38Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
I recently moved to New York for a one-year, and possibly longer, sabbatical. I am currently a behavioral economics professor at Carnegie Mellon. I'm pretty passionate about my research but that's in part because I shape my research about questions or ideas that I really care about. It's been a nice source of catharsis in the midst of this bleak, new, political world order. Prior to Pittsburgh, I lived in Chicago, SF and Boston. In my old-age pragmatism, I thought I'd give online dating a try. And I promised my very persistent mom I'd make more of an effort.

I think my friends would describe me as thoughtful, sincere, irreverent, playful and maybe a bit eccentric. I feel I'm at my best around people who are deeply invested in ideas, comfortable in their skin, who have a strong affinity for coffee shops/caffeine, and who are emotionally and socially curious. I really like learning from others, though like many, i suspect, have a strong distaste for alternative facts.

My favorite people in the world are probably my two little nephews and my baby niece who I named (Amaya - i constantly remind her of this, since usually it leads to extra hugs). All three are adorable, scarily observant, and have a merciless knack for Uno. Bono is somewhere in my top ten. Admittedly, I watch too much television. Mainly reality shows (all 33 seasons of Survivor) and sports (with strong loyalties to my Vikings, but also NBA, golf, Fed), and in campaign years, I devour anything dealing with the political horse-race (especially, MTP, RCP, 538). Like others, I've been consumed/fascinated/disheartened by this current election, in part since it reflects a convergence of so many guilty pleasures and genuine interests. I'm not averse to the quality scripted drama or comedy (e.g., GOT, Veep, Rome, Silicon Valley -- the Wire, House of Cards, Breaking Bad and early West Wing are on the docket).

I have an insatiable appetite for (credible) social psychology research, some aspects of pop-culture, politics, and movies (and movie critique). Chris Nolan, Sam Mendes, David Fincher, PTA and well, Spielberg are current (living) favorites. I've been battling a lip balm addiction for 15 years, and a caffeine addiction for almost as long. I'm curious why people do the things they do and feel lucky that i get to explore these questions for a living.
What I’m doing with my life
I research (and teach) behavioral economics and decision-making. Essentially I use field experiments and lots and lots of data to document "mistakes" that people tend to make in (usually) policy relevant settings (e.g., why criminal defendants incur costly penalties during pre-trial, why people make awful insurance decisions, why employees don't save enough for retirement, why the working class voted the way they did last November, ugh... and, most importantly, why people form biased judgments of attractiveness in dating :).

Recently I also started working on a series of projects on happiness and emotional well-being. Last two papers were on gender differences in love, and whether kids lead to parental happiness -- standard topics for any economist...

My only "real" job was a short stint in consulting at mckinsey after undergrad. Unfortunately, I was too young/shy at the time to take full advantage of the all open tabs and jet-setting : )
I’m really good at
Naps of a dazzlingly wide variety of lengths. Caffeine naps are a specialty.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am applying Chapstick (again). And I ask a lot of (sometimes irreverent) questions. And I've been told I wear subdued hues.
Six things I could never do without
1. Caffeine
2. U2 and music more generally
3. Email, ESPN, Politico, the Atlantic, New Republic, RCP
4. Irreverence
5. Food - Shelter - Water
6. (Certain) Other Humans
7. Autonomy (and freedom from numerical rules...)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Papers, experiments, politics, sleep, and the NFL draft.
On a typical Friday night I am
Ideally out with friends having a drink and good conversation, but sometimes at home working, with a glass of wine, and maybe a movie (or certainly music) in the background.
You should message me if
I'm looking for someone kind, empathic, bright, occasionally self-scrutinizing and always curious, and who doesn't take themselves or the world (or me) too seriously. Someone who likes Totinos, indulges the possibility of the paranormal, excludes Chris Matthews in any indictment of political journalism, appreciates counterfactuals, loves U2, even post Achtung, believes in social justice, has seen at least 20 to 25 seasons of Survivor (or, even better, participated on a season), and can play tennis is a plus.

Someone who's content having dinner/drinks with friends and likes my lasagna, fajitas and very spicy chicken curry, probably works too...
The two of us