40 Portland, United States
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My self-summary
My life is currently full to the brim with projects, partners and plans. So guess what! I'm primarily focusing on those. If you message me wanting to converse about fun subjects I *may* take the time to message you back. Maybe. Certain of you have incredible profiles and that's why I'm still around. Entertaining spare-moment reading.

I'm extroverted but introvert-aware. Left-handed and artistic. Born high-strung; much calmer now. Love unconventional exercise like swimming, dance, badminton, roller skating, u-pick, snowshoeing, yoga. Want to do more of such. Staring at this screen is a pretty OK exercise in self-discovery, but I'd rather explore. Let's do stuff.
What I’m doing with my life
In the nostalgia bizness. Some volunteer positions; some collaborations. Mostly design, schmoozing, and performance. I get to do some pretty fun stuff.
I’m really good at
Spelling, grammar, punctuation.
Writing. I think. At least I love to write.
Great detail...
...Ergo, patience.
Making silk purses out of sows' ears.
The first things people usually notice about me
Most common comments:

Extended Relatives: "Are you STILL growing?!"
Me: "Absolutely!"

Customers: "You look exactly like a picture of my mother in 1942!"
Me: "Have you eaten all of your vegetables, young man?"
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Writers: P.G. Wodehouse, Fannie Flagg, Tom Robbins, Rebecca Wells, Louisa May Alcott, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Rob Brezsny. Love to read about regional history. Storefront: The Disappearing Face of New York. The Images of America series. The Children of Green Knowe.

Artists: Winsor McCay, Tasha Tudor (the art that was her life), Kate Beaton, Carl and Karin Larsson, Charley Harper, Roald Dahl, Alice & Martin Provensen, Nick Bantock.

Film: Anything accurately portraying cultural history. If Wes Anderson were to become exponentially more twee and ubiquitous with every film, I would probably still have to like him. Fellini's epic pieces, like Casanova. Fantasy like Return to Oz and The Dark Crystal. Blade Runner, The Fifth Element. Sound of Music, Star Wars and The Wizard of Oz, for the memories. The Sixth Sense and It's A Wonderful Life still make me verklempt. Singin' In the Rain, for the happy. The Fall.

TV: old Sesame Street, 'specially the stop-mo. Whose Line Is It Anyway. Sifl & Olly. Old commercials on YouTube. British children's serials.

Music: Stuff that is vivacious, has a beat, and is colorful. Louis Armstrong, Louis Prima, Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, Janelle Monae, Vashti Bunyan, Simon and Garfunkel, just about everything on Divaville or Jukebox Saturday Night (KMHD), Ravel, Debussy, Holst. Bizarro stuff on some rando station in the middle of the night. Ancient station ID jingles on amateur ham radio. Some nostalgic '80s. Glockenspiel is my cowbell. Blitzen Trapper. Gamelan!

Food: Gorgeous local produce. Worth every penny. I specialize in deviled eggs and will happily make you some. Densely flavored cider. Sauerkraut with handmade sausage and meats from German delis. Dim sum and Asian snacks. Gleaned-plum granita. Homemade coconut milk ice cream. Always inventing new weird snacks - volunteer yours and I'll tell you mine.
The six things I could never do without
How 'bout calling it "My top six." That way people are not including boring crap like water. (Though actually, when you think about it, water is a pretty miraculous substance. I apologize, water.)

People! My brilliant friends and family, namely.
My cell phone. I said it. (Mostly for GPS and camera. I have inherited the worst sense of direction in the world and I am an unrepentant photo diarist.)
Sunlight and warmth. More, more!
The ability to imagine and create.
Lusciousness, in every sensory category.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Times past and their trappings.
Refuge and prospect.
The supertaster spectrum.
Synesthesia and ideasthesia.
Ghostly encounters.
Dreams and their interpretations.
Running themes and patterns in behavior, plots, and otherwise.
What I ought to eat, how I oughta eat it, and how to make it tastier.
Exercise and how to make it funner.
Chemical balance/imbalance and their influence on emotion and drive.
Managing stuff and time and projects.
Methods of communicating candidly in tricky situations.
Succinctness and verbiosity.
That one word right on the tip of my tongue that would be the perfect descriptor for this situation but I can't remember it.
On a typical Friday night I am
You name it. Working, playing, toilet papering somebody's house. You know, the usual.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Is there a word for someone who you'd like to be, but you also have a crush on 'em? Though I'd settle for best friend, were that possible. Anyway: IDGIE THREADGOODE.
You should message me if
You have something fascinating to share or ask me.

Pedestrian attempts receive dotty non sequiturs, ready or not. Enjoy!