30Dubuque, United States
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My self-summary
** please read before messaging me and also im going to appoligize ahead of time for some things i may say that may offend some people**

if ive veiwed your profile it dosent mean i dont want to meet you well not always... i may just not know what to say... so feel free to message if ive viewed... :)

i cant remember how many diffrent times if re written this thing i keep comming back even though it gets me hardly anywhere or people start talking or trying to talk to me that fit nowhere near what im looking for.... but here we go again....

**About myself**

1. i enjoy time by myself as much as time with someone dear to me.
2. i work full time and plan on going back to school in the near future.
3. im not perfect in anyway nor do i try to be.
4. i have a 8 and a 2 y/o daughter and yes they are with me full time.
5. im a ear for anyone im always taking care of others or being there when someone needs someone there the most no matter who they are...
6. i grew up with all sisters and a mom i know how to treat a women.
7. i respect anyone who can carry themselves and not have to rely on others for things.
8. baby momma is in the picture for the few days a week she has her...
9. i enjoy reading, games(of all sorts), puzzles, driving, finding reasons to get out of my house.
10. im not much of a drinker but i do drink here and there but nvr at home its to boring there.
11. im a night owl
12. my best friend is female... theres no deep love there whats so ever so nothign to worry about (even though ik you will)

**what im looking for** (p.s. again appoligize ahead of time if things may offend you and i ask please dont send me hate mails)

1. someone with a job or atleast trying to get 1
2. funny/outgoing
3. likes to be in as much as out.
4. someone i can be both physicaly,mentally, and for future time(no not right away) sexually attracted to.
5. im not asking for perfect
6. i prefer non smokers i find it unattractive but im willing to not shut that out completly.
7. im sorry to all those girls out there who keep spamming my inbox but id like somone fit/ around my size...
8. can take care for themselves
9. idc about your past if you dont want to tell me about it idc who u dated who u may or may not have kids with its your past for a reason i dont judge.

im that type of guy that sits there and listens to all the girls talk about how they keep getting mistreated and want this or that type of guy... where they never relize that guy is the one thats always there for them when they need him (me). im a very trusting person and i work hard to keep it.and i ask that in return to. im crazy at times and i have problems like everyone else. but i put everythign i can into a relationship and i dont like short term for that reason. i hate starting over with the added i dont like repeating myself. also i cook and i myself think im pretty good at it... happens when you do it for so long as a job... ( used to work for kalmes if youve ever heard of it)

please if your seriously looking for that guy im right here and probally not goign anywhere for awhile cause idk i dont have much luck here... message me if you think youll fit in my arms at some point or hell even looking for a good freind i always need more of those. or a random convo is always nice too.

but thank you for your time and hope to hear from a good crowd eventually... :) also something in a message more then whats up or how you doing would be great and i also dont know how to respond to "your daughter is adorable" idk if thats a opener or your just stating.... but to all that think that thank you shes my lil daddys girl and i try my hardest to raise her right... could open with a random question (dont matter how apropriate it is).....

added note numbe 1 million lol... im starting to get really sick of women talking to me then out of no where get back with there ex or cant get over them... so heres the deal .... if theres even a slight chance your getting back together dotn talk to me im tired of waisting my time
What I’m doing with my life
working very hard to care for myself and my child.
I’m really good at
fixing things... no matter what it is... from computers to people...
The first things people usually notice about me
... depends on the person and the people im around... but in a nut shell im the same person... usually my honest eyes....
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books.... fantasy,sci-fi
movies- cant say i have a fav... im up for any and all movies
music- linkin park is my fav. but listen to all types
food- im a cook im willing to try anything cant say i have a fav. if i was asked a spicific type to choose from then maybe
Six things I could never do without
1. my daughter
2. my mind
3. a good friend
4. my heart and soul
5. the color white
6. family
I spend a lot of time thinking about
everything its why i dont sleep well at night...
On a typical Friday night I am
working... would love to change that...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
im not afraid to admit anything and not afraid of any ?... ask away
You should message me if
youll know if you should or not... and if you do, test it with the most random ? possible. idc how obsured or private it is dont be scared it actually tells me a few things about you as well.
The two of us