30Reẖovot, Israel
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My self-summary
Chef's choice of the day:

I am a PhD student at the Weizmann Institute. I love nature and hiking, am a fan of science and technology and am a junkie of peace and quiet. I like thrillers, action movies and comedies. Enjoy thriller books and love sculpting in the sand. But most of all I like finding myself deep in the wilderness, in the quiet and far from anything man made. Just me, you, my camera and the wildlife around.
What I’m doing with my life
I am a chemist, not the drug type, just your regular kaboom guy.
I often go traveling around the world, literally going to the end of the world and back. I watched the aurora in Lapland, splashed in mud with giant turtles in the Galapagos, climbed the high mountains of Peru, crossed the Alps by foot, hiked through the volcanoes of Iceland and survived! Hopefully you have more ideas that we can try out together.
Coming to think of it, it is kind of strange that i'm a home person in my daily life.
I’m really good at
Science (O2+2H2->2H2O)!
The first things people usually notice about me
I would suspect that the first thing people notice is the calmness that surrounds me like an aura.
They see a person who is different, intellectually driven and love guided who is always energetic and enthusiastic.

Well, ether that or my blue eyes... :p

(heads up, I am slightly cynical at times)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Currently reading 'The Expanse' series and loving every moment! My favorite books is 'The Martian' by Andy Weir and I strictly think that everyone else should read it too! I also love 'Angels and Demons' by Dan Brown (the book, the movie is nice but not as good).
I like thriller, action and comedy movies. Pirates of the Caribbean is fantastic (especially the first and fourth). I love The Matrix, The Terminator (especially the second), True Lies and Total Recall (1990, please...). Eyes Wide Shut and The Tourist are also masterpieces in my opinion.
Oh, I completely forgot about TV series: I love Mythbusters (too bad its over, every good thing should and does come to an end), Masters of Sex, The Big Bang Theory (like the rest of the civilized world), Elementary and Eureka (Older, but definitely worth mentioning).
I like artistic computer games, the ones that were really thought out. I love comedy adventure games and strategy games with this something extra like Company of Heroes (although I rarely play them anymore) and I love puzzle games like World of Goo.
And please give me some mechanical puzzles, they're the best! I just love figuring out how to remove that ring, untangle the nail or order the Rubik cube. Just don't expect the puzzle to stay unsolved for long... There is not a single puzzle that I own and have not solved yet.
Six things I could never do without
I'd like to think I'm an adaptive person that could live without most things. Yes, even my computer... for some limited time...
However, I'd also like to think that I'm a human being and as such might require some air, water and food. Gravity also sounds nice after hearing a lecture about space medicine...
And well, I'm pretty sure I'd like some human contact once in a while, human psychology is capable of driving one crazy...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Science, mostly chemistry. You would think that the science of electronic configurations would be based on electrons, but we all know the table of nuclei (or should I call it the periodic table). Why is that? Is it possible to change this?

I also spend a lot of time thinking of nature, places I want to go to and places I've been to. Interesting natural phenomena I want to see. I've been to enough cold places for the time being, although I would never say no if a good idea came by! Maybe its time to visit the safari somewhere in Africa? Maybe a jungle tour somewhere? Not sure yet. In any case, want to join me? That could be fun!

And I'm already thinking about you. I can't see your face yet, but you definitely take up some of my time too.
You should message me if
If you're an intelligent and sweet person (with some salt, I love salt) who wants a serious relationship and likes calm intellectual guys, please don't be shy and leave me a message. Say I sent you :)

P.S. I almost never message women who write very little (or nothing) in their profile, so don't count on it. If you fit this profile type and still think we might have a chance together, messaging me is your only option. Please do! If you have a great profile on the other hand and think we fit you should message me anyway ;)

**Every message gets a reply, I think that's elementary manners**
The two of us