45State College, United States
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My self-summary
[Updated 2017.05.09]

I'm just your average bar manager / tea-blender who loves cutting-edge and classic cocktails... jazz], electro-swing, dark-ambient, shoegaze-surf and tribal-industrial music... as well as late-night walks in the woods.

I am looking for someone to share my LOVES: tea, strong black coffee, rare steak, wine, cocktails, adventurous dining and gourmet cooking.

My brain apparently has a thing for short, skinny guys and really tall, skinny guys. (I'm not hung up on it or anything... so if you're not that, don't let it get in the way of saying hi! Just don't be surprised if you catch me lookin'!)

I swim on my days off to combat asthma (without the use of pharmaceuticals) and to try to stay in shape. I've also discovered that I have Celiac disease (intolerance to wheat, barley, rye...) and have been gluten-free since about 2007. Going GF has really screwed around with my next two loves: cooking and eating in unusual restaurants. (ChurchBrew in Pgh used to be one of my fav's. These days, I tend to visit Soba when I visit the 'Burgh.)

What else should I mention so I that I don't weird you out later? There is no ibuprofen in the house, so don't ask. I tend to eschew pharmaceuticals until all other options are exhausted. While I parse more as an Atheist to most people, I do somewhat resonate Gnosticism. To be clear: I avoid established religious affiliations and abslutely deplore their politics.

I am enthusiastic, opinionated, and exacting... except when I'm not.


Sorry, guys, but I have asthma... so NON-SMOKERS ONLY!. Also, since I'm gluten-intolerant, if you have a penchant for baking... then it might not work out. Otherwise, HIT ME UP!


ps. (Oh yeah... I don't deal too well with mainstream American pop-entertainment culture. So if you're "all about" that, then just... don't.)
What I’m doing with my life
Working as bar manager and cocktail enthusiast since 2006 at Fuji & Jade Garden in State College, PA. I also blend tea for two local café-type establishments. In the future, I'd maybe like to apprentice at a top-shelf cocktail bar... or, perhaps, get back into the coffee business as a barista and/or roaster. My biggest goal as a bartender is to work alongside an accomplished master craftsman: I really want that kind of challenge in my life. In the meantime, I guess I'll just keep reading, shaking/stirring... drinking and thinking. (Care to join on the repeat?)
I’m really good at
...blending tea.
...shaking (or stirring) fun and unusual cocktails.
...being a shoo-in for president of the Int'l Pessimist Society (who meet monthly at Denny's--but I never go, because I question the integrity of the meal).
The first things people usually notice about me
• My spectacles, piercings or whatever hat I'm wearing.
• That I'm (typically) good at and (therefore) love my job.
• That I don't typically mince words.
• That I hardly ever relax--maybe you could help with that...?

Apocalyptic and Fetish Fashion are great fashion genres to explore. I also love wearing fedoras and vintage hats. My sense of fashion is mostly a fusion of styles. Since moving into a non-air-conditioned apartment, I tend toward a more athletic style of garb. (Why is that stuff so well-engineered, but button-downs are not?) Also, I rarely wear more than a speedo for swimming, and I love lycra for keeping warm in the winter.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This could take forever.

Since signing up for Pandora, I rarely listen to my 500+ disc CD collection. My favourite music is/are industrial, dark-ambient and experimental electonic: FLINT GLASS, EMPUSAE, SPK, REMAIN SILENT, COIL, DATACH'I, AH CAMA-SOTZ, LAIBACH... More recently, I've been getting into slow jazz such as MELODY GARDOT and both classic surf-rock and the more contemporary shoegaze-surf of LA LUZ and A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS. Twenties jazz, 40s blues, 50s lounge, electro-swing such as Caravan Palace, triphop such as Portishead or Hooverphonic, ethno-ambient such as r.roo... as well as the recent post-punk revival (think White Lies).

I'm almost always up late and mostly just pass the time info-glutting online. My favourite visual diversions are the obtusely surreal and macabre works of artists like David Lynch, Rod Serling & animator/musician David Firth. On the rare occasion you catch me watching tv, it'll either be something sci-fi (such as DOCTOR WHO or something on Netflix MAD MEN and SKINS somehow caught my fancy. Best thing I've watched lately is BBc's BLACK MIRROR. Lately, my Netflix queue hovers around 265 or so. (Also, food geeks like Alton Brown and Kenji Lopez-Alt are pretty hot in my book)!
Six things I could never do without
In no particular order, here's 8: music, wine, liquor, coffee, tea, internets, cutting-edge cuisine, and lycra.
I spend a lot of time thinking about google search words for the things that turn people on.
...why I can't find men with crazy-awesome dye-jobs. (No, hair-color does NOT change who you are as a person, BUT it also does not change how well you do perform in your chosen vocation... so let's spice it up a bit, eh?! =)
On a typical Friday night I am
...working until midnight (or later)... then, headed--possibly with a pit-stop to grab a tasty beverage on the way. (Care to join???)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There are few things hotter than a toned, speedo-clad swimmer... or a rivethead guy with lots of piercings and skinny jeans! I'm also noticing how much I appreciate quiet, stoic guys.

Okay, another thing: guys who wear Chuck Taylors always seem to catch my attention... and usually WAY before I actually SEE what kind of shoes they're wearing! (Something in the way they move?)
You should message me if have a post-graduate comprehension of the English language.'re the kind of person to actually meet someone in person.'re in another country, but still think we'd be a great team. (In that case, drop me a line. I can't say I have tons of funds to spend on travel, but...)
...your name is David Firth and are from Doncaster, UK. (But I'm not stalking you or anything. =)

No matter where you are, message me if you want to chat and eventually hang out. And if you match any of my afore-mentioned turn-ons, then for godsake say hello!!! =D
The two of us