51 Atlanta, United States
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My self-summary
You are invited to examine and consider the dossier of a colorfully charismatic, monogamy-friendly, QRM (quality relationship material) certified, housebroken, employed heterosexual male. Friends and family will NEVER describe me as shy or a wallflower, but they will also affirm I never steal anybody’s thunder nor put anybody in my shadow. Mom has blessed me with her coveted Puerto Rican genetics, Dad with his engaging persona and my sisters with their parental passion.

What am I looking for? The short version is one (just one!) reason to unsubscribe from this website and give up dating for good. The long version is I’m crazy attracted to the four “C’s” - confidence, classiness, culturedness and confidence (did I mention confidence?) mixed with healthy side orders of the two “I’s” - intelligence and independence. Men intimidated by these virtues are clinically known as "knuckle-dragging Neanderthals" (I looked it up), but I heartily embrace those qualities because they make an unexcelled elixir when combined with sensual femininity and a warming heart. I am a devout sapiosexual (i.e., attracted to intelligence), so knowledge that eclipses my own would grab and hold my attention. I want her to humble me in a way that makes me legitimately appreciate her intellect and approach to conversation. I could really fall hard for someone who has gone through her own trials or tribulations and come out on top as a better person. It's a real test of character.

CLARIFICATION: OK Cupid's choices regarding children did not include the one that describes me, so here it is: I don't have kids, but it's ok if you do.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming...

My goal is to lock down a girl that gets along with my friends because they can see through the BS that I may not see if I'm too infatuated. If she can sway my boys and they eventually tell me, 'Dude, she's pretty cool,' (without any prompting), I would definitely call it a win. If she receives a dollar's worth of smartassness (that word I made up) from me or my friends, she will dish out three in return - not a bad return on investment. She wants to upgrade from "I" to "us", is willing to take reasonable risks to find her happiness, allows her dreams to become mine as well and is comfortable in social settings. Her sense of humor is not afraid to “bite back” when challenged and her mischievous smile alone will effortlessly lure me into her arms...hubba, hubba! Her physical attractiveness may "get her in the door", but her keen and ebullient mind will "keep her in the house". Writing of physical, I am a strong advocate for fitness and health - I eat everyday, so I exercise everyday. She may be a modern girl able to “leap tall buildings in a single bound” but she appreciates her doors being opened, hand holding, random acts of chivalry, actual conversation over texting (nomophobics need not apply) and a good foot rub after a long day (signed waiver required). These words don't mean my heart is "ripe" and ready to be picked - it has to cultivated and nurtured, just like yours. This is not a tall order...if you have "The Goods". To summarize, she will be the one to bring fire to my heart, a challenge to my mind and an oasis for my soul.
What I’m doing with my life
It's the simple things that I enjoy most - running on a beach at sunrise, children's laughter, cooking her favorite meal then enjoying it outdoors, creating art for family & friends, a cold beer on a hot day, etc. Sure, I like an occasional night out to take in a stage production, an art show, a cultural event, or crash a wedding (true!), but those excursions are always more memorable when they can be reflected upon later with my co-conspirator. If you like to “shake your moneymaker” as much as I do, then we might get along ok (wink, wink!). Just as fulfilling is being in the same room as her and reading respective books or cooking her favorite meal. Nothing surpasses one-on-one quality time…the best "love language". The near-forgotten art called "being a gentleman" is alive, well, and in no danger of becoming extinct with this guy.
I’m really good at
-Walking...while chewing the dark...without tripping.
-Eating dark chocolate.
-Learning about other cultures and languages.
-Picking out accents and nationalities.
-Being a cool uncle.
-Creating furniture from repurposed material (my "art").
-Making smoothies.
-Singing really, really badly in the shower...even worse in traffic.
-Long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days (bonus points if you can name the flick WITHOUT GOOGLING IT!).
The first things people usually notice about me how my right arm is 6" shorter than my left - it was a requirement to learn and teach shorthand. Gotcha.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I am a political thriller junkie, so if you've wasted an entire weekend binge-watching "House of Cards", you're my girl. My favorite authors are Orestes Lorenzo, Vince Flynn, John J. Nance and Dick Marcinko. My formative years were in Puerto Rico, so salsa and merengue are both preferred music and dance genres. I'm allergic to food that does not taste good. As for the cinema I'm more of a director fan - it's challenging to find very subtle commonalities in a director's resume, regardless of the body of work.
The six things I could never do without
This one's easy:
1) a creative mind,
2) ethnic food,
3) exercise gear,
4) my girl (when I find the right one),
5) a red velvet cake,
6) the beach, and
7) my girl...with a red velvet cake...on the beach.

Is that more than six? Whatever - mathodology was never my best subject.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-Where did I put my *&$#% keys?
-Which girl will motivate me to drop my profile...permanently?
-Do green M&M's really do that?
-Will I get cuter with the more you drink?
-International travel - I hear there's an IHOP in Snellville...
On a typical Friday night I am
not thinking about who to be with, but with whom I'd like to be with all day Saturday and Sunday...that or defrosting my microwave oven.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not the kiss-and-tell type - even if you kiss me I won't tell. Well - maybe...
You should message me if're relationship-oriented, confident, and not emotionally constipated because I will not waste your time (and definitely not mine) with sophomoric antics nor adolescent immaturity. I know you're tired of kissing frogs because I'm tired of kissing frogettes, ya feel me? If you can make me laugh, I'll wash your windows. If you make me laugh hard, I will wash your mother's windows. My hope is you've become intrigued and I will assume you are serious about finding someone special. If you've read this far, I know I have your attention and if you're confident enough to initiate contact or respond to my inquiry (there's that confidence thing again), you know what to do next. If you think it will be my loss if I don't meet you, then you've got the brashness I'm looking for.