48 Lake Saint Louis, United States
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My self-summary
I've tried this online dating thing in the past and had not so much luck. Maybe this time…. so I'm back to try my luck again.

I am honest, faithful, respectful, loving, caring nurturing person; full of love and no one to share it with. I am one of the sweetest, nicest, good girl left… and somehow I haven't been able to meet someone who can appreciate me. (Completely mind
I am seeking someone who has the same values and beliefs as myself. (We'll chat later about what they are.)

I'm a mom with three fabulous kids, and love them dearly. They are my world and if that bothers you that they come first always… well then move on…
I love my children very much and treasure their innocence, therefore I don't include them in my dating life. If a relationship advances to a serious, exclusive stage and both of us are willing to take on the challenges of including children....then GREAT. But until that time, it'll just be us getting to know each other.

I enjoy life and all the positive things each day brings. I thoroughly enjoy laughing and making others laugh.
Nice smile and a great sense of humor are more attractive to me than a shirtless Brad Pitt. Although I don't base relationships on looks alone, I have to be attracted to my mate. Let's face it...without attraction there's no romance or chemistry.

My ideal mate must be honest and trustworthy, cuddly, romantic, compassionate, kind, and and and….lol… .
He must have an open heart and be willing to express/communicate his feelings good or bad.
He must be secure in himself and have trust in me. I'm not interested in anyone that is jealous, or controlling or just here for a hook-up..
He must be ready for a relationship or willing to put forth the effort/make time to spend with the other person to get to know each other.
I just want someone to make me smile, laugh and feel special.
I’m not looking for someone to complete me just compliment me or each other I should say.