36Davenport, United States
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My self-summary
I'm 30ish and a college graduate from the University of Iowa, and I'm a retail manager. Aside from the years I spent in Iowa City, I've pretty well spent my entire life in Davenport. As much as I hated it growing up, I really do love the Midwest as an adult. I'm a proud Jeep owner; avid photographer and aspiring writer, and all around technology junkie. I've recently taken up jogging and fitness, because I am 2 year old diabetic. So there's lots of life changes and I'd say its important to change with it! I'm quirky, quick witted, and sometimes off the wall. But all in all its a hell of a show!
What I’m doing with my life
im pushing my own creativity for the next year or so... trying to hammer out a novel, and a photo book of my work! its kinda nutty, but its my way of saying, "hey 30, i've got something for ya"

i spend alot of my downtime shooting photography for freelance work, and building my portfolio; as well as reading and staying up on current events. about the last thing youll find me doing is sitting infront of a tv.... i dont even own one!

lastly, but not least, ive been forced into a healthy lifestyle... new diet, workout regimen, and mental state. after finding out i was diabetic, and seeing the effects of heart disease and alzheimers close up on my family members, ive dedicated myself to getting the most out of my life while i can do it.

i kinda refer to this period of my life as my final adjustment to who i am, and my creativity. i think the next stage is about really nailing down what i want to do for others, which will affect my career among other things... so its a transition period for sure, but its definitely a heck of a ride!
I’m really good at
bringing the best out of people. it sounds like something you'd say at a job interview, but i really think so. i challenge people. plain and simple. i take time to improve, and to change minds, or just harden people's ways, the way i found them. all around, people always say im good at that. i feel like im great at influencing and managing people. but it brings the best out of them, no matter what you call it.
The first things people usually notice about me
sadly that my beard and hair color come in as slightly different colors. the older i get, the more brown my hair is, but my beard and side burns still have alot of red in them. i dont dye it. but i get asked about it constantly.
Six things I could never do without
1. my camera!

2. my iphone!

3. my jeep.

4. a descent collection of books. fiction mostly.

5. descent mexican food.

6. good fitting shoes with dry socks! never underestimate good shoes, and dry socks!!!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
... turning 30! yikes! this past year ive learned im diabetic, so making up for the last 29 years in a health trend has been extremely important. it has been a change in lifestyle, nutritionally, and mentally. so getting in shape in both respects has been on my mind alot!

no kidding; i was hospitalized with heart condition for a week at 30. i knew it would be a rough year, but not like that! it makes me really consider life and where and whom i want to spend the next 30 years with. that part is important to me.

turning 30 is also a milestone for me that I want to mark in other ways, so im working on finishing my own book of fiction [which i plan to self publish], and one photographic coffee-table book on trains before im done!

lastly, i do think quite about going back to school for my masters degree, as much as i think about being ready to start a family.
On a typical Friday night I am
whats really typical anymore? half the time im at work. the other half the time its a roll of the dice. alot of times ill be out shooting pixels, some times its a quiet dinner out with friends or staying in and talking politics or books, and sometimes its craziness. i guess the best answer is; im completely capable of staying home and enjoying it, as well as self sufficient enough to create my own fun out and about; but enjoy the good company of others when i have it.
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