56The Dalles, United States
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My self-summary
I am short, perky, and cheerful. I won't post a picture because I don't want someone to want to date me just because I'm cute; I want you to be intrigued by my words and thoughts. I like movies in the theater, not chick flicks, but blockbuster special effects ones. I like sharing meals because most meals are just too big for one. I'm willing to try new things, don't know what I think of some things because I've not experienced them yet. I want a more active lifestyle because its too easy to do the middle-age spread if you aren't careful. My weight isn't what i want it to be, whose is, which is why I want to stay active, a couch potatoe life encourages the spread. Nothing wrong with curling up to watch a good movie in the afternoon though, or a football game, just don't want that to be the only activity on the menu.

I'd love to learn how to pilot my own motorcycle, and I love sitting on the back of one and just experiencing it. I like horses, dogs, cats, fish. I like to fish, warm day, nice weather, peaceful scenery, and its ok if the fish don't bite much, as long as I have bug spray to ward off the mosquitos.

So many activities are just more fun with someone to share them with so I'd like someone to share life with. I don't want to be just the girl you go home to after you are done with your buddies; if you prefer to get the majority of your socialization done while out with the boys and have a girl to come home to when you are done, you and I won't mix well because this girl needs socialization too and prefers to do it with someone rather than alone.

Older but not old, not willing to settle for television and bon bons in my old age, want to experience the second half of my life instead of just watching it slide by. Long list of things I'd still like to try, how old is too old to skydive?

September 2013, again time is flying - I haven't come here in a while, just been too busy living. I probably wouldn't make a good girlfriend because I have too much work and too little time to spend on any relationship stuff. I sometimes think it would be nice to have a guy to go see some new movie with, try some restaurant, go out and learn to dance with; but I would suck as a gf because I truly do not have time to date. I wear a lot of hats and they keep me pretty busy; at the end of the day, six days a week, I'm exhausted and ready to wind down and find sleep. But - on the other hand - what do I think I want in a guy, well, the answer has solidified in my brain/heart - I want a grown up, I don't want a teenager-wanna be. I want a grown up relationship with a man who isn't afraid to be a grown up man - there are a lot of guys who just want a girl to date for a bit then go back to bitching about women at the bar. Hell if you are a guy who wants a brainless Barbie doll to show off to his friends, you don't want me. I doubt I will find someone who can fit the requirements I set forth - I know I want a lot but, I know that I am worthy of a real relationship with a man who wants a companion that can be a true mate.

Wow, February 2013! Watching Cowboys Vs Aliens - good flick, or at least interesting flick, I love the concept, aliens and cowboys, who says that aliens only come when humans have nuclear weapons?

June 10th, 2012 - time flies! I've done a lot of thinking about this kind of thing lately, what AM I looking for anyway? How to put it, hmmm, I'm not desperately seeking another marriage. I may not ever want to be married again, for reasons I'd explain if asked. I want someone to do things with. Lots of fun things to do out there, festivals, special events, rafting, boating, hiking, surfing, ha, ok, not surfing but I'd watch and enjoy the day at the beach - and they are more fun to experience with someone of like mind & spirit. I work a lot and have a pretty busy life and I enjoy my home alone time - my peace and quiet at the end of a day. I really don't want to be tied down to someone who demands a lot of my attention - that sounds horridly selfish but its just truth. What I hope to find is someone who has their own life too and wants someone to do outside the home things with. Movies - Avengers 3-D was great!; Jammin July Street Fest - always fun just walking around looking at things, have a cold beer if its warm out, wander around saying hello to whomever you meet; hiking - too many places to hike around here! All things that I'd welcome someone calling me up and saying, hey, wanna go.....?

More later when I have more to say -ha, I'm a girl, is there any doubt there will be more?
What I’m doing with my life
Experiencing it, ha! or trying to without flunking the major tests. I stay busy, lots of work at several different jobs. I like the variety they give me though, love working jobs that make me happy.

I've recently subscribed to HuluPlus in addition to having Netflix and you know, I REALLY like having shows at MY disposal; I can watch what I want to watch when I have time to watch it! My time for watching tv is limited and its nice to be able to put something on say like at 12:12 pm, watch for 44 minutes while I eat my lunch then go on with my day (spoils me!). Hulu's proving to be worth its cost with shows like Big Valley, Bonanza, Chicago Hope and Picket Fences - new addition is WKRP in Cincinnati - what a blast from the past!
I’m really good at
faking it - ha ha ha, ok so maybe the real answer is smart-aleck answers?
The first things people usually notice about me
hmm probably my hair, but i can't take much credit for it, its genetic, though i do keep it cleaned and styled. I've also been told I have #1 a warm smile; or, #2 a Sh*t-eating grin - i think its in the eyes.

If you're a baby - you notice that I naturally fall into the swinging side to side when holding you and am very good at making you feel relaxed and able to close your eyes to sleep - I love babies, especially putting them to sleep.

If you're a child - you notice that I'm trying to make you smile - or just smiling and waving at you, playing peek a boo or doing something to get you to grin back and play with me.

If you're an old woman - you notice that I'm a really nice person, genuine, helpful and friendly, the kind of woman you wish your son or grandson would finally meet.

If you're a guy on this site, probably that I'm not HWP (sounds like a disease eh? like Hep C, AIDS, etc. she's not HWP, gasp!). If that stops you from looking any further, go in peace - I don't need that kind of superficial bs in my life; weight comes and goes and with or without the right person in my life (one who doesn't secretly sabotage my efforts to regain a healthy weight) I will eventually get where I want to go. There are too many things I want to still do in life. It would be SO much more fun having someone to do the fun exercise/activity with; someone to cheer me towards my goal - you don't have to nag me or help me, just do NOT hinder me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
hmm, comedy movies, block busters in the theaters, love those special effects! Stephen King, Dean Koontz, self-help books. music, yeah, i like it, food, well, long as its good who doesn't like it?

ok, so I decided I want to start a blog that others can read and get a sense of who I am:

March 31st - do guys read the personality questions or just scan this first page of a profile and move on? I read this first page, then move to the questions because the answers give me a better sense of whether I'd be interested in or not. And I answer questions hoping to give a better sense of who I am, adding my comments to show where my thinking comes from. Just curious how most others do things.

March 18th - I was bullied the other day - was helping in a class and the guy got mad because I wasn't paying attention the way he thought I should be, started yelling at me and I just sat there taking it - don't know what makes me more mad, that he did it or that I took it. I don't do well at all in the face of anger - it shuts me down, deer in the headlights kind of thing. Later after being able to think on it - yeah, i wasn't paying attention to what he was doing but was that an excuse for him to attack me? NO - if done differently I would have had a chance to say, yeah, I'm sorry, give me a minute because I'd never seen what I was reading from and needed a few minutes to look it over. From my perspective, there just wasn't any cause at all for such anger - no matter what I had been doing or not doing, the guy's reaction was over the top.

I was married briefly to a bully - he used hard words to constantly beat at my self-esteem; would say horrid things then when I had enough and fought back he would accuse me of being abusive and bullying. I don't like bullys, don't know how to deal with them or even if I need to learn - hmmm, maybe I need to learn just to not let them get to me eh? If I learned how to deal with bullies I would have said "You have no right to speak to me this way, please don't speak to me until you can do so with respect". In a perfect world.....

Ever listen to the words of the Pina Colada song? Both partners find out that they are both bored with their relationship and catch each other looking for someone new - they kind of deserve each other - no pina colada song for me!

Tonight, March 1st, time flies. I find that I sort of like coming here, seeing the quiver matches, looking at the profiles and the answers to the question, answer a few here and there, explore some profiles - beats watching american idol i guess. I find myself leery of you guys who have answered a huge number of questions, but then my habit of coming on, answering a few questions would eventually build my numbers up - maybe its just 'cause I don't want to thumb through 97 pages of questions. Hmm, tired tonight, had early calls this morning - maybe its a early night for me.

Jan 2nd, I am reading from a book my mom got me for Christmas, 11/22/63 - I don't know yet if it is a good book or not, I try not to be an "everything Stephen King writes is great" kind of person - so I'll let you know what I think. I'm also listening to Pandora music - country style - I really like the ROKU box!

I found this quote in the book - I really like this sentence: Want to know the best thing about teaching? Seeing that moment when a kid discovers his or her gift. There's no feeling on earth like it." EGADS I want a moment like this - to think that some kid I once talked to would change his life because of something I said? amazing!

Ist evening of the new year - watched the new True Grit, doesn't hold a candle to the old one - fell asleep, Kim Darby was such a superb Mattie Ross, and John Wayne of course - is the only Rooster Cogburn.
Six things I could never do without
my sense of humor and my freedom to be me. A warm blanket. um clothes? roof over my head, that's five, God laughs at the word never you know?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What i want the rest of my life to be like
On a typical Friday night I am
doing anything but something typical - hopefully out having fun, dancing, laughing, hopefully not at home watching tv!

May 25th, ok, so I have come to the realization that on a typical Friday night I AM doing exactly what I say I'm hopefully NOT doing, ha! But, my work week is so tiring, up at 5 and not done working till 12 hours later - then its volunteer here, catch up there, and the yard work, no one comes and does it for me! Tonight I pulled weeds in the front of my yard for a while, got weed splinters in my hands even, read some from a book, walked the dog around the park and now I am sitting on the couch sipping Fireball and watching some lame british horror movie while playing online. exciting life I lead eh? But I gotta work tomorrow, not up at 5 though, thankfully, but I can't go have fun (no fun alone) when I have responsiblities (damn responsibilities!).
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
ha, private is private. But, was thinking about this question and would prefer the question to be: What do you think people should know about you?

Answer: I am smarter than i act or look, some things take time to process so i may not be able to tell you what i think soon enough, but, i can be incredibly naive sometimes - big gaps in my education of life!
You should message me if
you want to, duh? (told you i'm a smart-aleck)

When I read on a profile that you are in your 50's and looking for women in their 30's I hit the NOT INTERESTED button.

On a side note - anybody feel they'd like to let me know what they think of my profile, I'd appreciate the input - I know guys think a pic would probably be nice but there's no guarantee I'd post MY pic right? Or one from this decade..... I'd rather find someone interested in getting to know me - I'm more interested in your words than your looks; more interested in your sense of humor, your laugh, whether you smoke or tolerate drugs (sorry, hard liner against both).
The two of us