65Hamilton, Canada
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My self-summary
Thanks for dropping by to anyone who might visit. Since OKC seems to have made yet another change, (this time for the worse), I will state here that I live in the Hamilton and sometimes Scarborough ( East Toronto) area of Ontario, Canada! I should also add that I do not use the A-List feature, so I do not know if someone "likes" if you are visiting in the hidden modes, unless you send a message!
I am a very unusual man, looking for a special lady. The fact that I have no ex-wife (or girlfriend), seems to scare most visitors away. There is no reason for this reaction. I simply rarely met anyone. In the happy hunting grounds of high school and college, I was in mostly male only classes and spent most of my spare time doing my school work, (Hence the honour grades, scholarships and job offers.) My job also was almost always in a male only setting among high tech. machinery and robots.( Except for about a 3 month period in plant engineering, designing the electrical system for a new production line, I was rarely in the office area.) Since I do not dance or do the bar scene, I tried to get people to come out sailing in summer and I got into badminton during the winter, but very few women my age came to either. So here I am, mentally and financially stable, and very easy to get along with trying this site. I have answered an awful lot of these questions as honestly as I can, although many do not apply to me, since they assume a previous partner existed. I probably should have skipped a lot of questions that didn't have suitable answers because it seems to have negatively affected the personality results. They obviously only go by answers, and take no notice of explanations, but even then, I do not see how they get the results they show! I agree I am not an average guy, but their graph is very wrong on several things, so take a chance write, and you can find the real me for yourself. I usually check the question area of people I visit to see what the ratings are based on, and often find the best looking match numbers are rated on very little. (Also, cupid seems to change the numbers to whatever they feel like that day, since I have looked at categories that are a poor % match, but 28 out of 30 questions were exactly the same answer, and in black too ). There seem to be very few females that take the time to answer more than about a hundred. I try to answer my messages fairly quickly, but it may not indicate that because the majority of the ones I have had up until now, are out of country (Russia, Philippines, etc.), scammers or "business" ones that I do not want. I am not that desperate that I am going to get into that situation! (Done the long distance pen pal thing before. ) I am not into mind games or making up all kinds of wonderful sounding stories about myself. Just in case my photos make me look heavy, (I tend to like loose fitting clothes), I will say that I am nearly always around 160 pounds fully dressed for a long time now. I admit that I am not great at getting conversations going, so please say more than "hi" or "how are you" to help me get started. Thank you for visiting, and if you think you are interested, or would like more detailed information, please message me! I am willing to meet and chat, with no expectations involved, and I have never attacked anyone, so it is very safe.
PS.. In the rare occasions that I do message someone, I would greatly appreciate some sort of reply, even if it is only "not interested".
What I’m doing with my life
I am spending a lot of my free time answering countless OK Cupid questions, but not as many lately. I have travelled through most of Canada, the U.S.A. and the U.K. in the past and lately gone on a few cruises in the Florida area. and driving around touring on the way. (Looking at a few more!) I have hiked parts of the Bruce Trail and England as well (backpacked). I am constantly working on home renovations and property management in Hamilton or Scarborough. I'm presently trying to get some projects finished so I can get out sailing more often! Since I keep the Hughes 31 sailboat in a Scarborough yacht club (in Bluffers Park), it makes things a little more complicated than when I used to sail in Hamilton. I also did a lot of dingy sailing in Hamilton. (a Blue Jay, hence the "h31bj") Now that I am basically retired from my main job, I live part time in both cities.
I’m really good at
Repairing or making almost everything. I am an industrial electrician officially, but I have worked with most of the other tradesmen for around 40 years, and do a lot of property management. I also had very intensive high school, college, and factory training in almost everything. I am from the days when most overhead work was done with a ladder, so I am not afraid of using large ladders. I'm pretty good at sudoku and jigsaw puzzles, but not into trivia and cross word puzzles.
The first things people usually notice about me
It used to be that I was always smiling and often singing to myself, but now it is probably the bald spot! I blame that partly on having to wear a hard hat for many years. You need to tell me if we meet, since I have little feedback so far!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I do not read a lot of fictional books,(maybe 20/year), but I have read several by Dan Brown (full of fast paced action and true facts with lots of surprise twists). Mostly I read non-fiction, "how to" type books. I watch most of my movies when they reach TV, VHS or DVD. TV gets a rather short time usually, so I watch strictly what I get on an antenna. I am not a couch potato, and watch almost no sports on TV. My music tastes vary a lot (mostly older stuff) but i do not consider rap and other fast talking noise as music. I have lots of LPs and CDs. Food? I prefer Buffets like Tuckers, Mandarin, Imperial Buffet, Kings Buffet, etc. (sometimes even IKEA), over restaurants, where I can pick out the things I want to eat and avoid things I don't like, and the price is within reason. I do fast food sometimes. I don't eat out that often anyways, since I am quite able to cook things for myself, and I do like shopping, even in grocery stores!
Six things I could never do without
Besides the obvious air, food, water,etc.
my tools....lots of them!
my big VAN or small van
my health, wealth and mobility
someone to discuss things and travel with (presently, usually my sister)
Big stores (I like shopping)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My next trip south, and who I might meet here or elsewhere.
On a typical Friday night I am
There is no such thing as a typical night for me. Since I retired from my factory job, I am free to do things any day or evening that weather and other factors permit. I like to avoid big crowds, so I often go out during the week if it is possible rather than weekends,
You should message me if
You would like more information or possibly set up a meeting!
You are single, and ready to move on..(not still in love with your EX husband or boyfriend)
You enjoy being active
You are comfortable in casual clothes without a lot of makeup and perfume, since I am somewhat allergic to strong odours (it makes me sneeze sometimes) and I personally prefer a natural look over a painted doll. Also, I am more attracted to an average build than a twiggy!
The two of us