39 Denver, United States
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My self-summary
Let's start with my name... Mihai
It's pronounced Me-Hi !
Really... That's my name,)
I'm One of a kind, just like u!
There's only one way to find out.
Actually that's not true.
I'll be the first to admit if I'm wrong or Ive changed my perspective on a topic. I may be a Taurus, but I've worked out most of my stubbornness. Yes, I can be in the kitchen, but it's only cuz I've learned lots of techniques, and I just want to save ur time or energy or both.... And I'm sometimes corrected. That's fine. I'm not attached to very many things... It's quite lovely actually.
I'll save u some time:
First passion is making art. It's what life is all about. Without it life is dull. Art song dance conversation writing living's all new and beautiful in its own right. It's only when we start comparing and labeling that things are "good / bad, better or worse" i don't like those words. Nor do I like the word TRY and its derivatives. One can always leave that word out, and make an active, positive statement. Try, trying to, have very low vibrations. Remove from vocabulary along with should could would and need.
Ok. I'm glad I expressed that. Back to what I love:
Making food for other people consumes most of my time and is my main source of income, mostly through private clients. I make body products under the name LoveShine. I love all my house plants which are mostly cacti. Gardening and laying in the sun give me great satisfaction.
Im starting a business that incorporates all my talents n skills. Exciting and scary stuff, but I have tools to stay calm, with a great sense of humor and a fresh perspective.
I do vinyasa and kundalini yoga on the regular. How one does yoga is a great reflection of how one does life. it's just a nice way to express. I'd love to have a friend to play more acroyoga with.
I stay really busy while making time for myself more and more. I'm looking to make friends and not have any expectations for more. It will happen naturally. I love flirtatious banter and great convo. But I don't understand meeting someone new and jumping into a relationship. Yes I'm dating. Exploring the world of single women. Some for friends, some business, some amazing convo, some for a movie and cuddle. and maybe a special one for playing as consenting adults that communicate clearly about what they want and don't play games or hard to get and speak their mind openly and freely. My heart is open and I'm not scared of anyone breaking it anymore. It's happy healthy and holy.
I'm also not jumping into a relationship after a couple dates. Or if we get physical. I'm not desperate for sex, i don't want it with as many people as possible. Quality over quantity has always been my outlook on that topic. And when feelings are mutual, i love to love!

Playing in the kitchen is always a favorite pastime. It can be so fun and flirtatious with new friend or lover😘

I truely feel sorry for people who don't like cilantro!

Plants are so amazing to me, yet I eat them all day long. But no "diet" can describe me 100%. Besides omnivore. I don't like to fit in boxes.
Can't stand plaid clothing. Just hundreds of little boxes. We live, drive, work, and get entertained mostly in boxes. And then so many guys get "dressed up" in more little boxes?! 😣
somehow women can pull it off, especially if they're not wearing pants. 😍

I'm youthful goofy playful use funny words for common things. Some just can't keep up. That's ok, we prob won't hang out long. I don't want to match with everyone. I don't need everyone to like me. And that's a very important trait for an attractive woman too!

I have a very hard time being attracted to a woman that is not using her body and staying active. I prefer a slender physique. Although it's high on the list, it's not the deciding factor.

Age is so relative to me. once someone is in their 20's, I get along with them great. It's the ripeness of the mind that counts. I injoy conscious loving open mindful and playful people. That's why BRC is my favorite city I've ever been to. Denver is a close 2nd.

Ive travelled alone a lot in my 20's, and its been a while since ive been out of the country. I look forward to travelling with a woman that im getting to know.
Its an endless process. Getting to know someone. It never really ends. Perspectives and opinions change all the time. We need to allow that in the person we think we know so well.

What I’m doing with my life
Injoyin every moment.. With a smile most of the time.
I’m really good at
Making and doing things with my hands.

I'm a pretty ridiculous D.I.Y'er! If I want to be good at something I just do it, then repeat again n again. With a keen awareness, a pair of well connected, responsive eyes and hands, I can do anything!!!
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't really care... 😏
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Oh god...
We can talk about it.
Not into rap or country. Love the sounds of nature, water, wind, storms...

The only food I still have trouble injoyin is okra.
Homemade sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles make me happy. Spicy-ness excites and amuses me. I can tolerate more then most. And i dont understand how some cant handle even a little spice.
Coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, himalayan salt, red miso, citrus, scallions, cilantro ... With everything!
The six things I could never do without
Real food
Yoga / meditation
Colors and textures
Fun Banter
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Ways to slow down the thinking!
Less is more, when it comes to a lot of things.
On a typical Friday night I am
Feeling grateful!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not the average cookie cut American. I maintain a well balanced yin and yang energy. I injoy flare and accessories, and love costume parties. men's clothes are all.,. same same but different.
I watch sports every 4 yrs, the Olympics and the World Cup.

I only skied before moving to Colorado 13 years ago, And don't have the desire anymore. Don't really care what u think about that. If it triggers u, I think that's hilarious. I'll never keep someone from going up the mtn to ride. Ill go and injoy the view.

I'll answer most any question,
In exchange for one😉
You should message me if
You're into:
Feeling the Bern!
Mindful consumerism
Whole food cuisine
Know that u can only recycle plastic bags n wrap at grocery stores, NOT in the reclying bin!
The flow and abundance of life
Being open and honest
Personal inner growth
Feeling gratitude
Love and art creating art and love
Make ur own probiotics😍😘