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My self-summary
So the last iteration of this summary was very esoteric and full of somber imagery and it was all very well written, I promise, but I wrote it when I was very depressed. I do that sometimes, get depressed. That's a thing you should probably know. Just comes with the 'eccentric writer' territory.

I'm not that anymore, depressed; my love-triangles have become a love point and now is, I think, the time to start looking into making them back into love line-segments.
I hate geometry. Let's move on.

I am, by nature, a writer and while I haven't written any fiction in a while, I do keep myself busy with essays, edits, advisings, musings, and blog posts. Did I mention that? I have a blog! It updates once a week, every week, and in it I say interesting and/or funny things! Find it here! Shameless plug!

Self-promotion aside, I do engross myself in writing, both in theory and in practice and if that's a thing you do too, hey! Cool! we have something to talk about! Even if you actually think you suck but always wanted to! Fun fact; most people are neither as bad as they think they are nor as good as they think they are at writing. Just one of those funny things.

If writing, language, literature, or thereabouts are not your thing, well...I hope you're interesting in other ways. And very tolerant of gushing because sometimes I learn some new, crazy obscure thing and suddenly have to gush about it to someone. Like once I learned that the Old English word for stone is stān and that people named 'Stanley' are also derived from that word; they are stān-ly, stone-like; so I've made it my mission to somehow bring that up to every Stanley I ever meet.
Lifetime Stanley Count: 0
Times I've told people that: More than I'm comfortable admitting to.
What I’m doing with my life
As of this moment I am in college getting my AA which, once it reaches level sixteen, will become a BA before reaching it's final form as a MR. After that, I will Challenge the Elite Four and become League Champion.
I think I may have started talking about something else halfway through that last paragraph...

Moving on; once I acquire said degree(s), I plan on taking on organized religion from the inside. THAT'S RIGHT, BITCHES, I'M COMING FOR YOU.

I also plan on getting certifications in a couple languages to teach on the side because literature and religion don't pay shit. Speaking of languages, I have very recently started keeping a journal. The twist--because I can't ever do anything simply--is that I'm keeping this journal in foreign languages, the point of which being to force myself to look things up and memorize them. I'm starting out in Spanish because that's the language besides English I've got the most background in, then I'll probably move on to French and in no particular order German, Dutch, Old English, Italian, Russian, and possibly Japanese. Maybe not though; Asian languages scare me.

I am in the process of purchasing a pair of birds. Why? Because I can't have a cat and dammit, these parental instincts have to go somewhere.
I’m really good at
I am very good at writing. I say this with the distinct bitter-sweet tang of being better than most people, but still having quite a very long ways to go. I'm now good enough to start giving legitimately helpful advice to people just starting out though, so that's a good feeling. I like picking through other people's writing, helping them ferret out mistakes and make pieces stronger and more cohesive. I am a nearly-fantastic editor.

I'm also stupidly good at picking up languages and accents. I'm still just picking up most of the ones I'm working on, but I'm fairly competent in Spanish and I'm more fluent in Old English than anyone I know, so there's that. I like Old English. It's hard and sometimes it just plain doesn't make sense, but it's a challenge to the tongue and an interesting look at the roots of Present-Day English. Plus, now I can say "Bicce, þisne ist Eald Englisc" Whenever someone tries to complain they can't read Shakespeare.

Also; I am a Thesaurus.
Also; I am a fact repository.
Also; I am a pretty good ad-hoc therapist.
Also; I enjoy good use of parallel structure.
The first things people usually notice about me
So far as I know, they don't, generally. When they do though, it's that I'm wearing a jacket in the Texan Summer. That usually weirds people out. I was once called "Winter Incarnate". I'm still unsure if it was meant to be insulting or not, but I have to admit, I'm a little fond of the image.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music-wise I'm very...varied, but so much so as to surprise someone. I have been told that I like "White people music," which is something I'm still trying to decide how I feel about. Bullsh*t by Mindless Self Indulgence just finished playing and now Television by OK Go is on, next in the queue is the Ink spots and after that is Tchaikovsky. So yeah, I jump around. Mostly I stick to various flavors of Rock, but I can also be found in electronica, vocal, classical, show tunes, and one instance of Russian Pop. Go figure. Two Genres I simply cannot deal with are Rap and Country. Sorry. Rap culture is too ostentatious and country is Bleh.

Books, books, I like a good british comedy. Hitchhiker's, Good Omens, and so on. I am in love with Neil Gaiman and read his books like nothing else mattered. Peeking over to my shelf I also see some Zombie Fiction mixed in with some Michael Chriton and a dash of H.P. Lovecraft. I'm also a fan of more classical literature on occasion, but too much and I fall asleep.

I also loves me some comics. I don't pick sides in the Marvel vs. DC battle, though I do pick sides in the Superman vs. Batman battle (Batman, who has already kicked Superman's ass like twice) In addition to the more common superhero comics, I also enjoy the more cerebral and/or unorthodox ones. Not to say they can't be the same thing, isn't that right, Alan Moore?

And movies? I like a good heist, Snatch or Resevoir dogs, for instance. Martial Arts films are fun, Kung Fu Hustle is probably my favorite example of that, followed closely by Ip Man which I saw recently and loved quite a bit. Cartooooooons! Does anyone remember Reboot? I do...I grew up on Batman the Animated Series and the dulcet-yet-threatening tones of Kevin Conroy.
Six things I could never do without
My Jacket first and foremost, if I'm outside, I'm wearing a jacket. Rain or shine, blizzard or heat wave, I'm wearing my jacket. I've usually got a collection of pens because you never know when you need to write something down and you never know when five of your pens will go out. On that subject I also keep a small notepad on my person at all times because paper napkins aren't always the most reliable. I'd probably go mad or be productive or something without my computer. Her name is Clio and I built her out of parts I got off of newegg and Love. Mostly Love as I couldn't afford many good parts. How many are we up to? Four? Good enough.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend a lot of time thinking about...hmm...Well, when I'm in a public place sometimes I'll pick someone out and start analyzing them. I'll look at how they're dressed, how they stand, who they're talking to how they're talking to them, where they are, what they're doing, how they have their hair, what their skin's like, and so on and I'll try to start estimating things. Things like what they're like, what they're trying to say without saying, what they're trying to not say without saying, but saying anyways.
It might sound weird, but you learn a lot about people this way and it's a better way to kill time in the doctor's office than read old magazines.
On a typical Friday night I am
When I'm not writing, working, or going to school I can often be found behind my desk playing some sort of video game ranging from the very niche like Dwarf Fortress (ugly as sin and complicated as French Women) to wide-appeal games like *insert popular game here*

There is a chance that I'm hanging out with someone else on a Friday night, though when that happens it tends to center less around Friday night and more on Saturday morning. Like...three in the morning. I'm a night person. Daytime is for suckers and people who don't hate bees.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am intruiged by the notion of admitting a private thing. Once you admit it, it becomes less private. Admit it enough and it's no longer private at all. Originally I had written here "I am actually a terrible person, filled with spite and contempt" but then I realized that all of my friends know this already and so this is not very private at all.

A not so private thing: Part of the fun in figuring out how things work is breaking their system. This is a private hobby of mine.

A more private thing: one of my hobbies is papercraft; I make paper models out of cardstock and glue. Mostly I focus on videogame characters, due to the plethora of templates to be found. Also, because I am a massive nerd.

A thing which is, externally, not so private, but embarrassingly private the deeper you get: I am a MASSIVE nerd. A lot of people identify as nerds because they think they're cute or they play video games sometimes. Some people even are nerds because they play video games a lot and can name all the Avengers, even the ones that weren't in the movie. I study historical linguistics and write an 2500+ word essay every week. For fun.

So you know...spric nerdy æt mé
You should message me if
Lacking any of these is not a disqualifier by any means, but having them certainly does help.

You should message me if you're nice, if you have a healthy appreciation for language and Grammar, if you love to talk about your chosen field of study, be it history, Language, mathematics, theology, literature, science, or what-have-you, if you've made it this far and aren't tired of me and all my words yet, if you like games, video, tabletop, or interpersonal, if you DON'T like sports, if you're a short, brown-haired girl with large eyes, if you're quiet, and want someone to be quiet with, if you walk down the middle of the street at 3AM hoping to find someone just like you, doing the same thing.

*NOTE* Sometimes I look at you and go "Oh, they're nice, I should message them" and then don't because I have something else to do or I'm not sure what to say yet. Then I go back another day and go "Oh, I remember looking at them...why did I want to message them again?" and then re-browse your profile. This can happen several times before I actually get around to sending a message so if you see me on your visitors list over and over, it's not that I'm creeping or shy; I just forgot who you were. I do that. A Lot. Should you find yourself in one of these loops, feel free to break it by messaging me first, as it will be much appreciated. Often, I like you, I just need to be reminded that people are a thing.
The two of us