27Jacksonville, United States
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My self-summary
I really want a country boy. A farmer, hunter, fishermen, hiker, or whatever it is. I need me a man that is smart and can be in the city but is a country boy that wants to live in the country. I want to live in michigan but that is up for negotiation lol. Dogs are a must. I want any kind of coonhound but preferably a redbone, treeing walker, or black and tan. I am in the USAF but do not know if i plan on continuing after my enlistment in 2015. Right now i have my associates degree and am working on my bachelors. I love photography and volunteering and want to get a career envolved in one ore both of them. I want to have my own kids through a surrogate mother or something as well as adopt or either or idk

Decided to add more on what I am looking for:
So I really want to settle down soon. I know I am young and I should live out my young days to the um why cant I do all that with the man of my life? I would like someone who wants to travel the country/world, likes to drink socially and likes to be active. I love volunteering and would like someone else who is either a volunteer-nut, wants to improve their community, or is just in general looking to help people in any fashion. I would like someone who was either in the military, still is, or appreciates the military. I also want someone who is not very political and if they are then doesnt try and push their political beliefs on me. Someone who has a job in any of the following categories or wants a job in any of them would be amazing: photography, biology, geology, animals, astrology, astronomy, painting, farming, park ranger, really anything lol i dont really care about your job i just want you to love what you do and look good in your work outfit ;) I want someone who wants kids within the next few years and wants to adopt as well as have surrogate mothers for our own biological kids. I want someone who is either not religious but is still spiritual or who is religious but doesnt try to convert me. I do go to church and i am involved in the church but i am not religious. I dont believe in God but i do believe in doing good and that good people in all religous texts existed and changed the world. Someone who is still a kid at heart but acts mature. Someone who is into photography or is willing to let me take pictures of them all the time. Someone who is either financially stable or who is working on it or planning on it. Someone who is educated or if not educated is still succedding in life. I want someone with goals and ambitions and drive to get stuff done. I want to be able to get out of the military and live with my man who has a happy stable job so I can work on my next career. I want someone who cares about their body and worksout so I can workout with them. I want someone who will help me with my problems and help me stay focused in life. I have too many demons trying to run my life and I want someone who can be my shield from those demons. I want someone who cares about themselves as well as me and acts like we are a couple. I want someone who I can meet their parents and who i would love to have meet my parents. FYI my parents dont care about politness and proper manners and whatnot. They are more into the natureistic men, hunters, farmers, cowboys, and really anyone I love. I want to proove to them that even tho I am gay i can still raise a family and make it through life. Actually i find it a competition between me and my brothers to be the more succesful one and being gay has put me behind. I cant have my own kids and have that man and wife relationship. Even with this I can still try my best. Someone who likes singing even if they are bad at it. Someone who I can kareoke with in the car (im a bad singer). I want someone who is kool in public and that my friends like. I want people to know the person I love and to be able to meet my mans friends and have them know about us. Ok that is it for now lol but there is so much more.
What I’m doing with my life
Loving the military and getting the job done while trying to find me that guy to spend the rest of my life with and missing home.
Loving every moment that life gives me because even if it is bad it teaches you a lesson and if you dont learn from it then that is an even deeper lesson that works its way out
I’m really good at
not thinking and i am good at sleeping, also good at helping others out and trying to make a name for myself. I am generally just good at being me and doing whatever and being good at whatever
The first things people usually notice about me
im tall and skinny, and i dont really talk but thats ok because i listen alot. They may notice that i am HOT lol at least people say that but i dont think so. They also notice that i am shy wich i dont think so i am just quiet and like to listen and observe
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i love anything and everything, lately i have been reading alot less. For movies i love it all but my favorite is scarry movies that make u jump or feel like you are actually in the movie
Six things I could never do without
um family, friends, food, sleep, animals, my legs, lol i hope that is good enough they are just random but i think they sum me up very well if you can interpret them together lol. Truth is i just like the simple things in life and thats what i need. the rest i can do without at least to some extent
I spend a lot of time thinking about
i dont think, but when i do it is about me being bi but how i want to have a wife and lots of kids so they contradict eachother wich aint good but thats why i dont think, it gets me through life
On a typical Friday night I am
movies, bars, house party, whatever, or just sleeping the night away or doing whatever i want or whatever my friends are doing. I volunteer alot so friday night i could be doing that as well...oooo or play board games i love board games...or driving and traveling
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i really want to settle down and have kids soon
You should message me if
you want to and if i dont reply its cause i am either not interested or you didnt catch my interest and i am waiting for you to take a bigger step then just saying hi or sending me a smile
The two of us