26Hickory, United States
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My self-summary
im sabrina, i dont date guys with kids. I live with my grandma at the moment, well never moved out, Ive lived here my whole life, hmm I have 2 pets, lula and maggie, dogs, I do not drive at the moment :( and do not have a job. I am going to college just for normal classes.
so im a nerd/geek, i geek out about a lot of things like tv shows movies merchandise of the shows or movies or animes....
i love animes, watching tv shows, and playing video games, my gamecube stopped reading my games, I cant afford a xbox or a play station, though i would love one haha.i just recently got a ds xl and a bunch of games.
please refrain from asking me for sex or any sexual actions, I am not on here for sex, so please stop sending me sexual type of messages, that's if any of you pervs reads this, then take the fucking hint
I'm kind of a bitch if i want to be, but i choose not to be, i only am if you push me I might go off on you, also I'm a honest person so if I say something that offends you, you were warned. Here comes some of the honesty now, I'm not into big guys, and i have to be attracted to you to talk to you, if not, i probably wont answer back, yea may make me seem like a bitch but im just being honest. also im not a fan of full on beards.
Um what else can i put down.... I love my dog lula, shes my baby, so if your not a fan of animals, then theres not really a reason for you to message me, i hate when people come over here and they are around my dogs and they have this look of not being comfortable around them. I grew up with dogs, so I love them, I'm an animal person.
Lets see.... I can't drive, so if you ever want to meet me you have to come here. And i get asked this all the time "why cant you drive" i decided to put it on here so i don't have to explain in every message, i cant drive because i never really learned how, and i know how to basically, i just haven't driven enough to get use to it. so there is my answer.
Lets see, my personality, i guess you can say, i can be silly and goofy and try to make people happy or smile, and i can be serious when i want to be, i always try to be there for my friends when they need to rant about something, just so they can get it out, so yes im a good listener. apparently me being silly can come off as flirty when I'm not flirting, I've gotten bitched at by the gfs of some of my guy friends,which I'm like how the hell am i "coming on strong" or flirting, I'm just being friendly jeez....
oo also, poison ivy is one of my favorite characters from batman, besides from the joker of course, but ivy is my fav, then harley, i just like her big ass hammer. i cosplayed as ivy once.

OH also i dont do long distant relationships at all so if you live more than 2 hours away, i probably wont talk to you in relationship way at all, under 2 hrs maybe
What I’m doing with my life
Just recently started college at cvcc
I’m really good at
Singing, and video games I guess, and I like to read
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm not sure, im not other people haha.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i like most all music but country and rap, i mainly listen to rock, and classic rock, and pop, and some metal, i love books and movies and shows and music and food haha, Though my fav shows are
game of thrones
true blood
The tomorrow people
being human,
lost girl,
Agents of shield
The originals
The white queen
the vampire diaries,
doctor who,
the carrie diaries,
face off,
pretty little liars,
lying game,
bun heads
beauty and the beast,
um thats all i can think of at the moment, as you can tell I have way to much free time
animes i have seen:
Future diary
date a live
sword art online
vampire + rosario
elfin lied
fairy tail
soul eater
bleach (not finished)
corpse princess
full metal alchemist
black butler
witch blade
one piece (not finished)
spice and wolf
strike witches
samurai deeper kyo
inuyasha (not finished)
fruit basket
card captor sakura (not finished)
I also read way to many books lol

Sushi i can go for sushi any time omg
Pizza. Who doesnt love a good pizza.
Six things I could never do without
sadly, my cell phone, tv, computer, family, friends, my baby girl (dog) lula, she makes me happy when im sad
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why do people make fun of and pick on nerds and smart people, I mean nothing is wrong with being smart, nothing at all, smartness is sexy to me, I also think of my tv shows a lot, and what all is in the ocean that we have yet to discover. I mean we are all such in a hurry to explore the outer space, when we haven't even explored the ocean I've type alot here haha
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix, I hang out with a friend or just watch tv
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
We'll, I still sleep with a stuffed animal, if you know what a flying bison named appa is point for you haha.... It just feels comfortable, and I cant sleep without something in my arms, I can't, I've tried -.- same with I can't sleep w.o music on, silence....I just can't fall asleep to it. But that's not really a private thing. I don't really have many secrets.
You should message me if
You've actually read to all the way down here lol, and also if your looking for a serious relationship, and not a casual sex person
The two of us