68Crescent City, United States
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My self-summary
YOU bet life is good..

JUST Two MiniVans passing in the night..
Yes, just, vagabonds slowly driving by glow of headlight.
Rushing nowhere, nowhere in sight.
Just the mist and fog making us feel alright.
Able to pull over and even rest if that feels right.
Peaceful and content alone.. no one to fight.
Yep passing in the night.

WHAT if we could see each other?
NOPE we can't cause of no light..
SO we remain two MiniVans passing in the night.
Ain't we TWO vagabonds ... Aren't we such a sight?

Who knows what SELF-summary should be.. I would think somewhere in here as well as questions, tests and all my writing including what I have posted in Journal.. I am sure I have said 10 times more than most.. BUT most don't want to read.. I guess I understand.. so .. I am a Single MAN. been divorced since 2004 and was a single Dad since then.. got my 2 boys raised now, youngest is 21.. I feel I am Rugged I guess.. who knows, but I do know that I have a Tender heart.. I CARE.. I care a lot.. I have long hair and I love hair.. Yes I have facial hair.. I am VERY content.. I don't think I am ever lonely.. Sure I would like to have skin to skin and companionship or contact, but seems we ONLY feel lonely when we think we have someone.. OH OH I am 5' 9" and drink coffee, but not a drinker or drug user and that includes even Doctor given pills or over the counter stuff except on limited cases.. I try to eat or juice right with natural stuff so to speak as best I can, but will NOT have to keep from fast food or stuff even though I eat very little ... I love being out in nature and listening to Mother Earth and the quiet a lot.. Not sure what else we are to say.. want to know.. ASK..

I figure women have been hit on enough, so I don't often make any first contact.. If you wish, hit me up and let me know if you wish to pick my brain or have any questions.. And always feel free to keep the conversation going as I will never be pushy.
What I’m doing with my life
I do have the longing for a companion or connection as well as discussion .. shoot even talk or whatever the WOMAN words are for what I am trying to say.. NO not a cleaning lady or cooking freak.. AND maybe even a smoking lady as they seem more understanding.. NOPE.. Not a mom, not a babysitter.. Well maybe I need babied, even tied at the hip and then maybe having to escape for a bit so we.. or I do not stifle... Just two of us many times.. Just one who loves and can accept being loved. Come take me by the hand if you ever dare be that simple girl that is ready to allow your broken heart to grown in complete oneness with this heart full of scars of time.

I do feel I am a bit of a Daddy and understanding for perhaps an Adult Little Girl or one who is tired of always being in the fast lane.. Sometimes we do not quite know or understand the terms, but I think it at least gives a start for discussion as we define what we feel. I do know I am very patient and quite understanding trying to provide safety for my woman.. or the two of us.. We all learn and grow from each other and our talking or being together.

Been divorced for 8 plus years of which I was single Dad to my two boys.. Youngest is now 20, so I made it though and am ready to take a walk.. have a coffee.. or sit and talk .. shoot even mail a few times or who knows.. ANYWAY lets just get to snuggling.. OK at least talking sheeehs.. Say hello if you wish and lets see if we might be for each other ..

Thank you for reading and here is sending out the beyond best to you..
I’m really good at
Some say I am bad, so I guess maybe I am only good at being bad. LOL OH OH and I am INTJ on that one test by Meyers.. http: // www. /cgi-win /jtypes2.asp Yea the personality thing..
The first things people usually notice about me
Maybe my beard and hair? Who knows.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't have much of that.. I don't really watch TV .. I don't hardly ever do music. I do like Mexican and Pizza, so maybe I would read some of their ads. OH OH, I do listen to a lot of the books on tape and a few have some music with them between chapters and stuff. I try to eat fairly healthy.. often with a bit of the juice type stuff..
Six things I could never do without
Food, water and a bath tub. OK, so I don't have much that I am into. I would be happy to have a woman in my life, but a lot of times it is simpler without some one as I feel we are only lonely when we think we have someone. I do great and hope to find a woman who is the same, but that we will make a cholce to have each other in each others life as we know it will enhance our lives.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I often think of.... YOU bet most all of us who are Vets have had some tough days.. weeks.. years etc.. Yep we have .. BUT I think often the women in our early lives are forgotten.. forgotten what they have gone through.. Perhaps their sleepless nights in the times we have Night-sweats and even Nightmares or flashbacks as some call them.. Yea, I have had some tough times.. BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD .. but for the love of some... Sure many of us seem to finally fairly much come home and get I GUESS NORMAL after some years.. some don't...

22 vets a day kill themselves.. YEP about 1 an hour.. BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD.. yep some tough days and at times tough times for our families.. Yea, I talk to hundreds of Vets a year in the circles I travel.. sure I do.. We don't have to always give them something.. MANY of you are not equipped to do more than say HI or smile, just do that and it will be a start... YOU ARE OK.. Help make a homeless or VET OK with just a hello instead of the BULL SHIT OF GET A JOB.. Live a week in our head and then.. well anyway... MOST OF US AS VETS LOVE YOU ALL AND CARE.. we really care inside that hard person you think you see..

SURE I also think on ... Yep Our snuggling and holding each other with the feeling of safety and contentment. I enjoy walking in the mist and fog or light rain, the sitting talking of nothing for hours, just our being one and enjoying a mellow life with each other.
On a typical Friday night I am
Just like most other nights.. I mellow a bit and realize another week is over, well that is if I even notice or care what day it is. LOL One great thing about SINGLE is who the hell cares if we care what day or time it is.. BUT sure would be nice to have .. well anyway, skin to skin is .. Sheeesh, I better get coffee before I get myself all shooooook up.. was gonna say worked up, but then I might blush..
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Oh My, I am not sure I think of anything private, but I am not sure most want to hear about what I think. LOL. I am an open book, but possibly don't ask unless you want to hear. Want us to snuggle close as we whisper those things in each others ears? Be careful I nibble.
You should message me if
If you want to, send me a mail or such. Check out my tests and questions scores and see if we tend to be for each other. I am sure my scores are not the norm.. I am not sure I have ever been normal... but but but it is the rest of the world that is messed up I tell you. LOL Are YOU considered from another planet also?
The two of us