32Madison, United States
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My self-summary
I'm an artist in awe of people, history and the world, exploring the wild North-Eastern United States. We're a strange lot.
What I’m doing with my life
Developing my art and working on three stories. One is a riff on the Arabian Nights / Aladdin tale, starring an orphan girl who's exiled to the desert, and at her darkest hour, meets a friendly, one eyed, nearsighted purple giant. The second is an end times fairy tale about a disturbed, yet resilient young woman who hides from Terminator police and violent clans in the empty factories and forests of my Connecticut youth.

Last is a broad cartoon of manly men, Grip Growley and Barnabas Punch, who get in trouble with various monsters and curses. Set in the style of Betty Boop and Popeye, it's a fictional world I created to populate my own versions of 80s video games.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love Alexander Calder, Japanese prints, greasy American food, 60s/70s art rock, pre-WWII sci-fi/fantasy illustration, pinball, old-time music, Joseph Campbell, wikipedia, NES games, mythic art, The Silver Apples, hockey, Earthbound (which I adored as a child), The Voyager Record, Sealab 2021, milkshakes, Deadwood, expressionism, and the theme that life is short, harsh, beautiful, and absolutely worth fighting for. My all time favorite movies this week are: City Lights, Bladerunner, Metropolis, GtBatU, The Road Warrior, Riki-Oh, Dawn of the Dead, Grand Illusion, and The Holy Mountain, which I still haven't finished because I only watch it when I'm half asleep and either heavily sick or intoxicated. I'm savoring it.

You now have a deep understanding of me.
Six things I could never do without
My sister
Pipsqueak Markers
I spend a lot of time thinking about ancestral life as a mystic shaman, eating peyote and hunting wildebeests. I think we're all just one of those tribal dudes in an 80s comedy, who gets dropped off in NYC and has no idea wtf is going on. Chimps on a rock, floating in space, civilization is a prison, I read Noam Chomsky in college and took Anthropology a few times. Etc.

How I don't believe in astrology, but everyone close to me follows their sign profile absolutely to the letter. I'm the most cancerous cancer ever, as people born the day I was are suppose to be... according to cold readings, generalized personality types and other chicanery.

Okay, I guess I believe in astrology.
You should message me if
1.) You're fun, sincere, and curious about something. Museums, scenic trips, art/non-fiction books, old buildings, Game Boys, art supplies, and junk food are my fuel for adventure. I <3 long car rides.

2.) I also like trading letters with people in different states and countries, and hearing what life's like there. Free, instant global communication is awesome!

3.) You want me to turn you into this house:
The two of us