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My self-summary
UPFRONT: IF YOU ARE UNDER 50 YEARS OF AGE, DO NOT CONTACT ME. Also: smokers [I want as much time as possible with My Beloved and smoking could make it shorter], men without posted photos, and "God fearing men" or religious fundamentalists need not apply. God is Love,not fear. I am NOT into organized religion either. God is too big to fit into one religion and God loves ALL people, NOT just the ones who erroneously think they are "the chosen ones" who will go to Heaven while everyone else swelters in hell. THANKS. Good Luck to all in finding The One who is perfect for them!

Hi & thanks for stopping by. I wish you good luck in this venue. Please know that I do not chat and I don’t do IM. Thanks for making a note of it. ;-)

I am a widow, so I don't like the fact that this site does not give me the choice to show that. I have NOT been single all my life as the label "single" suggests. "Widowed" and "divorced" show that one has made the effort to be successful in relationship and even "divorced" does NOT mean one was unsuccessful.

I know I will find my best friend and lover, for a sacred, heart-centered union of abundance, fun, depth, & joy. We can rest, each in the other, in this relationship. Our union is a safe haven for both of us. My Beloved has most of the qualities below. For me, these are basic and necessary. I offer the same in return. If you identify with the following, I'd love to hear from you. If not, I sincerely affirm for you that you find your Beloved with speed, ease, & joy. I am sure all of us can & will find the perfect partner for us.

If this list discourages you, then instead, think of it in a positive manner that it is a simple, forthright way to get a lot across in a succinct, FRIENDLY and GENTLE way so that we can be efficient and not waste each other's time.

1. You love nature, wildlife, being outdoors on our amazing Mother Earth, remote places, the Great Lakes [especially Lake Superior], the U. P., animals, especially dogs, country living, quiet time together.

2. You are into some kind of spiritual growth or you are consciously on a Path of Spirituality, i.e., you are into Metaphysics YOU ARE NOT INTO ORGANIZED RELIGION. This could be any of a variety of venues such as Native American ways, Buddhism, yoga, New Age thinking, LofA, ACIM, Prosperity Thinking, etc. just to name a few.

3. You have already done personal therapy; thus, you bring awareness of your subconscious patterns ["baggage"] to your relationships. We ALL have baggage and you know there are 2 kinds of people: A. those who know they have baggage & have become aware of it so it does not sabotage their relationships and B. those who don't know they have baggage or believe they don't & thus keep wondering why their life and relationships don't change.

4. Everyone wants a great relationship and has enough heartache in the past, BUT YOU have you cared enough to learn techniques/practices so you can KEEP a good relationship & allow it to be vibrant, loving, and growing. If you aren't already familiar with these venues/techniques, you are willing to learn them: eg/ IMAGO, "The Work" by B. Katie, H.A.I. i.e., The Network for New Culture, or maybe you will introduce me to something new in this vein. Please see the Book Wild Attraction by Richardson and also please see the link below:

5. You are into a healthy & holistic lifestyle. This might include organic food, alternative health care modalities, regular exercise, meditation, etc..

6. You love to laugh. It'd be great if you love to dance, too.

7. You take care of yourself and those you love. You love dogs.

8. You are creative in some way. If you are a musician, that would be 'over the top'! ;-)

9. You want a very feminine woman who is highly intelligent and who can stand in her feminine power. That does not threaten you but it excites you for you know the wisdom in the words I just conveyed. See the link below. Perhaps you are already aware of the roles of The Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine in relationships and at other levels of human existence. You are confident in your maleness so you accept that a woman is your equal, NOT less than you, and you appreciate and value her female strengths as you value your masculine strengths. You know that the strongest male is the most gentle when needed and you are NOT afraid to share emotions, hopes, and dreams.

10. You know the value of sensuality as an end in itself. Loving touch, eye contact, regular cuddling, frequent hugs, tender words, sincere compliments and daily appreciations are important to you for you understand they are what hold a relationship together and keep it running smoothly.

11. You are demonstrative in your love & appreciation in ways that are meaningful to your Beloved. You share with her what you want, what you feel, what you think, too.

12. Politically, you lean towards liberal.

13. Balance in your life is important to you.

14. You practice The Golden Rule.

15. You are 57-70 years young and your intention is that your youthful attitude and lifestyle will keep you young even if you live into your 100's.

16. I would love to welcome your [adult] children into my life. I hope you'll welcome mine into yours.

17. To summarize: We appreciate each other's strengths, make up for our weaknesses and still maintain our own individuality that is so essential to a healthy soul and a healthy relationship. There's great long-term connection, due to that naturally strong rapport and understanding. There is a real and powerful feeling of optimism created when we're together, possibly greater than any similar feeling we can create on our own [synergy]. We'll instinctively trust and inspire each other to new heights of creativity. Whatever our ambitions are as individuals, our relationship enhances and develops them further than is possible on our own. We encourage each other in all our endeavors, personal and professional. We are supportive best friends to each other, and we value AND NURTURE that friendship. What a wonderful foundation for a romance! We rely on each other our friendship and relationship to endure any tough times that we may go through only to make our love and respect for each other stronger and deeper.

Thanks for reading & I hope to hear a positive word from you. Best wishes!
What I’m doing with my life
I am enjoying retirement and being the best me I can be, creating Joy where it is not readily apparent.
I’m really good at
in no particular order:
laughing & punning,
seeing both [& more] sides of an issue,
being genuine & sincere, & speaking from my heart;
written & verbal expression;
being a good & true friend
receiving & giving love & support
being sensual
caring about nature, animals, Mother Earth
being creative
being funny
being optimistic
seeing the good in everyone/everything
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile & I do NOT look, think, act, or feel my chronological age.
I am quiet----until I feel safe.....
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: anything about spirituality [not religion] & spiritual growth & higher consciousness, how to co-create healthy, joyful, loving relationships; how to co-create wealth & manifest my/your/our heart's desires; self-help books; good historical fiction--especially about medieval times. If you want a fascinating book to read, try WILD ATTRACTION by Paul Richards. In a very good way, it'll challenge everything you have ever believed about relationships and will still leave you feeling hopeful and optimistic. In short, just reading it will facilitate your ultimate growth.
Movies: anything humorous, romantic, or with a good message or historical fiction, [no violence, horror, negativity---there's too much of that in the world without putting my precious time and focus on more of it!]
Music: Celtic, Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Classical, New Age, Balkan [sorry, not Jazz]
Food: healthy food--especially organic & vegetarian, tho I am not exclusively vegetarian & I try to be mostly gluten free which is getting easier & easier these days.
TV: I am not much of a TV watcher but I do enjoy Stephen Colbert & The Daily Show formerly w/Jon Stewart now w/Trevor Noah. I LOVE their humor!
Six things I could never do without
More than 6: my health, my commitment to my own growth & happiness, my family, my friends, music, nature, & my flower garden, my pets [little non-shedding rescue dogs], good books, The Upper Peninsula, trips to the Lake Superior Shores & other wild, remote places in nature, quiet time to myself, playing the piano, my creativity, books & workshops on spirituality & metaphysics, being outdoors & more.............
I spend a lot of time thinking about
1. how wonderful it will be to add a wonderful partner to my already wonderful life! and........
2. why people CHOOSE to be UNkind to others when it is just as easy to CHOOSE to be KIND.
3. past lives, ancient mysteries, The Shift of 2012 [Did it already happen? Is it still happening? Was/Is it real or not?]
4. how to commune with Mother Earth, her wildlife, her natural splendor.
5. how to help Mother Earth rebalance herself gently and quickly without dire consequences for humans and nature.
6. how I will meet my Beloved--I have the clear feeling that it'll be VERY special indeed.
On a typical Friday night I am
That depends on the Friday.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Not willing at this time.
You should message me if
You want a sincere & loyal friend and real partner in life;
You value mutual honor & respect;
!n the list in the 1st part above, you fit 1,2,3,&4 perfectly and you resonate with most of the other items on the list . ;-)
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