28Bolzano, Italy
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My self-summary
"Is love perhaps a word warm, soft and nice?
Oh yes, my friend, it is. Please say it twice."

Please, don't judge me to soon, just after reading a few lines. Even if we are, partially and in some way, what we appear, the appearance, most of the time, could be wrong.

I think I'm particular (even if can't say if it's good or not); I'm a human being occupied in studying, writing, understanding, feeling... In a few words, in living (or trying to do it).

I admit there is not so much in these lines, but I think they will grow in the future... Step by step. In any case, I believe also these lines can tell something about me.
What I’m doing with my life
Apart from hobbies, I study at the university ("heavy" theorithical phyisics in Trento). However I do also something else: I like reading, writing, listening and playing music...

So, because apparently we need to write something, let's say I'm attracted by linear differential equations and by the inverted harmonic oscillator...
Ah: have you ever noticed that an Aristotelian harmonic oscillator has the same mean solution of a dumped oscillator in ordinary classical physics?

Well, I do also something else. Writing, for example; but I don't pretend to be that much.
I’m really good at
Writing (I hope)
Finding good or poetic words (I hope)
General Physics n, n = 1, 2, 3, ... (I hope)
Boring people (I hope not)

Moreover, if you are a gentle and sweet girl, perhaps you would like this:

A red rose for your lips,
a white rose for your heart;
a sad song when you weep,
in the night you're the spark.

You are my consolation
when things are going wrong;
you are my inspiration,
in softness you're so strong.

Who cares if there's the sun up in the sky,
but not, here all around, your smiling eyes?

Well, if you find it nice (I hope!), it means I'm also good in composing love poetry, love songs, etc. Nobody in particular inspired it, but it sounds quite nice, I think.
The first things people usually notice about me
Hair. Always. Often people ask me why i have them so.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favourite books are sci-fi, historical and "classical" novels (e.g., respectively, Asimov's Robot stories, Alexandros, The Odissey), but I don't dislike other kinds of books (comics included). I think my favourite authors are Asimov, A.C. Clarke, V.M. Manfredi and P. O'Brien, but there are many others I enjoy.

On the cinema - TV side I can't say to much, because I don't like watching TV and I always watch the same films; I believe the best ones are 2001 : A Space Odissey, Blade Runner, The Litte Mermaid. I also like TV sci-fi series, like Star Trek (but only some of them) or Space: 1999; and some kolossals of the '50 - '60 (but, honestly, only some of them, e.g. Quo vadis?, Ben Hur, Helen of Troy).

What about music? I listen almost everything, from the classics to the mid '70 ca. Especially I like Mendelssohn, Verdi, The Beatles and many Italian singer - songwriters; moreover, I appriciate progressive rock music.

Favourite authors: Asimov, V.M. Manfredi, P. O'Brien, Dante, G. Leopardi, A.C. Clarke, Melville, Homer, Salgari, ...

Favourite singers / composers: The Beatles, Mozart, Verdi, Mendelssohn, Vivaldi, The Aphrodite's Child, The Doors, The Beach Boys, F. de Andrè, The Genesis, ...
Six things I could never do without
1) Books (novels, poetry, essays...)
2) Music (especially from the Sixties)
3) Something to write (computers, papers, typewriter...)
4) Chocolate
5) The Causality Principle
6) I'm thinking about

Neglecting of course everything obvious. Also neglecting what I don't consider just "things".
I spend a lot of time thinking about
... About stories to tell or write; about songs I listened to; about elementary particles (but I can switch off); sometimes about our great "fundamental questions". Oh, about history: I'm a history addicted (especially the ancient one).

And: about causal fields, gauge symmetries and the Higgs mechanism; and path integrals.
On a typical Friday night I am
at home in reading or writing (usually). And in sleeping.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Should I say?
You should message me if
If you feel shy enough. Don't be afraid: I'm shy too.

Notice I set "Near me" in the research parameters; well, I don't take this too seriously.
The two of us