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My self-summary
I am currently living in Japan, but am very interested in meeting people back in my home state of Washington. Let's chat, and if we hit it off, I'd love to meet up when I'm in WA for a while in the winter.

I grew up in Washington State, but have been living in Japan since 2004. I love music and concerts, board and video games, and spending time with friends.

I talk a lot, get really excited about things that I like, and love laughing and being goofy. I'm pretty straightforward and like to be up front about feelings and expectations whenever possible and appropriate. I'm very liberal and a feminist. My writing style in this profile is really not a good example of how I usually talk or communicate; I'm not great at filling out forms so I sound a lot stiffer here than I usually am.

I have three pet degus (small rodents), and hope to have a cat someday.

Also, I originally set up this profile yeeeeeeears ago, and while I've tweaked and updated it in the meantime, I've noticed recently that some of my answers to the questions (I've answered well over a thousand) are not as up to date as they could be with my current views, but I don't have the time/energy to go through and correct all of them. I think my most fundamental beliefs though are pretty much the same, and if there are any particular questions you're wondering about, go ahead and ask!

Last update Jul. 23rd, 2017.



What I’m doing with my life
I'm a Japanese-to-English translator of video games, anime, and other entertainment media. The variety of the work is pretty fun!

In addition to my work, I spend a lot of time taking photos of plushies for my moray eel blog, watching too much Netflix, and making all sorts of nerdy and cute crafts out of felt and fabric.

I've recently started guitar lessons, but am still very much a beginner.



I’m really good at
...learning languages, although since coming to Japan I haven't used my Spanish or German much at all and have pretty much forgotten them.

...making silly little felt crafts to give away or swap with friends and other crafters.

...writing. I haven't done much of it lately, though. I'd like to fix that.

Other things that I am decent but not necessarily really good at include cooking (although it takes me some time because I'm pretty disorganized in the kitchen!), organizing parties and friend events, and singing (I love karaoke!).




The first things people usually notice about me
In Japan, it's the fact that I'm visibly not Japanese, probably followed by how talkative I am.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Authors: Dorothy Sayers, Connie Willis, Neal Stephenson, Terry Pratchett, 東野圭吾and so many others I can't begin to list them.

Movies: also too many to list, but - Big Hero 6, Lord of the Rings, Moulin Rouge, Scott Pilgrim, Avengers, The Court Jester, Singin' in the Rain, The Emperor's New Groove...

Shows: Brooklyn Nine Nine, Parks & Rec (excluding the first season), Doctor Who, Top Chef, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Gravity Falls, Stranger Things, Midsomer Murders, Video Game High School, London Hearts, various quiz shows and music shows, a whole bunch of goofy British panel shows...
I binge-watch a lot while I craft and tend to burn through series pretty quickly, so I've constantly got different favorites.

Music: Mostly Japanese stuff - WEAVER, 関ジャニ∞, Plan-B, Goodies, Johnny's WEST, jealkb, NICO Touches the Walls, MUCC, waaaaaaaay too many others...
I also love Dar Williams, the Beatles, and a bizarre collection of new and old Western music.

Food: CHEESE!, chocolate, しゃぶしゃぶ, raspberries, bell peppers, corn, pie, hot sandwiches, and lots more. I love food!
Six things I could never do without
Friends! My friends are extremely high on my priority list. I don't care if we just hang out talking or go to weird little local events and exhibits together; I just like spending time with them!

Live entertainment! I usually go to 2 to 4 concerts a month. I also love musicals, other stage plays, and stand-up comedy (mostly Japanese manzai). I like to have at least a ticket or two to look forward to at any given time.

Tasty food! It doesn't have to be expensive, but I like to enjoy my meals, not just fuel up. I love going out to eat, or cooking for friends, especially if they're willing to help clean up. XD

Games! Anything from card games, board / boxed games, tabletop RPG's, party games, video games, to even stuff I'm truly horrible at like pool or bowling. I'm an absolute klutz though, so it's probably best not to allow me near darts. I really miss having regular game nights, and wish I had more opportunities to play here!

the Internet! for work, for fun, and most of all, to keep in touch with people who are important to me

Crafting! It helps me de-stress, something I need to do pretty often because of way too much anxiety, and I feel a really great sense of accomplishment whenever I finish something.






I spend a lot of time thinking about
what I'd like to do soon with my friends, what kind of craft I'd like to try next, good food, my favorite TV shows and entertainment events, the etymology of random words, and several more things I can never keep track because my brain wanders where it pleases when not reined in.

On a typical Friday night I am
On Saturdays I'm often out at events or hanging out with friends, but most Friday nights I'm taking it easy at home... which is another thing I like to do! I love getting out and doing fun stuff but I'm definitely a homebody at heart.

You should message me if
You think we have something in common and would enjoy each other's company. Please tell me what interests you think we share, or ask me a question, so we have a starting point for a conversation! I almost never reply to just a "Hi".

The two of us