32Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
Hello, Here is information about me in bullet form for your viewing and reading convenience:

- I live in Prospect heights
- I work as a designer at an architecture firm in Manhattan where I was designing super-fun, exciting play yards for a charter school in the city, but am now working on projects with walls and roofs!
- My mother has a silly accent and I have a twin brother who looks nothing like me.
- I had the privilege to spend time growing up in the UK and Ecuador. The rest of the time was spent in Maryland.
- I went to undergrad at the university of Maryland and grad school at UT Austin
- Someone once told me I'm a catch. I guess I'm just slippery.
- Once, in Marfa Texas, I sat in a converted school bus eating gourmet grilled cheese with someone who looked just like Beyonce. It turns out it was Beyonce. Yeah, we are, like, BFFs.

I'm always interested in exploring the City, discovering sweet bars and restaurants.
I’m really good at
Eating grilled cheese with Beyonce, Architecture, sleeping, hangovers, combining 2 words into 1 word and a bunch of other stuff, but I can't mention any of it here because it might raise expectations a little too high.
The first things people usually notice about me
Obviously my rugged good looks...

Actually I have no idea.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This is boring. please feel free to skip this. It's just a list of things.

Books: I have a 1 hour commute each way so I get lots of reading time. I try to read widely but just end up reading shitty* science fiction and fantasy.
Currently Reading: shitty fantasy
Previously read Game of Thrones (Song of Ice and Fire) books. I Love Steinbeck, Jack London, Bill Bryson, Pop Science books like A Brief History of Time. Pop Humanities books like Outliers, freakenomics, etc.

Music: Currently listen to a lot of indie stuff. Things with boops and beeps. You know, the cool stuff.
Purity Ring, Chromeo, Cut Copy, Vampire Weekend, Yeasayer, Phantogram, Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear, Broken Bells, Crystal Castles, Band of Horses, Death Cab, and so on. Used to listen to a lot of punk and hardcore, so I still dabble in that. Refused, Thursday, Thrice, At the Drive-in, the Bled.

I don't watch a lot of TV but I have enjoyed: Breaking Bad, True Detective, Dexter, Californication, Game of Thrones, South Park, True Blood (I should put this in the "ashamed of" category), College Basketball.

Movies: Not huge into the mega-blockbuster summer mindless stuff and I usually go for realism and nuance when deciding if I like a movie (man I sound like a snob, oh well...). I like indie films. Her was awesome. I love Children of Men and any other well conceived dystopian sci-fi. Comedy-wise I love Superbad, anything Sasha Baron Cohen makes, Supertroopers and all that jazz.

This is starting to feel like an essay... anyway, on to food...

I'm not picky but I have a preference for fancy/gourmet food (it feels really stupid to write that, but it means I try to avoid the McDonald's, Applebees, and IHOPs of the world.) Luckily I live in New York where there is awesome food all around!
Six things I could never do without
Real maple syrup
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why so many of you say you are sarcastic... but you aren't.

Would you rather your date look better than their photos or be more interesting than their profile?

Why OKcupid doesn't ask me what the most private thing I will admit is.
On a typical Friday night I am
Out with friends, maybe a bar, maybe a show, maybe just exhausted and watching netflix.

maybe I'm on a date with you?
You should message me if
You are and/or look like Emma Watson.
You want to weigh in on which photo I should use as my main photo.

Or you could just message me ... what do you have to lose?
The two of us