44Northampton, United States
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My self-summary
Work in progress:
What I’m doing with my life
Work in progress:
I’m really good at
Comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable..:)
Doing bodywork and healing work.
Reading people.
Helping people feel at ease ,face their hurts and fears,and grow.
Being in the right place at the right time.
Finding useful things in dumpsters/freepiles.
Being a passionate research nerd about all kinds of things.
Teaching people things.
Cooking, especially improving without a recipe.
Packing things for trips.( I call it LifeTetris..)
Seeing things in life from multiple points of view simultaneously.(It comes with the Anthropology degree.)
Integrating apparent binary dualities.
Dealing with anger in constructive ways.
Making friends with my darkside.
Facing fears.
Admitting when I'm wrong.
Seeing adversity as growth opportunity.
Knowing what I am feeling and putting it into words.
Being painfully honest, with others and myself,even when it is difficult.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm not outside myself, so damned if i know...

Probably my Torc ,and that I am usually doing bodywork on someone,or reading when I am out in public.

People tend to also comment on my tendency to wear all black,and my scavenged maple syrup bottle I use as a water bottle attached to my bag.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS...... ha, that's funny...I could honestly answer "all of them...."I read pretty near constantly.

My current favorites are:

“Guns Germs and Steel “,"The World Until Yesterday" and "Collapse" by Jarred Diamond.
“Last Hours Of Ancient Sunlight” Thom Hartman
“Webs of Power” by Starhawk
“Coming Back to Life” by Joanna Macy (again anything shes written)
"Hello, my name is Chellis ,and I am in recovery from Western Civilization"By Chellis Glendinig
“Endgame” by Derrick Jenson
“From Gaia to Selfish Genes” anthology
"The Vegetarian Myth" by Lierre Keith
"Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon
“the Revolution will not be Microwaved”By Sandford Katz
“In Defense of Food””The Omnivore's Dilemma””the Botany of Desire” By Michael Pollan
The Foxfire Books
"the Frugal Housewife" by Gervaise Maerkham a 1500s era Lord teaches his wife how to take care of their household step by step, AWESOME!!! ( I am a big food history nerd)
"The Guide to Simple Living' by Carla Emery

'Why God Won't Go Away" Andrew Newberg .Modern brain science looks at the Neurobiology of religious and mystical experience.

Marcus Aurelius” Meditations” esp the “Essential Marcus Aurelius” translation.OMG THIS BOOK IS AMAZING
This book lets you look into the journal of a highly educated, very spiritually developed pagan roman emperor,as he reflects on his personal practice....

Herodotus “the Histories”
Rumi,Hafiz,Kabir Basically anything and everything they have written.
"Tao Te Ching" LaoTze
"I Ching" "Secrets of The Golden Flower" etc
I really like Taoist literature.
“The Way of Qigong” Kenneth Cohen
"The Scholar Warrior"Deng Ming Dao
“The Tantric Way” by Ajit Mookerjee
“Tantra” by Georg Feurstein (everything by him, basically)
“The Yoga of Power”Julius Evola
“Shamanism:Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy” Mircea Eliade

“Magick in Theory and Practice” and “Diary of a Drug Fiend”Alliester Crowley
“Freedom is a Two edged Sword” by Jack Parsons
“AngelTech” by Antero Alli
“Prometheus Rising””The New Inquisition” “Sex and Drugs” et Alia by Robert Anton Wilson
“Undoing Yourself” by Dr Christopher Hyatt
“Pirate Utopias”, “Green Hermeticsm,” and”Gone to Croatan” or anything else by Christopher Lambord Wilson/Hakim Bey
"Triumph of the Moon" by Ronald Hutton
"The Secret History of Western Sexual Mysticism""Magic and Mysticism: An Introduction to Western Esotericism"By Arthur Versluis
"Expedition: Journey to Darwin IV" by Wayne Barlow

And a HUGE pile of anthropology,archaeology, and ethno medicine books.
and another equally huge pile of Biology/ecology and herbals/plant ID books

As far as fiction goes, I don't usually read alot of it,However I am a huge sci fi lover, especially good hard/social commentary scifi, with a little space opera thrown in.
Robert Heinlein
David Brin
Greg Bear
Greg Benford
"Dune" by Frank Herbert
Kim Stanley Robinson (esp”Red Mars” trilogy)
“Soldier in the Mist”by Gene Wolfe
David Webber ( I have a weak spot for military scifi)
Some H.P Lovecraft,and Robert E Howard when I am feeling nostalgic.....

(I warned you all,I read alot ...;)

MOVIES:I don't watch alot of them.Chances are,if you have a favorite movie,I haven't seen it,but I am probably interested in checking it out.
The Fountain,
Fight club
Silent Running
Conan the barbarian,
The 7 Samurai
Anything Terry Gilliam
And anything involving Jim Henson or Frank Oz

I don't own a TV,and haven't watched one regularly since childhood.(I get sucked into screens far too easily,and forget there is this world outside...) There was a period in my 20s where I basically boycotted all mainstream media, and never watched or listened to anything not independently produced because of the corporate interests involved.
That being said,there are some things that I will watch,or have watched and really enjoyed:

HBO Rome
Anything Frank Oz or Jim Henson
Planet Earth or anything else Attenborough,
I have a weakness for documentaries.When I do have access to a TV and watch it, it tends to be on the History or Discovery channel , or PBS.

I will watch documentaries about pretty much anything,
lately lots of political and environmental stuff, like
Food, Inc,Gasland ,Psywar,and
Favela Rising

I have very eclectic taste, and I am always open to finding out about new things...........These are my favorites.

Massive Attack
Beats Antique
Peter Gabriel
Dead Can Dance
(and anything else on Projeckt records)
Switchblade Symphony,
Project Pitchfork
ATR.... ".....DESTROY 2000 YEARS OF CULTURE....!!!!!!!"
Helium Vola
Corvus Corax
Current 93
Medieval and European folk and neofolk music

lots of electronic music
dnb dubstep, psy, classic trance and acid
ambient and drone music

Symphony of Science
Crystal Method

Hallucinogen,Younger Brother
(all things Pottsford)

Test Their Logik
Granola Funk Express
Dead Prez
Public Enemy
The Beastieboys
The Streets
MC Frontalot

Dream Theatre
Lacuna Coil
Solitude Aeturnus
Sunn O
Black Sabbath
Monster Magnet

My eclecticism has definite limits.Country music tends to make me run screaming in terror as do showtunes and musicals.I have a deep aversion to musicals, I think because so many people have tortured me by being compelled to sing them with each other around me....

FOOD: Food...I love food...I am a massive foodie, and if you are not there is a good chance we won't really get along, as food is a massive part of my life.

I also have a great many food allergies,which by necessity change how I can eat.
Basically I am allergic to artificial colors, flavors, MSG, sulphites,many preservatives etc ie. anything that came out of a wheat. (My friends have turned me on to the phrase "Wheatard" which I adore..;)
I need to avoid alot of the common commercial foods most people grow up eating.Much of my foodiness has come about because of the necessity of having to avoid almost everything that is sold in the supermarket.
And because I REALLY like food..;)
I am deeply interested in food security and sustainability, and therefore eat as much locally produced and/or purchased food as possible.I also garden a bit every season, and harvest and preserve a fair bit of wild foods in season every year.I am grateful for learning about what foods I can eat that are growing right next to me,and love to learn more and share this with others.
I am really into how food choices and behaviors around food relate both to people's culture, and how our food choices effect our culture's sustainability.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way , shape or form a vegetarian or vegan, although I have been both of these in the past.I have really heavily considered the sustainability, health aspects and ethics of meat eating,and I have decided that being a conscientious carnivore is the best choice for me. (for one, I feel HORRID as a veggie or vegan,and yes, I was doing it correctly.)
After much thought, I have discovered that I deeply disagree with many of the cosmological and ecological foundations of these ideologies.The same goes with Raw foodists as well.

If you are strongly attached to any of these ways of eating, we will very likely butt heads over alot of our basic worldview, and probably shouldn't date.

Cooking and eating together( as well as going into the woods/garden and harvesting) is probably my favorite thing to do with a partner.I need to share food and cooking with my partners in order to feel connected and happy with them.

Consider this your warning: you WILL be cooked with and/or for ... I am that stereotypical ethnic Grandmother you always hear about...;)

I heavily lean towards a Weston Price/Nourishing Traditions style of eating, with pretty constant forays into "Paleo" eating.I eat alot of wild foods in season, like wild greens and fruits and nuts, as well as a fair bit of road killed meat/ethically raised and/or hunted meat.My favorite foods are meats, cheeses,yogurt and other fermented milk,onions, garlic, beans,greens especially wild ones (nettles,sorrel, ramps,dandelions.. how I love you....) root veggies (especially potatoes, I have had people claim I,was turning into a potato before..)
My ideal diet would be meat , greens , root veggies, and fermented milk products, with a few pulses and legumes to round things out.(This is what you get with a genetic makeup that is predominantly hunter gatherers and pastoralists..:))

I also make my own beer and cordials (SO TASTY...) as well as my own hard cider from an old family recipe my Acadian Grandpere taught me on his knee when I was 10 years old.

I tend to eat like a cross between a medieval peasant and a ecologically conscious New England hillbilly.When I eat out, I tend to eat either french-fries of some kind(I have a problem...;)), Mexican Indian ,Moroccan or Thai food.
I am always eager to try new foods ,especially wild ones.If you are excited about a food or a cuisine, and want to share it with me, that is MORE than enough reason to contact me .:)
Six things I could never do without
1 Nature, can't live without it...that whole biology thing y'know...;)

2 MASSAGE, giving and receiving, a lot of it

3 Good food, and a lot of it,especially local, organic and otherwise sustainable.This includes meat.

4 Genuine ways of plugging into things bigger than myself that
serve the people around me.

5 New things to learn about, discover,and share with others.

6 Meaningful connections with good people on all sorts of levels.These include intellectual, erotic, silly, warmhearted ,etc connections.
I spend a lot of time thinking about

How did we as a culture get ourselves into this mess?

How do I scrape off 2000 years of life hating,body hating,sex hating ,Nature hating Dualism from our culture ,and the inside of my head?
(damn , that stuff is sneaky and tenacious..)

How much of my world view and culture has come from these ideas, and how do we save ourselves from them?

How does culture shape perception?action? "ethics"?

The whole nature vs nurture thing:How much of all of us is biological temperament,and how much is enculturation?

And what is wholesome for someone to change about their "nature",or not?

Are there ANY parts of our culture that are truly sustainable?

What is primal primordial human nature?What do cultures that express this look like?What TRULY makes people happy.(ecopsychology is a big passion of mine)

What would a truly just and sustainable culture look like?

How do we get there from here?..or else...

( I think about the "....or else" part of this alot....I think about cultural collapse, peak oil ,and sustainability all the time,and if ,truly, we are living during the most destructive time in human history,and potentially facing extinction as a species within our lifetime,most likely caused by our culture's stupidity.....)

There is alot of ", what am I going to DO about all of this?" thoughts as well.

What are my skills, talents and proclivities, and how can I use them to serve the world?

How would I feed myself and my loved ones if there weren't any supermarkets?How would we do all kinds of things if/when the basic infrastructure of our lives we have grown up with, isn't there?

How do I preserve this tasty thing over the winter?

I am learning as much as I can about doing things by hand "the old ways" lately. "How would I do this" Is a common thought in my head.

I think alot about my ancestors, both the personal ones, and the general people who came before us.What were their lives like, how did they see the world, what do they have to teach us today?What would they say about our world?

How the hell our ancestors lived,and perfected all of these skills,many during a 50,000 year long brutally cold ice age,without getting eaten?

...damn... our ancestors were AWESOME..!

What plant is that?
(.....can I eat it...?Is it medicine? )

Transition Towns,permaculture, ecovillages,intentional community, alternative technology ,cradle to cradle design,
anything about sustainable living etc.

How did other cultures do this cool thing I see them doing?Can we learn from them?

How do we do this without culturally appropriating those ideas?

Dude , that is a effing awesome design!!!!How does that thing work?

Como se dice en Espaniol?

Food.....I think about food all the time....often to distraction....

How can I make that tasty thing from scratch?
How does food effect health?both of mind and body.What does it really mean to "eat healthy" and "eat like a human in an ecosystem"?

ok..I have 50 lbs of potatoes, a dozen tomatoes, 2 sprigs of parsley and cilantro, some powdered garlic ,salt, pepper,and 3 onions, and dinner for 40 people in less than an hour....What am I going to feed these people.......(...pause...)ok, Home fries for 40..... GO!!!!
(true story..:)

How does this magical mysterious magnificence we are all participating in called "Life" work?

I am currently really passionate about teaching myself all about biology and ecology and humans' place in all of this wonder.I am becoming a shameless biology nerd and I am loving every second of it.

I think about the body-mind connection ALOT.

How is ALL of this experience manufactured by my brain?(including my spiritual/transpersonal side,including all of my feelings, inspirations, insights, experiences.... EVERYTHING..we experience is going on as biological processes in our body mind)
How do the all of the special effects one experiences from good nookie,falling in love, yoga or qigong or massage etctranslate into physiology?What is happening "under the hood" of our experiences?
I'm a huge neurology/psychology geek

What IS this Qi stuff anyway...? how much of it is 'real' ... how much is superstition,and how much of it is just another culture's language for describing some other universal elements of the human condition?

How much of the spiritual /transpersonal is just artifacts of our funny monkey brains?I'm pretty sure not all of it is, but what does that mean about our understanding of the human experience?

This includes a lot of "is there really a God?" kinds of thinking.Also, with the "is there a God" stuff there is a "Is there a Plan" and how do we live by it?

...what if there ISN'T a God, or a Plan...then what.....?

What is erotic chemistry? Why are we drawn to some, but repulsed by others?Why is this only sometimes mutual?What is "sexual energy"are there any parts of this that are not just in our brains?

What, if anything, are Universal ethics?Are all ethics/morality culturally constructed?

How do I become a "better" person?,a better healer?, a better teacher?

What makes people tick.
(part of this is also 'Why are so many people so horrible to each other...How do they SLEEP at night? ....Sheesh...")

How do I harness my goofy, spazzy , irreverent side to SAVE ZE VERLD.....
On a typical Friday night I am
I am sitting at home or in the local coffee shop either reading something awesome, or making funny electronic musical noises with my computer.
Alternatively I am doing a healing with someone, cooking something fantastic, or packing to go off on some crazy adventure.
Occasionally there is beer or music involved.
Sometimes there are 2 am drunken french-fry excursions to the local diner.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That I am a practitioner of Radical Honesty,and anyone can basically ask me anything in person.That being said, I am conscious of the ripples that my sharing can make,sometimes.I am blunt, but try hard to not be brutal in my honesty.If there ever is a problem between us, you WILL know, almost as soon as I know,as I am biologically incapable of pulling punches;)
Most people are learning how to be more honest in the moment, I am learning tact....
You should message me if
You feel like it.

If you resonate strongly with anything I have said here, or you feel like you want to get to know me better.I am quite friendly and only bite when provoked or encouraged.

If you have read any of the books I listed,and are as passionate about the same things as I am.Or you are just passionate about ANYTHING I might find interesting.
This is a big list.Unless it is pop culture,assume I find it interesting..

Extra special points if you have a book to recommend to ME..;)

If you are living in honesty and integrity, and are a warm, genuinely kind, soulful, intelligent, heart centered woman who loves life.

Special points for women who are in touch with their primal and dark sides, and who are STILL kind and openhearted.

If you are passionate about life and learning in this crazy, beautiful world.
The two of us