspiration to a wonderful lady who is already talented in that area of her life to actually share doing the project with her. One of the projects is a guaranteed winner for sure!...and will no doubt have copies show up in homes all across America when completed! Imagine that!

...about the lady I am pursuing,,, She is one who looks in the mirror and sees a refined woman who likes the reflection she sees there, whether clothed or otherwise. In going out she can make whatever outfit she is wearing sizzle because of HER personality. Her attractiveness is made even more exquisite by her ability to carry on a vivacious conversation about most any topic. Discussions are done in an unargumentative style and m'lady brings in different ways of "looking at the elephant." In other words, she likes to add intelligence to any topic being discussed, knowing that I am the type who will recognize the common sense of what has been added to the conversation, and will be appreciative of her input... more often than not changing my mind to her way of thinking! --You know, "iron sharpens iron"! When we are out on the town I want to dance with my mate in ways that look like there is only one person on the dance floor we are so much in sync. We will even be able to tango, both on the floor and off...

...What else I can write on my profile to tantalize whoever falls into it. I noticed that under "Personality" it's been noted that I'm less literary than average...Boy, the guys who put their profiles on this site must be literary geniuses compared to me, if we're making comparisons! You ladies must have to go get a lemonade to tide y'all over while reading them thar other profiles if such is the case, lol...Go guys, go!

...whatever happened to that film? Did I misplace it? Did it ever exist in the first place? ...Hmm.
On a typical Friday night I am there such a thing as "typical"? ... sitting home alone with my two cats, wondering why we can't capture a nice lady's heart and share our lives with her.... meow...

...trying to improve this profile and/or looking for someone to torment on this site (I'm kidding about the torment aspect, just in case someone with no sense of humor happens to stumble into the profile this far...).

...looking for the film to my you-know-what...

...wondering why I can't capture a nice lady's heart and soul to be my life's mate, my last first kiss...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am pretty much an open book...once I know you...anything really private that I, obviously, wouldn't share on the internet. (Did I hear you say, "Duh"?)

Okay, here's something verrrry private that I'm sharing with y'all... I love my private life with my mate (get over here!).

I'll tell you if and when we get close mentally, emotionally, spiritually; physically. It will either amuse you or scare you off, har, har. (Wait...Don't run away! I haven't told you yet...!)
You should message me if are interested in seeing if I might be a possibility for a long term (lifetime), monogomous relationship. In other words, to see what develops. (Sounds like a dark room experience...develops) What would happen if it turned out actually being FUN? Whee...! just want a dance partner... merely want someone to talk to...'re dying of curiosity to see "who is that guy who actually put all this weird stuff here and tricked me into reading this far?"...'ve seen or found the film to my photographic memory... want to do lunch with me, and breakfast, and dinner... and don't forget all the snacks in between the main meals! In other words you want to do life with your one and only...ME! I'm looking for that ONE who wants to DANCE the game of life with me as opposed to MARCHING through life...'re NOT into text messaging when you're ON A DATE! ... unless it's with me! My recent experience... not fun at all, no not a fun experience at all,,,

...oh, and you MUST love life and have a verbal tickle-bone somewhere in your body!...My tickle-bone is anxiously waiting to be tickled by your laughter, your humor and your life! God bless! roknrobin
The two of us