51Lexington, United States
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My self-summary
I keep adding a bit more to my profile, it seems like a never-ending project. I've been getting things sorted to the point that I can start looking to have some fun again, so my answers may be dated wrong until I catch them all and change them. I'm in the middle of a lot of change right now, and I find that I'm liking it more than I thought possible. Fewer kids at home less time, some much farther away than they had been at colleges all over the country. My house is coming along nicely, too, but I need to switch to indoor projects, aka buy more paint. I'm still coasting on the success of the bathroom remodel, and I did a flagstone seating area out front that still isn't staged quite right. Now I'm trying to redo the deck, and it's going as crazily as these things seem to around here. *deck is finished! woohoo!
Good lord, I've torn it all up to paint and do the floors. It's a right proper mess. Ceilings look great!
What I’m doing with my life
Redecorating and rehabbing my house, trying to redefine what life looks like without my boys at home year-round, and trying to keep up with their cross country machinations. I'm trying to connect with more people my own age, and feeling my way through what dating means 25 years after the last time I did it. Are you out there dating?? I don't really need pen pals as much as real time activity partners.
After doing part time and temp work, which I felt like at the least I should get a book out of if nothing else, I have full time, if not gainful, employment working way too hard and way too late feeding people five days a week in a restaurant I care way too much about. I still have a few people I take care of, some as employment and some family, and am looking for more to fill my days and time. I volunteer a few places, mostly with seniors. They have great stories.
I’m really good at
lots of different kinds of logic puzzles

organizing, especially making spaces functional, although I have hit a personal wall regarding this lately. It's easier to help other people with their stuff, so much less sentimentality involved

baking- bread and desserts

different kinds of crafts, especially with kids of all ages

repurposing all kinds of things for new lives- storage, decorative, what have you

packing- I can look at something and know just how to make it fit. Smallish spacial stuff, I'm all over. Distances, not so much, but maybe that's because I have next to no depth perception past oh, the length of my arm. It's a fun game at the breakfast table to see if I can read the cereal box or not before contacts and sans glasses.
The first things people usually notice about me
-that I'm pretty short. Not teeny tiny, but I forget I'm not tall until I need something off that high shelf. And I tend to talk, a lot, about whatever there is to talk about. If I'm quiet, I'm probably asleep. I usually read pretty straight forward and sweet, hang with me a sec and the smart mouth starts to bubble up. I like wry humor, and try to keep the mean out of sarcasm, but I'm a fallible human.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love all kinds of books, fiction to non. Favorite authors include Neal Stephenson, Madeline L'Engle, Malcolm Gladwell, Jodi Picoult, Nelson DeMille, Lee Smith, Greg Iles, Jocelyn Jackson, and John Scalzi. Harry Potter was/is a big deal in our house, books and movies both, from the time they hit the US until they released the last book and movie. Give me a good book and all I'll want to do is curl up and read it until I'm through. Give me a bad book and I'll weep. But probably read it.

Usually I'm a rom com or drama kind of girl; I like comedies and thrillers but horror movies, not so much.

Music, I'm not really picky and can be happy with whatever happens to be playing wherever I am, so unless you only do techno or idolize misogynistic rappers, I'm probably fine with whatever you have on, otherwise I'm pretty much a top 40 sell out. I told somebody I was a music slut, I was fine to go along with pretty much anything as long as something was on, but now I'm all worried about advancing myself as a loose woman and all that, SIGH. The last time I dated, my available pool was college aged music majors, so I got an eclectic formative shaping, there. I love going to the philharmonic, jazz makes me happy, blues make me appropriately melancholy, and omg sometimes I so want to dance. (I crazy love square dancing, I know it's geeky but the flippy skirts and goofy music do me in.) Country music is fine, and yes, I harbor a fond love for 80s ballads that if you can't at least shuffle and sway and pretend to slow dance with me to them, you may want to find another drink or perhaps find another date. Or maybe you should give me another drink to distract me. If you can really dance, I will do my best to keep up, and I'll be right there with you if you want to go to classes.

I'm a fairly mainstream eater but if you're a good guide I will try out new cuisines, if slowly- I tried Pho BC and Sav's and didn't freak out, but that's exotic to me. I like cookout food, Italian, Asian, Mexican, and good old American food, but feel like I can cook you just as good a meal as anyone else in town can. I love to feed groups, and if there's a party, I'll want to be in the kitchen, helping with the food. I'd seriously consider going back to restaurant work full time - well, I did- if only to geek out to the commercial ranges and have the socially acceptable outlet of rotating stock and getting paid for it, but my last gig aggravated my tennis elbow, and the last time I touched a racquet was to take it to Goodwill. Right now I'm working at a restaurant and training to move to management. I love big parties and hearing about what everyone is doing. Come by and I'll put you in a carb coma.

I find it hard to justify lighting charcoal for just myself, so I'm missing decent grilled food, too.
Six things I could never do without
drinks of choice: caffeine free diet pepsi, iced tea, sangria, and McDonald's iced coffee. Peppermint or mocha frappachinos from Starbucks rock. Coke icees make me disproportionally happy for their cost. Oh my god they have cherry Dr Pepper icees that slay. I LOVE them. I'm in a constant yin/yang over Thornton's vs. Speedway, aka cost vs. texture. I think too much about this.

books: in the house and at the library, ebooks are great but not nearly the same. I'm debating an ereader, any advice?

art supplies: my copic markers, pretty paper, good scissors, fabulous brushes, and just the right glue. I need to divest myself of scrapbook stuff, but I just love the paper.

desserts: cookies, chocolate, ice cream, fruit. I can eat some dessert. I love tiramisu.

people: my kids, my neighbors, my nieces and nephews and most of their parents. The little bits are getting pretty big, the big ones are nearly grown.

options: I'm like the kid who wishes for three more wishes with the third wish, I prefer "opportunistic" to "cheating", thank you very much.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
where to find someone who thinks at least a little like I do, or can keep up with the speed my head runs at

how I feel younger and freer than I have in years, and how to channel that productively

what my life could look like if I took a risk and made a big change- whether I should go back to school full time or not, start my own business, or just give it all up and work retail already

my boys- five, mostly grown, and my nieces and nephews- ten, mostly small

what "appropriate" is at my age, at my stage of life/motherhood, and why I even care

what the next big project in the house or yard is

how to divest myself of five people's stuff and clear a profit on this house

why I'm asking the Internet to help me with any of this to begin with
On a typical Friday night I am
working, actually.

but on "my" Friday, Sunday or Monday, going to Joseph Beth's, or reading what I just got there
mowing the grass and stressing over what to plant
checking up on my kids as they come and go for the weekend wherever they are these days
snugged up reading or making cards, listening to whatever noise is on the tv
wondering what other people are doing LOL
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
As much as I talk, there's probably more I am thinking.

I think 50 is a blast, and I don't think I look or act it.

I wish I could find someone that makes me feel that frisson of excitement, but I have no idea where to find him
You should message me if
you'd like to date, and aren't intent on something serious RIGHT NOW- I'm not. If you'd like to do stuff, talk about stuff, find different things you might be interested in doing or learning about, that's where I am right now. I dress up or down fairly well, literally and figuratively, so I'd be up for books and coffee and the bookstore or going to see the Philharmonic. Dating. I'd like to see what that looks like now. If you're tall, blue eyed, and competent at something that will hold me in thrall, that's my trifecta. If you aren't all or any of those three but can speak intelligently and actually like to talk about stuff, that's your super power and I am helpless but not to yield. Apparently I'm atypical. I'm not really looking to be long term pen pals or endlessly run through your phone minutes or texting plan- I'd like to actually sit across a table and see if there are any connections to be made. Also maybe I'm not as "normal" as I think I am re: sex, and that's complicated and potentially provocative to spell out here, but hey, I'm all about the talking, like I said. You'll have to take a chance and meet me I guess.
The two of us