37 Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
Teacher of rowdy teenagers. All-terrain mammal. Certified as EMT/firefighter. Just moved back to NYC after four years away. Defenseless when it comes to Mexican food. I have lots of stories. I read maps like other people read novels. I've been hired for stage acting. I used to fix stuff for money. I sing and dance, separately. My dad is my homeboy. My bike is a donkey that could eat your house. I ride it off road whenever possible. I like any activity that makes me sweat. I am a recovering journalist and will never go back. Can prove that Cincinnati is the fulcrum of western culture. Advocate of salt and garlic. I don't give up on friends. I climb hills like a fire ant and run long distances like a bush animal. My night job is playing in an Irish folk/ bluegrass band. Fast runner, slow worker. I believe most problems are solved by food, gumption, and exertion. In that order. I'll do anything on a dare. Staunchly opinionated about music, but I don't like music snobbery. I care deeply about my peoples. I like talking to strangers. I think there is no excuse for boredom, especially in this city. Turned on by international relations, history (especially Irish, Balkan, Middle East, Chinese), outstanding performances, urban planning, country living, banjers, bricks, fiddles, languages, hammers, drills, woods, tubers, neuroscience trends, Ice-ees, exploring, river systems and watersheds, motion pictures, jazz piano, traditional fiddle from wherever, mountains, whiskey, baseball, the Reds, folklore, foreign thangs, friendliness, people who build things, conglomerate accents, storytelling, new adventure.

Spry, durable, loyal, grateful.
What I’m doing with my life
Re-transitioning back to schoolteacher career and New York life after a year doing something very different. Plotting a few major projects. I also play music and run and bike until body parts fall off.
I’m really good at
making the greatest salsa in human history, anything physical, white bean turkey chili, not losing my temper, pitch recall, sonic modesty, toasts and speeches, out-dancing the competition, pull-ups, boxing, singing songs, writing letters, word economy, gittin thangs done, manual labor and lifting heavy stuff, accents, mixes, backrubs, forgetting drama.
The first things people usually notice about me
People usually think I was in the military.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Reading list:
Maps. Vonnegut. Joseph Campbell. Tim O'Brien. Studs Terkel. Frank McCourt. Pete Hamill. The Gashlycrumb Tinies, Coal: A Human History, Atlases, The Tender Bar, Working, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Chasing the White Dog, NY Times International section, more maps.
Stuff I haven't read but is high on my list:
SALT- Mark Kurlansky;
the Foxfire books (the instructional ones about planting, woodcarving, cabin-building, hexes, weaving, moonshining and songs)

Movies chronologically:
North by Northwest, the Conversation, Network, The Harder They Come, Rockers, Coal Miner's Daughter, Repo Man, The Power of Myth, Do the Right Thing, The Civil War (Ken Burns), just about anything made by Ken Burns, The Commitments, Brassed Off, The Far Side of the World, The World's Fastest Indian, City of God, Sugar (Dominican minor league pitcher movie), the Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Music: old stuff. classical. old country. old R&B. old reggae & rocksteady. old bluegrass and old time. old jazz. old punk rock. hip hop before 1997. old reels and jigs and ditties from Ireland, KY, NC, WV, the Caribbean, Russia, the Balkans, Mexico, Middle East. old songs about war and shipwrecks and disease and false lovers and fistfights and murder and croaking and imbibery. some new stuff (dancehall and R&B). marches. national anthems. sea shanties and work songs. pipe and drum corps. Buddy Rich and them typa dudes, hurdy-gurdies. gongs. bored yet?

Food: Mexican. Ethiopian. Vietnamese. Generally, most foreign kindsa food. No white creamy stuff.
The six things I could never do without
Mexican food, friendship, music, physical exercise, salt, and water's pretty good too.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Civic conundrums.
On a typical Friday night I am
slave to enchiladas. making racket. making up songs, making up for lost zzz's, sometimes drinking with old men. bowling. ball games. bantering with friends or strangers. being a dance machine like Nobel Prize winner MC Hammer. Random trouble and bad ideas.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm half muppet.
You should message me if
you are a mammal, have a sense of humor, and value kindness. Or if you want to race.