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My self-summary
Wow! This is tough.. I mean to set oneself apart in a sea of people who are very easy going, laid back, and down to earth, yet are passionate and goal oriented (but never taking themselves seriously), as well brutally honest with a great sense of humor which is at times sarcastic, who also love to laugh and live life to the fullest while enjoying the sunny SoCal weather and what LA has to offer, as well as trying out new restaurants and dive bars, whose typical Friday nights might or might not include being at home curled under a blanket watching a good movie and sipping wine, going out on town, or cooking for friends..

Thinking about the above, I guess I'm just the average guy with no shirtless bathroom selfies who wants to share a good story and a laugh with another average person..

Wanna know more? Below is some other stuff about me.. Hopefully, more helpful ones..

I believe life is to short to obsess over people and things.. I am a very kind and mellow person.. I haven't had a fight in my life, and haven't even yelled at anyone.. After all, there really is no point in hurting people even if they do it to you.. I always try hard to leave no one behind with a broken heart because of something I did or didn't do.. Like Coach Wooden said "Consider the rights of others before your own feelings, and the feelings of others before your own rights." I guess that is my main goal.. I started believing that much of the ambitions, obsessions, or negative feelings such as anger, hatred have to do with the incorrect perception that we will forever..

Sometimes women tell me I am very polite.. I say to them that I am not polite, but am just a European guy, and it is how European guys are.. Then they giggle and tell me that I am funny.. I, then reply: I know, I am. And we move on.

I am on the far left end of the political spectrum, and as such, I am a very socially sensitive person..

I was raised by a women rights activist mom and I am really good at all house keeping stuff, be it cooking, sewing, ironing, or you name it.. I like it as it helped me being self sufficient on many aspects..

Learning new things all the time is key..

I am a very well traveled person currently living in LA. I have lived in many places before, such as Paris, Istanbul, Milan, and New York.. I got my BA and two grad degrees from three different countries.. I spent my entire year sailing on the open seas before moving to LA..

I am an ex investment banker recently switched to corporate finance. My ideal job would be a stand-up comedian.. I would love to come up with a recipe with George Carlin as a base, spiced up with Louie C.K., Bill Burr, and Eddie Izzard, and sweetened for a smoother taste with Jerry Seinfeld, then all wrapped in my own style..

Being employed in finance, work keeps me busy.. Therefore, I try to make good use of my time outside work..

Outside of work, I spend quite a bit of time volunteering.. Every weekend that I am in town, I volunteer at the animal shelter and once a month I volunteer with the kids in under-served communities..

I enjoy art and outdoor sports.. Museums, exhibitions, concerts, movies.. You know.. Who wants to go visit the Broad with me? I m also into photography.. I am an amateur photographer, who sometimes still develops his own photos in traditional dark room..

As far as outdoor activities go, track days with my motorcycle are my fav. I also like sailing, swimming, hiking, skiing.. I do not enjoy working out but I try to do it regularly..

Besides, just like 98.74% of the people on this site, I like traveling and cooking.. Kayaking in Alaska, anyone?

Studying and learning languages are also very stimulating.. Once my dream was to learn as many languages I could.. It was not very realistic..

As far as the person I'm looking for, I don't have a checklist. I do not care how you look, how much you weigh.. Just be a kind, cheerful person and have a positive energy and attitude.. Intellectually curious,
a bit interested in arts and sports would be pluses.. No need to be vegetarian but please be kind to animals..

I do not have a pre-determined relationship type I am looking for. Would like to connect with compatible people. If anything you read sounds interesting, let's talk!
What I’m doing with my life
Collecting stories from people I meet and places I travel.. Sharing experiences..

Used to be banker by day, and banker by night.. Not anymore.. Got my life back..
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love to reading pretty much anything.. Recently I've been spending more time reading non-fiction on history, politics, and science.. Fiction favorites include Ursula Le Guin, Marcel Proust, Albert Camus, GG Marques, as well as most Russian classics and lesser know international writers and poets.. All helped shaped my point of view on life.. (I hope it is okay that I did not say "anything Sedaris, Vonnegut, and Murakami)..

I am more of an "auteur" movies fan and watch mostly independent and international movies, rather than Hollywood flicks.. Favorite auteurs/directors include Almodovar, Kubrick, Miike, Resnais, Godard, Fellini, Kieslowski, Kurosawa, Scorsese, Truffaut, Wong Kar Wai, Antonioni, Bergman..

My favorite genres classical and jazz, classical and modern rock. Other than those, I'm into progressive house, trance, and lounge music as in abstract, nu jazz or fusion styles! List by artists/composers would be too long..
You should message me if
- You want to share some good time and enjoy a no-pressure conversation
- Want to try some of my signature dishes
- You know some cool kayaking destinations or want to go kayaking in Alaska
- You want to visit some art galleries
- You don't have a long list of who shouldn't message you..
- You don't have too many statements with a "but" in the middle as in many cases the part before the "but" is not true
The two of us