29Philadelphia, United States
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My self-summary
Let's get one thing straight here: I'm not here "lookin' for a good time" or "likes 30 Rock" or "fun and flirty"- because that's dating website bullshit and we know it.

Anyway, I *AM* a 27 year old economist (heck yeah, Excel spreadsheets and vlookup!), ex-radio personality and ex video game company forum moderator, and all around best home cook ever (you're going to have to cook for ME in return if you want to defend your title, guys, because I make some kickass gyoza).

I majored in International Politics in undergrad and was in the .000001% who didn't want to go into campaigning or law thereafter. I got a Master's degree instead and am economic consultant for parks and public spaces, but my primary work right now is on SEPTA. No, you can't blame me if your bus is late. I figure out what routes make the most economic sense to maintain or upgrade with MATH. Woo!

You want interesting backstory? I got plenty.

I love working with kids and have spent several summers volunteering with them, working with legally blind, blind, and blind/mentally handicapped kids on the Jersey shore. I also volunteered my Saturday mornings (had to leave at 7:30 AM!) to tutor English to the elderly living alone while in undergrad in Tokyo- it was a chance for them to not only to meet other elderly Japanese with no families, but also someone from abroad- and I did this all while holding down a job and finishing my undergraduate degree. Yeah, in Japan. In Japanese. My undergrad gave me a dual degree from University of Delaware and Soka Daigaku in Tokyo. 面白くないの?

I've been to four continents, and held residence in four different countries in the past eight years (other than the US, that would be Japan, Vietnam and China in reverse chronological order). I grew up being able to speak Hebrew and Swedish- now my head's been filled with Japanese and I've mostly forgotten them both. I can still read and write a bit in Hebrew, though.

I was born with translucent eyes. I'm a real-life mutant, dammit, and I was waiting for that invite to Xavier's like most kids wait for their owl to Hogwarts.

I work my ass off. None of this aspiring to be a stay-at-home mom shit. Kids? I'd consider it, later down the line, but only adoption (disease is genetic, and due to genetics, my hypothetical kids WILL have it, and worse than me).

I used to study industrial design, which means in addition to being able to joke with you in multiple languages, I can also get my hands dirty. Need a cabinet built? Made the bookshelf in my bedroom. Shirt's been ripped in two (wonder why that happened, eh?)? I can make you a new one from scratch. But it's always fun building shit together- I could always use a pair of hands to finish building that Portal turret replica I started crafting back in May. You up to it?

In short, try and keep up with me. I don't take stragglers. And I'll do my damned best to keep up with you. You like long walk on the beach? Awesome. We'll go. But none of this whining "it's time to go back" after an hour. Get ready for a hike.

And bring a tent.


Allright, guys, if you've gone this far and liked what you saw, you're probably happy to meet a sassy holds-her-own nerdy lass who cares for others but is no doormat. There is one caveat that I am going to state right now so that there isn't any confusion later.

I am an asexual.

Sex brings me no pleasure- not even kissing. I have no desire to have sex or 'please myself', so getting down on me is like making love to a plastic sex doll- and I'd rather be reading a book or doing something else anyway. I am happy to have an open relationship where your physical needs are met elsewhere; I will never be unfaithful as I'm not interested in the perpendicular hula in the first place. Don't expect to be a magic bullet that 'makes me want you'; I've already tried. I am genuinely not interested in any physical contact besides hugs. I know its early to just post this online, but I'd rather spare your heart if we are that sexually incompatible, and asexual isn't an option on OKC. Yet.

I am looking for a life partner; someone to maybe raise children with, share a roof, warm stories, and lots of adventure. If you've survived that paragraph unscathed, hey! Give me a buzz.
What I’m doing with my life
Working, sewing historical costumes, and kicking butt in Catan
I’m really good at
Spinning words and expressing myself. Be it with a short story, a painting, or a moving mini robot, I can think of something conceptual and build it out from there.
The first things people usually notice about me
Glasses, hat. Never go outside without either! And my smile. I've got a pretty goofy grin, and yeah, I'm proud of that.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Prefacing this: media give a great insight into personality, but is no way an indicator of shared chemistry. I take media appreciation with a grain of salt. I don't care if you like Bach or Lady Gaga, but if you can tell me why.
In no particular order, and only a small sampling, because I always love discovering new things:

Books/Graphic Novels:
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Coraline, Hellboy, Sam and Max, Good Omens, Mushishi, Liar Game, Jurassic Park, Sherlock Holmes, the 2008 Andy Lanning run of Guardians of the Galaxy, Ms. Marvel

TV & Movies:
Mythbusters, Colbert Report, Doctor Who, The Middlemen, Miyazaki films, Triplets of Bellville, How to Train Your Dragon, Guardians of the Galaxy

Video Games:
Portal, Sam and Max, Civilization (IV and V), Okami, Zelda, Final Fantasy (9, 10, 12, Tactics/Tactics Advance/Tactics A2), Psychonauts, Katamari Damacy

Nightwish, Porcupine Tree, Coldplay, OK Go, Train

Eggplant, pumpkin, fish/shellfish, broccoli, pita and cream cheese
Six things I could never do without
I've decided to write this as "the six things that are ALWAYS in my purse":

-Passport (almost full, too, need some extra visa pages)
-Puzzle book (keeping one's nose in their phone all the time isn't the best thing)
-Emergency CPR mask (I'm Red Cross trained, and you bet I'm going to drop what I'm doing to help somebody if they need it)
- Voter registration card (It's our right as citizens of a country with democracy. Use it)
-MoMA membership
-Golden Spoon punch card (I'm a sucker for malt ball yogurt with cookie dough. Sue me)
On a typical Friday night I am
keeping it DL- a good movie or video game, some homemade short ribs and a cold bottle of beer. Perfect! I built a cool projector system in my apartment with friends, so I have a glorious 9 foot hi-def screen to watch Guardians of the Galaxy for the 27 millionth time.

Occasionally, a picnic on the beach with a bonfire, flying kites. If you think you're too old for kite flying, YOU'RE WRONG.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I love bugs and arachnids and would be totally cool with having a pet tarantula. I just think they're cute and fuzzy.

Why is my hair so many different colors in all my photos? I'm an albino. I dye it whatever I darn well feel like. Although I do occasionally take suggestions.
You should message me if
You could have an argument over whether Okami is a Zelda homage or ripoff.
You've always wanted to Iron Chef it out with somebody (and probably get your ass kicked by me, but hey, trash talk should be saved for the kitchen).
You would appreciate your girlfriend's presents to be, you know, practical- like waking up to a handmade GLaDOS speaker telling you to get your butt out of bed in the morning.
You like getting secret messages written out in lemon juice.
You actually know where my online handle comes from.
You want to show me just how awesome you are.

Please DON'T message me if all you have to say is "hey, sup". I'm not going to respond. I'm no grammar stickler, but if you don't take the time to at least write a proper sentence, I'm not going to see why you'd care to pay attention to other things.
The two of us