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My self-summary
I realized my profile was dull
as responses entered a lull
 I devised this new test
 which I swear is in jest
Let's see if responses still dwindle

A profile I should do in verse
Rhyming I can easily coerce
  It's tougher I'd find
  While straining my mind
Still it's another challenge to traverse

How to express the Me?
In which way should it be?
definitions are lame
when results are the same
Which are INTP

I don't fancy myself a good poet
this strained verse probably shows it
  but writing in prose
 as everyone knows
Can be done with hardly an edit

To some this shows I have wit
Assuming I'm mentally fit
  their opinions I treasure
  but at my own leisure
For others will find me a twit
What I’m doing with my life
Attempting to write with my left hand.
The reasons for this are odd and obscured behind the fact I got tired of having to set down my pen when using a 10 key.
Also there's times I have a lot of time on my... yeah you guessed it.

My career is a bit of "hurry up and wait". Working in the arts, oh the glory of the stage and the people on it, but I work behind the scenes. A strange place full of carnies that didn't move on or people that could be doing other things but aren't and are mad they aren't... weird folks all in all.

Yet I've got into an odd niche where I became involved in labor politics. Fear I'm moving up more in that route than my given trade but let's be honest there's a 100 people that can push a box but only so many that can express themselves without seeming too big of a fool.
I’m really good at
Not fully understanding the end of "Trading Places".
Still not sure if they committed a crime or not. Well I get it wasn't a crime then but was it on the up and up?
Anyway looking good Billy Ray.

Not just hearing but really taking in what someone says. The downside is I'm not the best at small talk and with many people I run into problems with knowing how to get them talking but when I do... damn.

Keeping odd hours.

Continually doing activities I have anxiety about because the only way to conquer that is to do it. Lately it's been public speaking.
The first things people usually notice about me
The mutton chops, long coat, heavy boots, dark hair, an amused smile, or I look young despite not being that young.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Written: Magnus Mills, Danielle Corsetto, Martin Millar, Kelly Link, Ian Banks (or M. Banks depending), Alex Robinson, Karl Shuker, Francesca Lia Block, Stephanie Timm, Terry Pratchett, Fernando Arrabal, Natalie Dee

Visual: Withnail and I, Factotum, Adventures of Pete and Pete, The Professional, Tommy Boy, IT Crowd, Peepshow, QI, Super Troopers, Hot Fuzz, City of Lost Children, The Venture Bros, most things at the Grand Illusion

Auditory: Jethro Tull, Wendy Carlos, Rancid, Sublime, Gin Blossoms, Beatles, Adiemus, Mike Oldfield, Power Ballads, Buzz Cuts, pretentious 90s near emo bullshit

Consumable: Leafy greens, brown rice, dark beer, salsa, spices, greasy spoons, tortillas made with bacon grease, sandwiches, bugles and malt liquor
Six things I could never do without
There’s this story by Kelly Link called ‘Water off a Black Dog’s Back’ it asks the question what could you live without water or love. Bit of a tough question really.
Aw hell I’ll give it a go but from a desert island survival perspective:
A bowl (because plates aren’t as multiuse)
An old style green chalk board (got to count the days off on something)
A small power plant (because it makes survival much easier)
A water purification/ sewage reclaimation plant (see above)
Monkey Butler or butlers (why not be stranded in style)
Orange Juice (I don’t want to get scurvy)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why it feels like I'm an introvert masquerading as an extrovert.
Why I seem to be succeeding with this charade.
Where am I going?
What am I doing tomorrow?
Maybe one day I’ll grow up and get a real 'career'.
But if I get a 'real' career will I love it as much as this one?
Why is it I drink less coffee now than 5 years ago but feel more addicted to it?
Should I make more lists?
If I fell asleep right this second I’d still get 6 hours of sleep.
Do I have bus fare or should I drive?
Does my cat miss me when I work a lot?
Hopefully I’ll know some people there tomorrow.
If not with luck they’ll be cool.
Did I say 6 hours? I meant 5.
If I sold my car would I be okay with that or would my deep seated auto-centric person come out?
And how would I get breakfast at 3 am?
Speaking of breakfast do I have something beside plain oatmeal or toast for tomorrow?
Was that barista just being nice or was there something there?
5 hours, shit! I meant 4 with travel time and breakfast.
Why are the noisy drunks out when I have to be up early?
No respect I swear
On a typical Friday night I am
Stuff and Nonsense
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I may or may not be afraid of peacocks.
My family says I was menaced by one one summer when I was 4 or 5.
I don't remember this.
This past summer I was returning to my car at a winery and 20 feet away was a peacock.
I looked at it and it at me.
Then I got into my car and drove away.
I didn't feel anxious or afraid but stood there trying to figure out if I was afraid of it or not before deciding I had better ways to spend a summer evening.
You should message me if
You've been compared to a Cake song, Rancid song or have never been compared to a song
Have spent a winter's night watching cars come and go from an over pass.
Done something just to see what happened.
Then regretted doing that.
Or you didn't.
Know a good joke.
The two of us